AE Pink Fluorite


Pink Fluorite is a cubic crystal. It has a hardness of 4 on the Moh scale, which means it is quite gentle in how it works and expresses its unique kind of pink.

But because it is cubic in structure, this variety of Fluorite is pink, but it works in an orange way.

But what does that mean in practical terms?

Well, the color pink is associated with self-love, self-acceptance, and self-worth.

When we have a cubic pink crystal, we can also add the words emotional flow, organization and structure, buried trauma, sexual expression, and fun and pleasure.

Now, love is a funny thing.

We all desire it, but no poet / writer has ever been able to fully describe it in words, capture the essence of the feeling in words… so the mind is never entirely sure what it is longing for… it just knows that it desperately feels the absence of love in its life.

Love is just… well, love.

So the thought that love needs to be, or can be, structured and organized is one which doesn’t really compute to our rational mind.

Love tends to be perceived as flowing and embracing.

However, there is a view currently arising that consciousness is linked to order and structure. If something can become more organized, structured and harmonious then this will give rise to finer and finer levels of consciousness… and different qualities naturally arise when a new level of harmony is achieved (and David Hawkins Map of Consciousness seems to support this).

In which case, there may be different levels to love… finer and finer levels.

If this is true, then Pink Fluorite will be one of the vibrations which will help us access them.

In practical terms, Pink Fluorite can help to organize the energies of our Heart chakra, so that it can become more harmonious, removing any blocks and limitations to the flow of love, removing anything which is disharmonious.

As our Heart becomes more harmonious, so it can express more love and that love can become finer and finer in expression.

The whole of the Fluorite crystal family help to take a disharmonious energy and sort it out… turn it into a harmonious and ordered energy pattern.

But to achieve this, we must be prepared to allow our own consciousness to shift and take on a finer vibration… and those people who don’t want to embrace order and structure in their lives (yes, they do exist)… they tend to be the ones who run a mile from Fluorite.

However, it’s cubic structure means that Pink Fluorite also speaks the love vibe in the language of the Sacral Chakra… and this is probably where Pink Fluorite is the most use to us modern folk.

Because the Sacral chakra is basically concerned with creativity, fun, flow, sexuality, and pleasure… (i.e. the orange stuff).

BUT… it also tends to be the chakra where our Unconscious Mind suppresses (i.e. places or stores) feelings and emotions which it does not wish to acknowledge, which are considered out of bound… or rather which the Conscious Mind has decided are dangerous to Self.

Or in other words… where all the feelings and emotions which we do not love are stored.

And the strange thing is… this can be positive emotions as well as negative

For example, if we are told as a child that being confident is bad, then to fit in (… and small kids need to fit in in order to survive… because all the adults are big and powerful…) we will imprison confidence within our Sacral chakra, in order to fit in with our family, culture and society.

But that means we are going to go through life without the feeling of confidence… because we have deleted this from our Conscious spectrum of self.

So we will remain someone with no confidence… until we venture into our Sacral chakra and reclaim the feelings which we once banished… (which is an easier process then you might think… it’s a bit like a Presidential amnesty from the Conscious Mind, and the Unconscious Mind … as the Prison Governor… automatically allows that feeling to come back into the personality spectrum).

And Pink Fluorite is the pink crystal that can help with that process… because it is the pink vibe which can go into the Sacral chakra, re-connect with the lost feelings stored there… and start to love them… start to surround them with the pink vibe… which is like an amnesty… love is the ultimate amnesty.

And if you can love something, then this naturally starts the process of Conscious re-connection… we only push away that which we do not love.

However… I wouldn’t be surprised if some people find Pink Fluorite to be among their least favorite crystals.


Because it takes people to places they initially don’t want to go.

If you are someone who doesn’t want to reclaim these feelings, then any crystal that suggests that you can, you will find unsettling.

But if you definitely do want to experience healing and inner freedom… at some point you need to face those parts of yourself, which you have been suppressing.

And Pink Fluorite is among the best crystals to help you with this self-integration process.

Note 1: Sue Lilly once said that the crystals which you love tell you something about yourself… but also the crystals you actively dislike will tell you something as well… and this information, the vibrations which you are not accepting, can often be far more useful information… and relate to your personal growth. Because the crystals you don’t like are big hints about what qualities you are suppressing.

Note 2: If have serious problems with loving and accepting yourself, one thing you can try… taking a piece of Pink Fluorite… and each day for a month… placing it on your Sacral chakra for 10 minutes (and cleansing after use each time).

So the Pink Fluorite vibration is a much welcome addition in the toolkit for those people who are working on their own self-love, and their ability to share that love with others.

(c) Brian Parsons, January 2017

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