AE Pink Clinozeosite


Pink Clinozeosite (which can also be written as Clinozoisite) is a monoclinic crystal. It has a hardness of 6 to 7 on the Moh scale.

The colour of Clinozeosite is here pink, but it works in a purple way.

But what does that mean in practical terms?

Well, the colour pink is associated with self-love, self-acceptance, and self-worth.

When we have a monoclinic pink crystal, we can also add the words inspiration, intuition, and meditation.

When Pink Clinozeosite is mentioned in the crystal literature (which isn’t often admittedly), it is described as a vibration that can literally go into the four chambers of our Heart.

Is that correct… and if so, how does it work?

Well, sometimes, our physical anatomy can give us big clues about our subtle anatomy.

So, our physical heart is a pump, composed of four chambers, designed to pump blood to all parts of our physical body. If one of the valves / chambers becomes blocked or damaged, then there is leakage or a lack of pressure, and so the flow becomes less effective.

Let us assume then that our Heart chakra is also a pump, composed of different chambers, designed to pump energy / Qi to all parts of our energy body… and if part of our Heart becomes damaged or blocked, then the flow of this energy (which we might as well call love) lessens and drops.

Interesting thought – If love is blood, then self-love is like subtle blood-pressure?

If this is correct… then self-love is the internal pressure we need to pump the love out to all parts of psyche… and when the pressure drops… when our self-love diminishes… then the love is unable to reach all our sub-personalities… some of which fall into the coldness, into the darkness, felt when they are disconnected from our Heart.

So… looks like you can never have enough self-love.

Now, Pink Clinozeosite is a vibration which can directly enter our Heart chakra to heal the inner workings of our Heart, so that correct pressure and flow can be restored.

This is due to its monoclinic / purple nature.

Purple = Red + Blue… and so a monoclinic purple is a crystal structure which can balance extremes of red and bluehot and cold, high and low energy… and blocks in our subtle energy are usually connected with there being an imbalance of energy… either too much or too little.

So Pink Clinozeosite is a crystal which can deliver the pink vibe to help adjust those areas in our Heart / Aura where there is too little or to much energy… and once balance is restored, then the love flow starts up again naturally.

When the energy flow within our Heart chakra / Aura a is harmonious internally, then this can only be reflected by our love relationships external.

Simply put, the Pink Clinozeosite vibration helps love / self-love to flow to all parts of our Self.

Note: Pink Clinozeosite is also an interesting crystal to explore if you want to empower your inner dreams and visions with love.

(c) Brian Parsons, January 2017

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