Can You Expand & Contract At The Same Time?


So… the question is… can your energy / aura expandand contractat the same time?

And this is a question which I have answered in a previous post… but to prevent you having to go back and read that…

The simple answer is…

No… your energy / aura cannot expand… and contractsimultaneously.

We live in a one or the other kind of Universe

It can do one or the other... never both.

And if it isn’t expanding… then it must be contracting

And it it isn’t contracting… then it must be expanding

It is upon these simple energetic facts that our Universe is built…

And which shape our Human lives…

And when our energy / aura is expandingthings flowand life feels good.


There is a catch… another of those Universal design flaws which I have mentioned in the past…

Because our expansion and contraction is not a given

For 99% of our lives, it is in response to other energies… feelings, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs

And how those feelings, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs are classified in our Mind

Because Human Beings can be so weird at times… we can take a positive feeling or thought, and classify it as a negative… a dangerous thing which we need to avoid… keep at arms length…

And we can also take a negative feeling or thought, and classify it as a positive… and build our whole life around it… run towards it… embracing the negative…

I know, it sounds totally weird, but it is what so many people do.

They say they want the nice cool stuff on the surface… but deep down, the complete opposite, they are addicted to the bad and negative stuff… and they are often not even aware of the contradiction… it is buried so deep… or there are mental blinkers to prevent them seeing the painful and uncomfortable truth.

So, let us imagine that the feeling of Self-Worth arises within us…

Which according to most Dictionaries… is a good feeling… to be found on the must have personality list.

When we start to feel this feeling of Self-Worth… and experience the thoughts and beliefs which you associate with such a feeling…

Our Unconscious Mind can go down one of two routes… (in fact, to be honest, it will have gone down one of those two routes long before our Conscious Mind has even had chance to register what is happening… our Unconscious Mind is that fast and all important)…

Either the route of contraction

Or the route of expansion

And which one it chooses will depend on how the Unconscious Mind perceives Self-Worthor has been told to perceive Self-Worth

If it is seen as a good thing… a positive experience… then it will activate the expansion mode

And our energy field will expand

But if it is seen as a bad thing… a negative experience… then it will activate the contraction mode

And our energy field will contract

Which totally undermines any positive feeling which Self-Worth might bring.

Strange but true.

And the funny thing is that most often it isn’t a positive feeling itself, on its own, which makes us feel goodbut how it is classified by our Mind… and whether it triggers the lifting us up or pulling us down energetic response mechanism.

It is the expansion which makes us feel really great… and the contraction which makes us feel really yuck.

So… next question… is there a way to re-programme our Unconscious Mind to ensure that it classifies our positive feelings in the right way?

So that when we experience HappinessSelf-WorthSelf-Love… or Excitement… it doesn’t trigger us into a downward contraction tail-dive?

And to be honest… after a while… if our Unconscious Mind knows that a feeling will make us feel bad inside… it will arrange our life so that we just stop going there… it does all it can to stop that feeling from ever arising in the first place… and we find we have a gap on our emotional keyboard… there are few black or white keys missing…

This is why some people talk about falling in Love… but then do all they can to never let the Love stuff near them… let alone touch them.

So if that is the case…

Can we find a therapy or three to fix us?

Fortunately… there is / are… and to be honest, that’s what a lot of different energy therapies are all about… although whether they are as direct about it, as I have described above, is another matter.

But one of the things I have found… in the end… it all comes down to Expansion… and Acceptance.

And Acceptance is a core principle to many spiritual paths and systems… so not going out on too much of a limb here.

You may have seen one of my earlier posts, where I referred to David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness… which looks something like this:

Map of Consciousness JPEG


Anything below Level 200 is known as the World of Force, and takes more energy to create then feeds back to us… while anything above Level 200 returns more energy to us then it takes to create… and states above Level 500 start to take us into higher and higher states of our Being.

So if we are ever going to experience expansion… it isn’t going to be while plugged into the feelings / emotions below Level 200… there just isn’t enough energy… it’s a matter of simple energy economics.

A life dominated by shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, false desire, anger, or pride… cannot ever lead to expansion.

We have to be above Level 200and the higher the better.

But the thing which is important to us for this discussion… drawing upon said Map.

Courage is the energy which our Physical Body needs to function optimally, Level 200… while Love is the energy which our Mind needs to function optimally, Level 500.

But the trigger for the Unconscious Mind to switch from contraction to expansionlies between the two… or just below Level 500.

Level 350Acceptance… triggers our Green energies… our Heart Chakra… to switch from contraction to expansion

Activates expansion mode within our energy-field / aura…

The overall acceptance of What Is

Which is why, I believe, many of our major spiritual paths focus on acceptance… because they understand its importance on the path of lifting our energies up.

Because when you can accept What Is… whether Self-Worth is seen as a positive or negative thing doesn’t matter… because the Acceptance magic is… as you start to expand… and your energy starts to flow… it automatically becomes a positive

And negatives start to fall away…

This is why I believe the spiritual paths talk about acceptance being a transformative force… because it helps to activate the expansion within us… which can lift us up…

That is not to say that the all the limiting and negative out-there situations will automatically change in our favor… that may not happen… but if we can engage with them from a state of expansion and flow… we have a much better time of things… we don’t get dragged down into the negativity… and we can cope and think better.

But only… if we can get our energy to expand… like the rest of the Universe wants it to.

Now… if your Consciousness can reach even higher and register with one of the higher levels on the Map… such as Love or Unconditional Love… then they will work too.

But Level 350 Acceptance is the first level on the Map where we can potentially switch on the expansion mode in our life… and so shift towards truly specific empowering thoughts / feelings…

Acceptance of What Is, triggers within us, the power to self-transform ourselves.

But remember… it has to be the right kind of acceptance

Simply resigning ourselves to a bad situation… is 99.9% of the time not acceptance… just a giving up inside…

To be real, acceptance will and must trigger the expansion and flow within our energy-field that lifts us up…

If there is no expansion… then it’s not true acceptance.

That is the litmus test of this spiritual truth.

Oh… and I do believe in Taoism this whole acceptance-expansion-flow thing is known as… Wu Wei.

(c) Brian Parsons, June 2018

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