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Red Crocoite is a monoclinic crystal. It has a hardness of 3 on the Moh scale.

The colour of Crocoite is bright red, but its monoclinic structure works in a violet way.

But what does that mean in practical terms?

Well, Crocoite is a crystal which hasn’t yet attracted much of a following among the crystal community.

This maybe because it is poisonous (it contains lead Chromate), and so people have to be careful when handling it… and so this may deter some.

It may also be because of it’s bright red color which some people find uncomfortable, too intense… which is correct… it is a very intense vibration… one that you cannot easily ignore.

But it also maybe because it is a red / violet crystal… which means its monoclinic structure ensures the red energy is focused / channeled much higher than just the physical body.

Crocoite is not a crystal to energize the physical body, instead it is a vibration to energize and empower our mind and higher mind. Crocoite can be used to empower our imagination, our dreams, our inner world.

And therein lies the problem with people accepting its energy.

Because most people walk around with their dreams permanently on hold, their life-purpose locked in the closet in case it gets in the way of the practical concerns of life (i.e. safe job, stable if boring relationship, sensible pension plan…) … for these people… Crocoite can be an uncomfortable energy to deal with…

Because it constantly reminds you of what should be… of what you came here to achieve in your one and only life…

It’s as if Crocoite sits on your shoulder, continually asking the question… “Are you totally happy with your life… are you 100% happy with the direction your life is taking…?

Which, for some people, can be an uncomfortable question they don’t want to think about… let alone answer.

But the strange thing is… once you do decide to do something about your one and only life… change direction… go for whatever makes you happy… then Crocoite can turn into one of your greatest allies.

It will help you tune into all the dynamic energy and enthusiasm you need to change direction.

OK, being practical here… a single mother with 4 kids can’t always afford to quit her sensible if boring job right now and go for what she really wants to do…

But… something I have found… even if, right now, it is not practical to go for X… if we stand back, we can definitely make steps towards Y and Z.

It is very, very rare for all our dreams to be blocked at the same time… even if we can only achieve movement in one small area of our life… that is still a start… and that is still empowering

And once you get the taste for empowerment… then it can get very addictive… and there really is no looking back.

So sometimes small steps in the right direction is better then one enormous leap into the unknown.

Crocoite is an excellent vibration / Audio Essence to use if you need to activate the upper chakras, Brow, Crown or Soma chakra (located halfway between Brow and Crown, on the upper brow ridge).

You probably don’t want to overdo this vibration, like we have said it holds a lot of dynamic red energy… but with a hardness of 3, it is actually quite soft and gentle. When used on these chakras it can sometimes create an ‘out-of-body’ like experience… which means you will need to give yourself the space / time to come back safely.

So a little bit of the Crocoite vibe maybe to get things unblocked and flowing probably… with an effective grounding layout / process to bring you back safely… (which is already built into the Audio Essence for you).

But through opening the upper centres, getting you out of your ‘body’ for a while, Crocoite can free up your consciousness to see things in a different way (which is how the psychedelic LSD was originally used in the early 60s, within the context of a grounded, structured therapy).

In the majority of crystal books, it is suggested that the Crocoite vibration can be used on the Sacral chakra, and that Crocoite is a crystal which helps people be at ease with their sexuality, and their creative power.

Personally, I believe there is some truth to this, however, not for the reasons most people would expect (if you were to just go by its color association).

Because Crocoite is monoclinic, the violet structure allows a person to pull back from their issues, their energy blocks, and when this is successfully accomplished, it is often found that the energy can flow in different ways. So Crocoite can help you to ‘rewire’ your Sacral chakra.

Note: On the physical level, all the poisonous crystals and minerals need to be handled carefully and with respect when used within a energy healing context. But what I have found, which is interesting… on a vibrational level… all of the poisonous crystals help us to navigate a situation which we may find difficult… or which our culture considers to be poisonous or no go for some reason… hence, treat them with respect… but don’t ignore them… there is some powerful healing to be gained from these type of crystals.

<Audio Essence for Crocoite coming later today, within next 10 hours>

(c) Brian Parsons October 2016

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