Cancer & Emptiness… (& The Quest for Feeling Full Inside)


Westerners often have a hard time getting their heads around the Meridian system… because in our medical tradition over the last 300 years organs definitely did not / do not have an emotional, mental, and even spiritual component

They were (and still are in some people’s minds) just mechanical bodily parts… nothing more, and nothing less.

But for many of our Ancient Ancestors… well, they had a completely different attitude to their physical body… and what was not… and what was… most definitely important.

For example…

The Ancient Egyptians believed the Heart was the most important organ within the body, which is why they went to such pains to preserve it during the mummification process. The Brain they just threw away.

It is interesting how many ancient civilizations regarded the Heart to be more important than the Brain. Today, now that we are aware of what the Brain does, modern science just assumes that these ancient civilizations were blind and ignorant of the facts… but what if it is we who are missing something quite important, something that to our ancestors was blindingly obvious?

To understand the difference between the Heart and the Brain, it is perhaps useful to use the phenomenon of electro-magnetism as an analogy. The Brain generates thought, which is like electricity, and the Heart generates a magnetic field, which is equivalent to our emotional states. Modern science teaches us that electricity and magnetism are two sides of the same phenomenon, which is known as an electro-magnetic field, and that electricity can create magnetic fields, and magnetic fields can create electricity. It’s a two-way process, and it is the basis for much of our modern technology.

Now, science has also shown that our Brain / thoughts can influence our Heart / emotions and our energy field. Is it therefore too big a step to consider that the Heart’s magnetic field might not also be able to influence and control the type of thoughts that the Brain generates?

And if a culture was more orientated towards the spiritual, such as the Ancient Egyptians and Chinese, then it would not be a total surprise to discover that they would place less emphasis upon the Brain’s ability to think, and more upon the Heart’s ability to love and magnetically influence the Brain?

Recent scientific discoveries have also shown that the Small Intestine is also a far more interesting organ then first thought… and produces neuro chemicals, similar to the Brain… and so gives some credence to the Ancients idea of an Abdominal Brain.

This starts to take us into a world where organs are more then just mechanical… and the emotional and mental is definitely woven into the fabric of the physical… we’re so not in Kansas anymore… and much closer to how the original Chinese discoverers thought about the Meridian system.

But there is one organ where its physical function is very close to its emotional, mental, and spiritual functions.

Yep, you guessed… it’s the Stomach meridian.

OK, the German astrologer Reinhold Ebertin originally made the connection between Cancer and the Stomach meridian, and this link allows us to make a further link, drawing upon the work of the kinesiologist, John Diamond, because in his energy system / approach the Stomach meridian is linked to the positive quality of Contentment, and the negative quality of Emptiness and Hunger

Note: This is the second Meridian where I find using the concept of Nurturing is more useful to an understanding of the Meridian then Diamond’s association of Contentment.

And if I may… throwing in the Elemental Archetype for Cancer from Energy Astrology… Grounding Emotions (as we shall see, Cancer feels emotions more deeply then any other Zodiac sign… in fact you could say that for a Cancerian, emotions have a tangible, physical reality… and bad emotion is felt and hurts in the same way a sharp pin thrust into skin hurts).

Now… have you ever been hungry… no, not just a little bit hungry… but really, really, really hungry?

It feels terrible… and is literally all-consuming.

If it continues, the body has no option but to start drawing upon its fat reserves… if they exist… and if food is not found after that, then non-vital systems start to close down, as it starts to draw in other resources.

When you are hungry, you cannot think about anything else… your body won’t let you… and that is part of its survival mechanism.

All you can think about, and feel, is the emptiness within… and all your psychic energy is focused on ending that hunger and emptiness.

If you have watched Survival programmes on the Documentary TV channel… the programmes where one or two survivalists are dropped off in a very remote location, and have to fend for themselves, catching and eating whatever they can find.

Well, more often then not, the naturally sourced food isn’t readily available… and so they go hungry… really hungry.

The importance of finding food is literally hard-wired into every cell of our body… across a billion years of evolution… it is of primary importance… and it starts to scream in the brain.

In fact, most individuals living in our relatively the affluent Western countries have no idea of the crucifying effects of real / true hunger.

You can’t think straight, you don’t have the energy… and what little mental energy that you can gather is focused on one thing… finding food… it consumes every waking moment, and sleep becomes an impossibility, you are too hungry… but the weaker you become physically, the harder it is to achieve… you desperately need food, but just can’t gather enough strength / focus to get it…

A deadly downward spiral.

And if you are surrounded by your family, small children, babies… all of whom are suffering the same fate… it gets even worse… and as energy levels fall, tribal and family loyalty is also put to the test.

Real sustained hunger can even break tribal and family bonds.

Back in Ancient Egypt, there is evidence of a terrible famine which lasted 10 years… and it brought the successful and affluent Old Kingdom to an end… and there is strong evidence that people resorted to eating rats, even cannibalism… and that society came to a complete halt during this period.

Hunger can literally level whole civilizations … bring us to our knees… and what is true for human society is also true for any individual.

So let’s spin that up a level or two… to the emotional and mental levels… to understand how Cancer feels and thinks.

For a Cancer there are certain feelings…. and certain ideas… which it needs to survive… which sustain and nurture it.

And when we say survive… that’s exactly what we mean… a matter of life and death.

Or perhaps a better way is to say that a Cancer believes that certain feelings and ideas are nurturing… and so it associates those feelings / ideas with being nurtured… and so they are the only things which can end the inner hunger (for a while).

… But if those feelings / ideas are not forthcoming from the environment, then Cancer feels their absence intensely, as a hungera deep cravingan emotional emptiness which needs to be filled.

And this emotional / mental hunger can become just as all-consuming as any physical hunger.

It totally focuses the mind of a Cancerhow can I fill this emotional and mental emptiness?

And if the Universe will not deliver what a Cancer needs… then fine… it has a whole box of subtle games and manipulations to make the other person give it what it needs… (something coerced is never as sweet and fulfilling as something given freely… although if you are a desperate and needy Cancer, you’ll take any emotional food you can get… a desperate Cancer will even take anger instead of love, because at least it is some kind of emotional response from the beloved).

Even if Cancer is lucky enough to find a partner who is able to fill their emotional emptiness… there is always the fear they might leave… which is why some Cancerians become clingy… trying to weave a web of emotional bonds from which other person can never escape.

The thing which you need to really understand about Cancer… their desperate need for emotional and mental nurturing… and if deprived… the desperate lengths it will go to feed the emptiness within (even if it means they’re not thinking straight… which technically, they’re not)… and how sometimes their nurturing of others is a way to connect with the same feeling they also desperately desire within.

Now, as with many of the other signs, the trick is to learn to give yourself what you need… but when you are a desperate Cancer, and you’re not thinking right… what are the chances of that happening?

Note: Interesting side thought… perhaps one of the reasons why humanity stayed with the hunter-gatherer culture for millennia was because the desperate need to continually find food, to keep the hunger at bay, locked people into Cancerian / tribal consciousness through out this period. It wasn’t until the Agrarian revolution occurred, and food production went into surplus and over-abundance mode, that for better or worse, humanity left the tribal culture behind… its Cancerian roots… and our expansive culture and cities could begin. Just a side thought…

Fortunately… for all your Crystal people out there, the following is a real help to all those Cancer people weighed down by Emptiness:

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Next Zodiac sign?… Not sure… Let the Universe surprise us!

(c) Brian Parsons October 2016

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