AE Dark Blue Tourmaline


Dark Blue Tourmaline is a hexagonal crystal, with a hardness of 7 to 7.5 on the Moh Scale.

Now, in color therapy terms, dark blue is associated with deep intuition, meditationdeeper states of consciousness… and also the information and clarity which can flow from those deep states.

It’s a bit like natural, clear spring water that flows up from deep underground… it carries with it nourishing minerals… which is why people down through the ages have been attracted to natural spring sites… not just for the water… but for what the water contains.

The same is true for all Dark Blue crystals… they are all involved with bringing insights… from deep within your consciousness (where your Higher Self & Soul hang out)… bringing it up to the surface… so you, your Conscious Self can access this wisdom and apply it to your life.

This is true for all Dark Blue crystals… but they all do it in slightly different ways… depending on their structure.

AzuriteDark Blue monoclinic… dives straight into the deep end, although it sometimes takes you so deep you are a little unsure of what the information you are receiving means.

Lapis LazulliDark Blue cubic… takes you deep down… perhaps less deep then Azurite… but it helps you organise and translate the information you are receiving, so that you can understand and apply it to your life.

And Dark Blue Tourmaline… a hexagonal Dark Blue crystalhow does it approach the information?

Well, a hexagonal crystal has a yellow vibe… it works in a yellow way… which is all about joy, optimism, and mental clarity… and is aligned with the Solar Plexus chakra.

So what I have found… Dark Blue Tourmaline is one of the best crystals out there to help you act on the inner guidance you receive… because it helps translate the deep information which you receive into actions which you can implement… it helps your Solar Plexus chakra take action on the guidance you receive.

Some wisdom from Anodea Judith… the Solar Plexus Chakra is really all about action… and you can say all the affirmations in the world… live in your Head 24/7, doing all manner of visualizations about your perfect life… but a point comes when you need to get up and take action out there in the physical world…

And for those times, I have found that Dark Blue Tourmaline is the perfect crystal companion to merge your inner vision with outer action… so that your vision empowers your actions… and your actions remain connected with your inner vision.

I have also found that Dark Blue Tourmaline is a great crystal to return to if you want to check to make sure you are heading in the right direction

This is a variation on a Sue & Simon Lilly crystal layout:

  • Clear Quartz point above head, pointing up
  • Dark Blue Tourmaline on Brow chakra
  • Smoky Quartz point, between and below the feet, pointing down

Set-up this layout… think of a particular course of action you are contemplating taking, ask your intuition if it is the right way forward for you… relax… and see what thoughts, feelings and insights start to arise from within… maybe while you are in the layout… or sometime later (timing is something you need to be relaxed about when you are dealing with your inner world… things arrive now… in a few minutes… a few hours later… or in 48 hours… that’s just the way it is. And it is certainly doesn’t work in the same way as order a product from Amazon, with next day delivery.)

And this need not be a course of action… but about any situation in your life…

I have found that… like cubic Lapis Lazulli… hexagonal Dark Blue Tourmaline is all about taking the insights and wisdom of your deeper mind… and turning them into practical ways forward which your Conscious mind can understand and act on.

(c) Brian Parsons, March 2017

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