Buying Crystals & Ethical Considerations


Here is an interesting question for you…

Would you buy a t-shirt from a high-street chain if you knew that it had been created using the explotation of child labour in some 3rd World Country?

Probably not. In fact, you would probably go online and find and sign the petition to stop such practices.

OK… next question…

Would you buy a crystal knowing that it had been:

  • Ripped from the ground using mining techniques which are ecologically unsound and damaging?
  • Using manual or child labour that is being paid a pittance, exploited, and in working conditions which are generally unsafe and dangerous… and there is no Health & Safety representative on site… and certainly no Unions to speak up for the workers?

Mmm… interesting question… yes?

You see… the selling of crystals in the Western world is surrounded by a New Age aura… it is meant to be a joyful and uplifting experience… and for many, they value highly what they buy… and they have high ethical and environmental standards.

… But as with most things in life… the reality behind the curtain isn’t always as rosy as we would like to believe… and not everyone involved in the crystal supply chain is motivated by high ideals… and some of them are shady and unscrupulous in the extreme.

For example, the Lapis Lazulli which mostly comes from Afghanistan, is mined by tribal warlords… the production was under the control of the Taliban for a time (and may well be again)… and so a big chunk of the money from Lapis production was and is used to buy guns, ammunition, and other weapons for the ongoing war.

That is the reality for any piece of Lapis coming out of Afghanistan… there is no 100% ethically sourced Lapis coming out of that part of the world at this time.

OK, we may not want to think about it… but for many of the crystals we buy, there is a murky supply chain behind how it got out of the ground and to the New Age stall or shop we buy it from… and so we, the buyer, are involved in the karmic web to some degree.

So to blindly assume that everything to do with the buying and selling of crystals is all love and light… is wrong… there is a lot of grey… and patches of downright dark.

So what should we do… stop buying crystals?

Well, for me personally, that’s not going to happen… because they are part of my life-path… and have helped me and others tremendously (and continue to do so).

I will keep buying… even the Lapis from Afghanistan.

So how do I square this mental circle in my head?

Well… I am conscious of the darkness… but I dedicate any new crystals to the light, and from the time they come into my collection my intention is to use them for good, and to help others… and I send thanks and blessings for anyone who was involved in getting them to me who received less for their efforts then what was their just rewards.

I can’t change the world… and yet, using my crystals to help myself and other people heal, and raise the vibration of the planet… isn’t that what I am doing… even if slowly, one human being at a time?

But I do think it’s important to understand the reality of where crystals come from… and how they got to you.

Not from Atlantis, not from a space ship orbiting the planet, not from Arcturus… but often from someone in the 3rd World literally on their hands and knees… clawing it out of the rock for us with simple tools.

And we need to be thankful for that… and also give thanks that we live in the relatively safe and stable Western world.

(c) Brian Parsons, September 2016

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