Can You Be Too Grounded?


One of the BIG questions which people often ask about Grounding… especially when they are coming across it for the first time… is…

Can someone be too Grounded?

And the simple answer is… No, someone can never be too Grounded.

The explanation of Why that is so… is a little complicated.

But today, in this post, we are going to attempt to make that explanation of the Why as simple as possible…

… and explore the question from a number of different perspectives.

So that you can really understand why someone can never be too Grounded.

Now, as we stated in an earlier post in this series, Grounding is a function of Electro-magnetism… and has nothing to do with Gravity… although many people assume that it does (because there is a feeling of being drawn down into the Earth, which can be mistaken for the force of Gravity).

In that earlier post, we also referred to the experiment conducted by Valerie Hunt, while a professor at the Physics department at University of California (Los Angeles), using volunteers who were placed inside a Mu field generator.

This is a human shaped box inside which the researchers could control and manipulate the electro-magnetic field within, either increasing / decreasing the electricity present, the magnetism, or both. This is the electro-magnetic field which the volunteers would then be exposed to while they were inside the box. The researchers were even able to completely cancel out the electro-magnetic field within the Mu space entirely, which would mean the volunteers would be inside a space with no electro-magnetic field. However, the researchers were also able to increase the intensity of the field if they so desired, allowing the volunteers to experience a denser electro-magnetic field.

What Valerie Hunt and her research team found (a team which also included a number of individuals who could ‘see’ the human aura), was that when individuals were placed in the Mu box and then the electric part of the E.M. field was cancelled out:

The findings were amazing. When the electrical aspect of the atmosphere in the room was withdrawn, leaving less energy, the auric fields became randomly disorganised, scattered and incoherent…

When the electromagnetism in the air was depleted, the only other electrical energy available for the subjects to interact with was the fields of other subjects in the room. As they drew upon one another’s field, both fields were weakened. In the absence of an atmospheric source of electromagnetism, the interaction increased between their confused fields. At that stage general disorganisation of both fields increased. The subjects burst into tears and sobbed, an experience unlike these people had ever endured.

In addition to these discoveries, Hunt also reports that:

  • The aura reader perceived that, as the room’s electromagnetic field diminished, the individual’s outer aura dissipated, and it was easier to see into the inner layers, which was like a ‘fishnet energy’ that did not correspond to the meridian system, but seemed more aligned to the connective tissue of the physical body.
  • The individual’s within the room lost the sense of their own body boundary and body image. As the field within the room weakened, each individual aura reached out for another electro-magnetic field which it could use to fix and validate its own ‘position’. Basically, each individual field had lost its ability to locate itself in space. However, once one aura had located another aura, the stronger one soon tried to draw upon, or cannablise, the weaker field.
  • Finally… When the electromagnetic field within the room was increased, then people inside the room reported that their thinking became sharper, clearer, and their consciousness expanded. The reader reported that their auras were also restored, and became more vibrant and colourful. If the electro-magnetic field within the room is increased ‘above and beyond’ the norm, individuals start to perform ‘above and beyond’ the norm, and this appears to raise their level of consciousness. This supports the idea that, according to design, position and shape it is possible to create ‘sick’ buildings (i.e. which make people fell unwell), and also buildings which improve and promote health and wellbeing.

And that is a crucial element needed to help us answer the question… Can someone be too Grounded?

It would appear… from the findings of this experiment… that when the electromagnetic field around us is increased… and an individual is able to access it… then this creates a positive effect…

So this would seem to indicate that… the more Grounded you are:

  • The more expansive your consciousness
  • The sharper your thinking
  • The clearer your mind
  • The more energized you feel

But here we come to a crucial point… How can you access a more vibrant electro-magnetic field?

Because the electro-magnetic field of our planet is fixed… and so if you want to access a natural E.M. field of greater intensity then you will need to move to another planet, like Jupiter.

And that probably wouldn’t be a good idea really… because your physical body + aura evolved within the Earth’s E.M. field, and so to try to plug into the E.M. field of a more intense planet might blow a few fuses in your energy system.

So if you can’t find a more intense natural E.M. field in Nature… and your local Mu field generator is on the blink and in need of repair…

Then maybe the ability to become even more Grounded lies within your own aura… within your chakras and meridians… within your own energy field.

So that you can open up… or close down… to more or less of the Earth’s energy field.

A bit like a valve, where you open up your aura to more or less of the Earth’s natural E.M. field.

So that you are always taking in exactly the right amount of energy from your environment… your energy surroundings…

And there is evidence that there are structures within the chakra / meridian systems which allow you to do just that… although usually they are not under our conscious control (unless you know the correct vibrational commands).

Now, when you are out in Nature, that is quite an easy thing to do… connect to the planetary field… because the planet’s electromagnetic field is the only E.M. field available in that environment.

However, if you are standing in the middle of LondonTokyoTorontoSydney… or New York say…

Then all the E.M. noise… from the machines and gadgets of the modern world… literally drown out the planet’s natural E.M. field.

And as we have seen in another post… being naturally Grounded isn’t just a matter of plugging into a strong E.M. field. It’s also a matter of accessing an E.M. field of the right frequency… i.e. the same as the planet’s… approximately 7 Hz.

If you plug into a field which is higher, say 30 to 40 Hz, like the ones generated by electrical machines and gadgets… the frequencies at which modern tech operates… then this has the effect of doing the opposite… it literally weakens you… it Ungrounds you.

It therefore isn’t just a matter of plugging into a more intense E.M. field… it has to be one at the correct frequency in order to enhance our own Grounding.

So the answer to the original question… Can someone be too Grounded?

No, they can’t… because Grounding occurs naturally as our aura interacts with the Earth’s own E.M. field.

But… here there are two caveats…

About this field… it has to be

a) The right kind of electro-magnetic field… around 7 Hz… the same as the Earth’s own electro-magnetic field.

And also:

b) The individual has to have their own aura open to the Earth’s natural electro-magnetic field. If they are blocking it… then the Grounding magic just doesn’t happen.

The more open you are to the planet’s natural E.M. field, then the more Grounded you are, and:

  • The more expansive your consciousness
  • The sharper your thinking
  • The clearer your mind
  • The more energized you feel

And from this perspective… you can’t really overdo it (… unless you do decide to move to Jupiter).

Namaste 🙂

(c) Brian Parsons, September 2017

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