AE Red Zircon


Red Zircon is a tetragonal crystal, which has a hardness of 7 on the Moh scale.

Red Zircon is a red energy, but it is expressed in a green way (and it is very direct in its approach… focused).

This means it is a dynamic / explosive energy at core, but it is expressed in a balanced / expansive way.

What does this mean in practical terms?

When a crystal has a red colour, but has a tetragonal crystal structure, the energy is not focused in one specific direction, but expands outwards evenly across 360 degrees.

This means that Red Zircon is an excellent crystal for those people who need to multi-task, whose circumstances mean they must keep changing the focus of their energy / concentration.

When someone has to multi-task, they need to change gears between different tasks. When the tasks are energy intensive, the actual act of switching between the tasks is an extra energy drain… and overtime this can be very wearing / exhaustive.

Red Zircon helps to energize each task itself, and also the act of switching between them. It is therefore an excellent vibration / Audio Essence to use at the end of a busy, multi-tasking day.

So, in many ways, Red Zircon is an excellent vibration for your archetypal ‘busy mum’, but it would be a great vibration for your entrepreneur, juggling many tasks at once.

However, the tetragonal structure also means that the red energy is expressed in a very balanced way.

So Red Zircon is beneficial for those people whose energy is ‘erratic’, who have lots of energy one minute, and then have little / no energy the next.

Because of its tetragonal crystal structure, it is an excellent vibration to use when you need to give extra energy to the Heart chakra… especially when someone has ‘given up’ in some area of their life, perhaps through grief or the continual rejection of themselves, or their dreams, by others.

Red Zircon can’t fix everything about such situations, but it can help to energize the Heart chakra, a bit like jump starting an engine, so that the person can start to feel again that red spark of being aliveand wanting to expand.

(c) Brian Parsons, October 2016

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