AE Orange Kyanite


Orange Kyanite is a triclinic crystal. It has a hardness of 6.5 on the Moh scale.

This Orange type of Kyanite comes from the first deposit found in Southern Africa… the second deposit is more Orange / Red.

The colour is orange, but its triclinic structure works in a white way.

But what does that mean in practical terms?

Well, the colour of orange is associated with fun, playfulness, creativity, sexuality, and emotional flow.

But its triclinic structure means that it has a white, all-encompassing energy, which holds all the colours of the rainbow, and so delivers energy to all aspects of the self.

So a triclinic orange crystal will deliver fun and playfulness to all aspects of the Sacral chakra… the parts of us which will embrace this energy… and also the parts of us which are in hiding, that want nothing to do with fun, playfulness, or anything orange.

Which means that Orange Kyanite is an excellent vibration to use when someone wants to bring a buried trauma to the surface, perhaps a trauma which a person is not consciously aware of.

The triclinic energy will burrow down until it connects with the blockage, and then starts to work it towards the surface, just like you would work out a thorn buried in the flesh with a sharp pin.

Also, the mental qualities which all types of Kyanite share, means that Orange Kyanite will also be able to weave the blockage back into individual consciousness in a way that it will make sense, and hopefully the memories associated with the emotional block will return as well, so that emotions have a mental context, and so also make sense.

So Orange Kyanite is a vibration to use wisely, but when used appropriately it is very effective.

The vibration of Orange Kyanite can also be used to bring flow and fun to the Crown chakra, and release trauma and blockage trapped there.

It is also an excellent vibration to use on the Throat chakra, to bring vitality and creativity into this area, and also to release deep energetic blocks.

Also… and still in the early stages with this… Orange Kyanite is a good crystal to work with when you want to embed affirmations into your Unconscious Mind… just holding the crystal, or placing over the Sacral Chakra… repeating the affirmation… the triclinic orange helps to open the Unconscious Mind to the new thought seed being planted.

(c) Brian Parsons / March 2017.

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