AE Orange Wulfenite


Orange Wulfenite is a tetragonal crystal. It has a hardness of 2.75 to 3 on the Moh scale.

The colour of this variety of Wulfenite is orange, but its tetragonal structure works in a green way.

But what does that mean in practical terms?

Well… Orange Wulfenite is an abundance of orange energy.

If the colour of orange is associated with fun, playfulness, creativity, sexuality, and emotional flow… then Orange Wulfenite has all that in bucket loads, and it is an energy which expands outwards evenly across 360 degrees.

So it is a very balanced and expansive orange vibration.

It has been said that Wulfenite can help an individual validate their own creativity and sexuality.

Which is another way of saying… makes them feel good about themselves.

And Dorothy Roeder, in her book Crystal Co-Creators, noted that Wulfenite is very good for men… because it helps them be more accepting of their feeling nature… but in a way which feels acceptable to the masculine approach to life.

Now, in terms of its tetragonal structure, I believe that this means that because Orange Wulfenite is such an expansive orange vibration, it is like being on a beautiful, warm and sunny, summer’s day. Everything feels perfect, just right… and all worries and concerns just float away while we are in that space.

With Orange Wulfenite, there is so much orange vibration that the usual blocks to expressing our Sacral chakra energy just don’t surface… they’re just drowned out by all the good vibes.

Now, doesn’t that sound / feel amazing!

However… the colour orange also touches that place within our Sacral chakra where we store our deep, emotional trauma… and Orange Wulfenite is very good at reaching in to those places.

Which is why some people may not feel comfortable with its vibration… it takes us to those hidden places where we do not want to go.

But you have to first ‘feel’ something before you can start the process of ‘healing’ it… and so, for those who are prepared to embark on the healing journey, Orange Wulfenite can be a good and reliable friend… and because it is a soft crystal, it is gentle and will not overwhelm you.

The Orange Wulfenite vibration can also be used at the Heart chakra whenever a burst of the orange vibration is required… whether to promote more creativity and fun… or to help with healing our Heart of buried grief or past rejection.

(c) Brian Parsons, March 2017

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