Affirmations, Body Priority & Working With Your Issue Tower


I once spent an afternoon with an energy therapist who claimed that not only could they cure anything or anyone…

Which is quite a huge claim in itself…

But they could do it in a single session… and their clients never came back to see them again… because they had no need to.

The clients were totally cured… 100%… each and every time.

They claimed to be so good that they were also the person to go to when nothing else worked… and that they had a reputation for fixing people other therapists couldn’t fix.

Which is another huge claim to make.

Yep, this person stank of Ego.

You see, to say the reason why people don’t come back to see you again is because you have completely cured them… that’s an awfully big assumption to make.

How do you know that is true… it might have been because you had bad breath… or charged too much.

But the other thing… when I questioned them further… they didn’t actually know that the people they had worked on were cured… they just assumed it was the case… they had never asked them.

Because they didn’t feel the need… they had never contacted former clients to see if this assumption was indeed true and correct.

So it was just their assumption…

“My clients never come back to see me… because I have completely cured them… of everything… 100%”

But that wasn’t entirely it… why I felt uneasy around this person… because there was another issue… lurking behind the scenes… and it took me a while to identify it…

But I finally did…

They also went out of their way to fix what people wanted fixing, and not what that person needed fixing.

So as an energy therapist they worked totally outside of what is often called body priority.

Now, that may not sound like a big deal… but trust me, for many energy therapists it is.

Let me explain why.

To explain, we need to bring in the Tower Block Analogy (see photograph below).

Tower Block Game

The Tower Block is a game where blocks of wood are stacked up, one level upon another, and the objective of the game is to pull out blocks from the various levels, without causing the tower to come crashing down. The loser is the one who pulls out the block which results in the tower falling down.

This is the same for our personality.

Our personality is basically a tower of issues and fears, one stacked upon the other.

Now, if you intend to work in a safe way, you start clearing the blocks / issues at the top of the tower, and slowly work your way down.

This is the safe way. This is known as working in body priority order.

It does also mean… as you work down through the different layers and levels… it may take you awhile to reach the levels and issues which the client is really concerned about… which may exist halfway down the tower.

However, if you were to remove blocks / issues from halfway down the tower, even if it is what the individual client wants you to do, it may make the whole thing more unstable… and if you keep on doing this, the whole thing may become more and more unstable overall… until it eventually collapses… and this is what is known as a major healing crisis.

This is important… you only want to let someone into your energy field who knows how to work safely and effectively. This means pulling out those issues which will not leave you unbalanced, and endanger your safety and integrity in the long-term. This means they will work in body-priority order (i.e. top-down)… or some other approach which maximizes your long-term safety and integrity.

Why is this so important?

Suppose you are someone suffering from 3 different problems; a) hay fever, b) irritable bowel syndrome, and c) low self-esteem.

Let’s imagine you go to an energy therapist who doesn’t work in body-priority order, and you ask them to fix your irritable bowel problem, because this is the one issue which is causing you the most problems in your life. They start to work on this issue for you, and hey presto, after one session, it goes away, which is amazing!

However, if we were to place those same issues at various levels on the block tower then we may find that your body would have preferred that this energy therapist fix your low self-esteem first (higher up), and then the hay fever second (middle level), before finally getting to the issue of your irritable bowels (lowest level)… which is something which the energy therapist could have identified if they had been using dowsing or muscle testing to ask the body what it wanted, and so identifying the safest route down through the maze of issues.

By going for the irritable bowel condition first, the energy therapist has made the whole tower more unstable, which may be to the clients detriment in the long-term, although at the moment they have gone away thinking the therapist is amazing, and recommending them to all their friends.

Of course, from one perspective, it’s no one’s fault, the therapist was doing what they thought best, and the client was fixed of the one issue which is causing them the most aggravation in their life.

But if the client where to keep on going back to the same energy therapist… who continued to work in the same way… the instability would continue to build… until… the personality could no longer maintain its inner coherence… and the Unconscious Mind could no longer hold things together.

This YouTube video gives you some idea of what the Unconscious Mind has to do… keep all the mental plates spinning… without letting any of them fall and come crashing to the ground… and the more plates it is given… the more difficult that task becomes.


Because the thing is… much of our personality is defined by our issues… our issues can sometimes be like the girders holding up the skyscraper… and if we remove too many, too fast… the structure of the whole building is called into question.

Yes, our issues do need to be replaced… but in a way and at a pace which allows the personality to deal with the change… and find other means… more positive and empowering means… to support itself. And also at a pace which allows our Unconscious Mind to keep all the remaining plates in the air and spinning.

A great deal of our personality is actually being supported by our issues and limitations… strange but true.

For example… this is often why some people hold on to their illnesses, even when their illness is making them ill… because if the issue has become central to their personality in some way… then if the illness were to suddenly vanish, they may not know who they are… (read Caroline Myss book Why People Don’t Heal & How They Can for more information about this)… and so can suffer a crisis of personality. And if they believe that the people around them only give them love and support because of their particular illness… then they will often hold on to their illness with a tight grip… rather then lose this support and affection.

But from the point of view of the Tower Analogy, if you remove too many bricks from the lower half of the issue tower, your Unconscious Mind will find it harder and harder to keep things upright and stable… and if one brick too many is removed, the whole structure may come crashing down.

So a little understanding about how your energy system, and your Unconscious Mind, works and is structured can save you a whole lot of suffering and angst further on down the line.

But there is another level to this whole Tower Analogy.

Because when it comes to affirmations, and the whole manifest a new life thing… we’re trying to use a process to resolve our issues… make our life better in some way…

And there is nothing wrong with that.

But if our issues sit on different levels of the issues tower… how do we know we are working on the right issues first?

How do we know we are working with the right affirmation at the right time?

How do we know we are working in body priority?

When I look back at my own life… and the big issues which I started out with… hay fever, money / career, and relationships… working in body priority…

Hay fever got fixed first… money / career started to fix itself shortly after, over the next few years… but the whole relationship thing took a whole lot longer… and still sorting even now.

Because it was a whole lot lower down my own issue tower… so none of that is surprising… took time to get down there.

And that’s why patience can be such a useful virtue when it comes to personal development and inner transformation… because not everything gets sorted with one wave of the magic wand. Takes time… sometimes quite a bit of it… as you safely work down the levels.

But as I worked down the issue tower, from level to lower level, I sorted a lot of other issues, which weren’t initially apparent, but turned out to be super-important… were hiding behind the other issues… or became known later… and so I have no complaints.

So… the slower and more integrated approach was the best path to take… with hindsight.

And it is what I recommend to others.

This is why people who learn to dowse or muscle test are in a generally better position to identify which issues are coming up to be worked on next… so below… Sue & Simon Lilly in a video on How To Dowse.


And this is me doing a video on the Issue Tower:


Note: As for that particular energy therapist, I have never heard of them since… so I assume they have either Ascended to a Higher Plane… or moved to the Outer Hebrides… which I am reliably informed is roughly the same thing.

(c) Brian Parsons, April 2018

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