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There is a story which Dr. John Demartini tells about from his teenage years.

He decided to go travelling around the United States, with very little money in his pocket… and on his travels, from State to State, he met and was befriended by an old hobbo, an apparent down-and-out

Only this hobbo seemed to have a wealth of life experience… which he openly shared with his young companion.

And eventually, Demartini figured out that the hobbo was actually a multi-millionaire who had become so bored with his life, that he had decided to give it all up for 6 months, and go travelling alone, because he needed the thrill, the challenge… he needed to see if he still had what it takes, and if he could survive and thrive on his wits alone.

Now, you know that saying… “We’re not human beings having a spiritual experience… but spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Well, if you buy into that, then we are all basically multi-millionaires who have decided to live without our money for a period of time… just to see if we have what it takes.

Which means the Earth Plane, which we access via our human body, is the playground of “Do you have what it takes?

Which may be like some kind of Celestial Game Show… “Does your Soul have what it takes? Well, why not inhabit a body on Planet Earth for 70 or 80 years… put yourself to the test!

The only difference between ourselves and the multi-millionaire from Demartini’s story is that he still remembers that he has cash in the bank… while we choose to forget… we choose to forget that we are infinite and eternal… so that we can better play the game of being finite and limited.

For the Ancient Yogis this forgetting was a fog which descended at birth, clouding our mind… and to the mystical, Ancient Greeks… it happened when a Soul drunk waters from the River Styx before taking on a new life, and so temporarily forgetting their inner nature.

But we can always get too far stuck in the finite and limited end of the spectrum and need something to remind us that “Hey, remember, you’re not without resources… you have spiritual cash in the bank!

Sometimes we need to remember that we are indeed spiritual beings playing at being finite and limited.

And that is where Blue Richterite comes in.

Blue Richterite is a monoclinic crystal, with a hardness of 5 to 6 on the Moh scale.

In South Africa, it is often mined alongside Sugilite, which is why it is not uncommon to find whisps of Sugilite flowing through a Blue Richterite specimen.

And in the crystal literature, when Blue Richterite is discussed, it is  most often associated with a feeling of flying, or expansion.

Now, I was trained in the ICGT school of crystal therapy… and the aethos was that it’s best to teach people how to use the crystals which are easy to get hold of… rather then something which is rare and expensive.

OK, Blue Richterite is harder to get hold of, although it won’t break the bank… but fortunately, with the Internet, it’s a lot easier to get hold of, and all my 4 specimens came from the Internet.

But the thing is… for a relatively rare crystal… Blue Richterite comes up a lot… either for myself… and with other people… in healing sessions.

When a crystal comes up a lot… then it is also worth having in your crystal kit.

And when I consider the times when it did come up, and what happened… it’s almost as if Blue Richterite is reminding people that the issue they are dealing with… is only real because they have chosen to see it as real… it’s only a game that they have chosen to play in this lifetime.

Which may sound odd… and weird… and yes, some of the games which we have chosen to play on the Earth Plane are horrible and painful… but if you chose to perceive that we are indeed spiritual beings… then they are all just that… games.

And you can choose to continue to play the game… or opt out, for a different game on the other side of the playground… if you want.

And that’s what Blue Richterite is so good at doing… reminding us that we are not as limited or finite as we might believe… that we are much more then what we might think ourselves to be.

This is due to the combination of its rich blue color, and it’s monoclinic / purple structure… which seems to be able to remind an individual that… “Hey, remember, you are an infinite being that has chosen to play small for a bit… but this is always your choose.”

Blue Richterite does help us to fly… it helps us to expand… because it reminds us that we also have wings… and the healing with Blue Richterite comes from this remembrance.

And you know that other saying, “The Universe never gives us anything we can’t handle“.

Well, if this is true, and the Universe does indeed never give us anything we can’t handle… the killer is whether we believe we can handle it or not… if we don’t believe we can handle something, no matter the situation, we give up and refuse to try.

But with the help of Blue Richterite, you start to remember who you are… that you can indeed handle things… because you are a spiritual and unlimited being… and that you are not as alone or isolated as you might think… and you have huge amounts of spiritual capital in the celestial bank.

From my own experience… having a piece of Blue Richterite around (even if it has some Sugilite mixed in), is a great energy investment… well worth tracking down.

(c) Brian Parsons, February 2017

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