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Due to the increasing rarity of Sugilite, and the fact that more and more people want… or need.. to work with its transformational vibration… I have created the following range of Audio Essences… focusing on different varieties of Sugilite, single or in combination with other minerals… to make available this most trans-formative of Crystal vibrations to anyone who wants… or needs… to experience it.

And below, I have written up what I believe each variety of Sugilite does on a vibrational level, so people can have some idea of what it is for, and how it can be used.

As well as the information and pictures below, please find also a link that will take you directly to the Audio Essence web sales page for each variety of Sugilite… from where you can easily purchase and download.

For anyone new to working with Audio Essences, it is a new vibrational technology which allows for the capture of subtle vibrations into MP3 sound format… so that anyone can later access the vibration… just through the act of listening.

More information about Audio Essences can be found on these two webpages:

Audio Essences

About Supporting Vibrations

This means it is possible to capture, record and transmit crystal vibrations of the most rare and expensive crystals… making those vibrations available to more and more people.

All Audio Essences are just over 1 hour in duration, and the central Audio Essence track is 55 mins, to allow for sufficient meditation time, creative visualisation and journeying, or relaxation with the Sugilite vibration…

There is also a short Introduction before the actual Audio Essence track, and a final Call Back section at the end, to help you ground and integrate any energies you have experienced.

Finally… I know that working with an Audio Essence isn’t the same as owning your own piece of 100% genuine Sugilite… but in the days ahead, for many crystals, that may become increasingly hard to achieve… which is one of the reasons why I proceeded with the development of Audio Essences… to help people access the rare vibrations they need for their own personal development and transformation.
And so if you need to work with the Sugilite vibration, to experience its trans-formative power, if it’s the vibration you are looking for and need, and you can’t get any online… an Audio Essence is a good and viable alternative.


Purple Sugilite

Sugilite is a hexagonal crystal, most specimens are a deep purple in color, and the hardness on the Moh scaleis 6 to 6.5.

So let’s look at Purple Sugilite first… often in the crystal literature Sugilite is seen as a crystal which is pouring the Purple Ray down into the physical plane.

But… I am not in total agreement with this… because that would be Purple Stichtite (Trigonal Purple).

Instead, as a Hexagonal PurpleSugilite is pouring the Purple Ray down into our minds… into our Solar Plexus chakra.

Which when you think about it, is where most people hang out… where they choose to place their consciousness 24/7…. and where most of us register any new vibration.

So it is not surprising that when we experience Sugilite we feel that it is grounding into us… because we are more identified with our minds then with our physical bodies.

That’s the odd thing about humans, we often identify a vibration as being more real when it touches our minds, then if it touches our physical bodies… because we spend so much time in our heads!

So for me, Sugilite is all about the purple vibe… of imagination, and inspiration, and meditation (i.e. expansion of consciousness)… but flowing into our minds… allowing us to let go of our limited mental perspectives… and so see the vastly bigger picture.

And when that happens… then this can trigger the physical healing that you sometimes read about with Sugilite. Because that individual’s mind suddenly relaxes, and realizes that it doesn’t need to hold on to the limiting emotions / beliefs which have incubated their illness.

For anyone living through a difficult period in their life, Sugilite can be very calming and re-assuring… because it allows them to see beyond their present circumstances… re-connect with a larger and more positive life-vision.

As the spiritual writer David R. Hawkins used to say… true healing is really about shifting your consciousness to a higher level… and that’s what I believe Sugilite does… it brings the purple vibe into our minds… and allows our consciousness to expand beyond our mental limitations… beyond our belief constrictions.

Because to quote Einstein’s now famous words… “You can’t solve a problem with the same level of consciousness which created it.

So Sugilite is all about shifting your mental consciousness up a level… which allows true healing to spontaneously and naturally occur.

Web link: Purple Sugilite


Pink Sugilite

Sugilite is a hexagonal crystal. It has a hardness of 6 to 6.5 on the Moh scale.

Pink Sugilite usually refers to the lighter shades of Sugilite, pale violet and lavender. Now not all of these shades could be described as pink, but the lighter shades do seem to all resonate with the Heart chakra, which is probably why the name of Pink Sugilite is appropriate.

The colour of this variety of Sugilite is pink, but it works in a yellow way.

But what does that mean in practical terms?

Well, the colour pink is associated with self-loveself-acceptance, and self-worth.

When we have a hexagonal pink crystal, we can also add the words discernmentboundaries, and clarity to the energetic mix.

Now, one of the qualities for all the Sugilites is that they are very good at grounding and focusing energy.

So Pink Sugilite is very good at grounding the vibration of self-love and self-acceptance into the Solar Plexus chakra.

Pink Sugilite is therefore an excellent vibration for people who suffer from issues of self-worth, who don’t feel they are good enough, who are continually criticizing themselves. Pink Sugilite can provide a vibration of continual, gentle support and encouragement, which can hopefully cancel out the negative voices.

In addition, Pink Sugilite is a good vibration / Audio Essence to use at the Heart chakra, when we need to bring clarity and discernment to our pink energies, and where we may also need effective boundaries to protect them.

Sometimes loving just isn’t enough… and we need to protect ourselves, especially if others would try to take advantage of our good nature. Pink Sugilite is good vibration for when we need to let-go of being too open-hearted.

Now, you could argue that we can never have enough self-love or self-worth and from a certain perspective, that is true.

However, both of those (if left unchecked) can lead to excessive introspection, where we are too focused on our Self, ignoring those people and the world around us, who can also benefit from our love. Bottom-line, love needs to flow within and without.

Pink Sugilite can help us to identify where there is a lack of love flow, so that we can address and re-balance.

For the Heart chakraPink Sugilite is a wonderful comforting and nurturing vibration… especially for people who have suffered loss.

It helps us to love again… inside and out.

Web Link: Pink Sugilite


Sugilite & Bustamite

Sugilite is a hexagonal crystal, most specimens are a deep purple in color, and the hardness on the Moh scaleis 6 to 6.5.

In contrast, Bustamite is a triclinic crystal, orange in color, and the hardness on the Moh scale is 5.5 to 6.5.

As  I wrote above, for me, Sugilite is all about the Purple Vibe… of imagination, and inspiration, and meditation (i.e. expansion of consciousness)… but flowing into our minds… allowing us to let go of our limited mental perspectives… and so see the vastly bigger picture.

So… What about Bustamite?

Here we have an orange color being expressed through a triclinic structure… which is a white expression of the orange energies… and white is all about clarity and wholeness.

How does Bustamite work then?

Well… if the keywords for orange are fun, playfulness, practical creativity, and sexuality… and they are being expressed in a whole way… in a way which is full and clear… and 100% total spectrum… which is really what Bustamite is all about… then you have a crystal which is reflecting back to an individual what it is like to have a whole and healed Sacral chakra.

Because with any triclinic crystal it is showing you the full spectrum… but then the question becomes… are you comfortable with experiencing that full spectrum of energies… mmm… things can get a bit more complicated when you start asking those kind of questions.

Am I comfortable with every and all emotion and feeling possible… the whole spectrum of human feelings?

Because any human being has usually grown up through blacking out certain frequencies, certain parts of the rainbow colors which is our core vibration… we black out frequencies for some reason, close down emotions… and this is particularly true with the Sacral chakra… especially in certain societies and cultures.

To fit in, to survive, as growing children, we often have to black out aspects of our creativity, or our sexuality… or our ability to play and have fun… because we learn from the adults around us that life is serious.

But whenever your black out a part of the Sacral chakra, then you are effectively going through life on a Sacral chakra running at 40% say… and life can be dreary… and you feel disconnected from your own core vitality.

When you encounter a triclinic crystal, like Bustamite, it is effectively re-inserting those missing colors back into the rainbow spectrum of your aura… which can be re-vitalising or unsettling… depending on why you blacked them out in the first place.

Bustamite is an excellent crystal for helping people to heal their Sacral chakra… for finding elements of their lost child… for healing sexual issues… for re-connecting lost or suppressed vitality… working with it is like performing a Soul retrieval for the Sacral chakra.

But as with all Soul retrieval… it will only work if you are prepared to welcome back what has been found with open arms.

So now the BIG QUESTION… how do these two crystals, Sugilite and Bustamite, work together… and what joint magic can they create when they decide to merge into a single form?

Well, based on my own experience, and going out on a limb here… but I think Sugilite & Bustamite is one of the great undiscovered crystal healing vibrations… because together they create a deep and trans-formative healing space.

Earlier I mentioned how often people black out frequencies and feelings in their Sacral chakra… often out of the need to fit in… and so certain feelings and emotions are defined as being off limits.

Well, where does the black out command originate from?

It comes from the Solar Plexus chakra… from our mind.

So really, to re-incorporate a feeling back into your emotional vocabulary at the Sacral chakra successfully… you also need to work at the Solar Plexus chakra to cancel the command to black it out in the first place… and so you need to allow your consciousness to expand beyond the limiting belief, so that you can cancel it.

So… to be successful you would need to work both levels at once.

To do that… you would need a crystal that could work on both levels at once… expanding your mind at the Solar Plexus chakra… while helping to bring back and re-establish a feeling in your Sacral chakra.

But where might you find a crystal that could work in on the purple + orange levels simultaneously?

Yep… that’s what Sugilite & Bustamite is for.

Web Link: Sugilite & Bustamite


Sugilite & Blue Richterite

Sugilite is a hexagonal crystal, most specimens are a deep purple in color, and the hardness on the Moh scaleis 6 to 6.5.

Blue Richterite is a monoclinic crystal, with a hardness of 5 to 6 on the Moh scale.

So for me, Sugilite is all about the purple vibe… of imagination, and inspiration, and meditation (i.e. expansion of consciousness)… but flowing into our minds… allowing us to let go of our limited mental perspectives… and so see the vastly bigger picture.

But what about Blue Richterite?


There is a story which Dr. John Demartini tells about from his teenage years.

He decided to go travelling around the United States, with very little money in his pocket… and on his travels, from State to State, he met and was befriended by an old hobbo, an apparent down-and-out

Only this hobbo seemed to have a wealth of life experience… which he openly shared with his young companion.

And eventually, Demartini found out that the hobbo was actually a multi-millionaire who had become so bored with his life, that he had decided to give it all up for 6 months, and go travelling alone, because he needed the thrill, the challenge… he needed to see if he still had what it takes, and if he could survive and thrive on his wits alone.

Now, you know that saying… “We’re not human beings having a spiritual experience… but spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Well, if you buy into that, then we are all basically multi-millionaires who have decided to live without our money for a period of time… just to see if we have what it takes.

Which means the Earth Plane, which we access via our human body, is the playground of “Do you have what it takes?

Which may be like some kind of Celestial Game Show… “Does your Soul have what it takes? Well, why not inhabit a body on Planet Earth for 70 or 80 years… put yourself to the test!

The only difference between ourselves and the multi-millionaire from Demartini’s story is that he still remembers that he has cash in the bank… while we choose to forget… we choose to forget that we are infinite and eternal… so that we can better play the game of being finite and limited.

For the Ancient Yogis this forgetting was a fog which descended at birth, clouding our mind… and to the mystical, Ancient Greeks… it happened when a Soul drunk waters from the River Styx before taking on a new life, and so temporarily forgetting their inner nature.

But we can always get too far stuck in the finite and limited end of the Human spectrum and need something to remind us that “Hey, remember, you’re not without resources… you have spiritual cash in the bank!

Sometimes we need to remember that we are indeed spiritual beings playing at being finite and limited.

And that is where Blue Richterite comes in.

In South Africa, it is often mined alongside Sugilite, which is why it is not uncommon to find whisps of Sugilite flowing through a Blue Richterite specimen.

And in the crystal literature, when Blue Richterite is discussed, it is  most often associated with a feeling of flying, or expansion.

OK, Blue Richterite is harder to get hold of then some crystals, although it won’t break the bank… but fortunately, with the Internet, it’s a lot easier to get hold of, and all my 4 specimens came from the Internet.

But the thing is… for a relatively rare crystal… Blue Richterite comes up a lot… either for myself… and with other people… in healing sessions.

When a crystal comes up a lot… then it is also worth having in your crystal kit.

And when I consider the times when it did come up, and what happened… it’s almost as if Blue Richterite is reminding people that the issue they are dealing with… is only real because they have chosen to see it as real… it’s only a game that they have chosen to play in this lifetime.

Which may sound odd… and weird… and yes, some of the games which we have chosen to play on the Earth Plane are horrible and painful… but if you chose to perceive that we are indeed spiritual beings… then they are all just that… games.

And you can choose to continue to play the game… or opt out, for a different game on the other side of the playground… if you want.

It’s as if we’re all Daydreaming… while being full awake… dreaming our life into being each and every moment of our life.

And that’s what Blue Richterite is so good at doing… reminding us that we are not as limited or finite as we might believe… that we are much more then what we might think ourselves to be.

This is due to the combination of its rich blue color, and it’s monoclinic / purple structure… which seems to be able to remind an individual that… “Hey, remember, you are an infinite being that has chosen to play small for a bit… but this is always your choose.”

Blue Richterite does help us to fly… it helps us to expand… because it reminds us that we also have wings… and the healing with Blue Richterite comes from this remembrance.

And you know that other saying, “The Universe never gives us anything we can’t handle“.

Well, if this is true, and the Universe does indeed never give us anything we can’t handle… the killer is whether we believe we can handle it or not… if we don’t believe we can handle something, no matter the situation, we give up and refuse to try.

But with the help of Blue Richteriteyou start to remember who you are… that you can indeed handle things… because you are a spiritual and unlimited being… and that you are not as alone or isolated as you might think… and you have huge amounts of spiritual capital in the celestial bank.

From my own experience… having a piece of Blue Richterite around (even if it has some Sugilite mixed in), is a great energy investment… well worth tracking down.

And what happens when Sugilite is mixed in with the Blue Richteritewhat then?

Remember, Sugilite is all about the Purple Vibe… of imagination, and inspiration, and meditation (i.e. expansion of consciousness)… but flowing into our minds… allowing us to let go of our limited mental perspectives… and so see the vastly bigger picture.

So when you link Sugilite to Blue Richterite… then it empowers you to dream life-dreams that empower you… which lift you up… and which are aligned to Spirit and to your own Soul.

Because not all dreams are worth living out… not all dreams are worth even considering… but dreams which help you walk the road back to your Soul and your own Heartthose dream always turn out to be the best choice in the end.

If you are really an Emperor… dreaming of being a Beggar… then the best thing you can do is to simply… wake up.

All nightmares end when you wake up to who you really are.

Sugilite & Blue Richterite is one of the best wake up vibrations I have found.

Web link: Sugilite & Blue Richterite


Sugilite Grounding

Now, what if… you were to set-up a Crystal Net around a person, with 12 Sugilite tumblies… all laid out evenly around their body…

And what if… you were to place another Sugilite tumblie on their Brow Chakra

And then every 5 minutes… you move the position of the 13th Sugilite… down a level…

5 mins… Brow to Throat Chakra…

5 mins… Throat to Thymus Chakra…

5 mins… Thymus to Heart Chakra…

5 mins… Heart to Solar Plexus Chakra…

5 mins… Solar Plexus to Sacral Chakra…

5 mins… Sacral to Base Chakra…

5 mins… Base Chakra to Feet…

Eight stages in all… lasting 40 minutes in total.

The Sugilite vibration grounding in through all the chakras… grounding in through all the levels…

That sounds rather cool… and would certainly be an interesting energy space to explore as a meditation… especially as Sugilite is reknowned for grounding in spiritual vibrations into the mind and so into the physical.

Problem is, nowadays, there are less and less people around who can source that many Sugilites… especially if you are new to crystal healing / therapy.

But the thing is…

With an Audio Essence, you can most definitely do that kind of thing… capture specific vibrations… and then weave them together… one after the other… as the MP3 track progresses… to create a very interesting and multi-level energy meditation.

With an Audio Essence, the vibrational space which is created can be very dynamic indeed.

Wait… am I saying that is exactly what I have created here… an Audio Essence using 13 pieces of Sugilite… where every 5 minutes the position of the 13th Sugilite changes?

Yes, that is exactly what I have done in this particular Audio Essence.

As one of those people on the planet who does have enough Sugilite in-house to do this… plus the Audio Essence technology to record and create the MP3… that’s exactly what I have done.

And if Sugilite is really about grounding in the spiritual energies… then this will indeed be a most interesting 40 minute Audio Essence meditation to track and experience.

Weblink: Sugilite Grounding


Please Note:

If you have never experienced Audio Essences before, there are a number of FREE ones to try over at the website:

Zero Limiting Emotions… so you can try them on for size before purchasing.


Namaste 🙂


(c) Brian Parsons, February 2018.


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