AE Aegirine… The “You’re Not a Victim” Stone!


If I had to put a simple description to Aegrine, I would call it the ultimate “Remember, you are NOT a victim” crystal.

Normally, if you pick up a Crystal Bible, and it has Aegrine listed… then it says that it is the ultimate psychic protection crystalcuts cords… banishes low vibe-entities… protects and seals the aura… the full psychic works.

… And when I first read that stuff… I was admittedly a little wary… because I had a feeling that a lot of the information had been channeled… Now, I have nothing against channeled material (honest)… but when it comes to psychic protection information… I prefer that the information has been put to some kind of test.

It’s a bit like a manufacturer of bullet-proof vests saying to a policemen… “OK, here’s one of our bullet-proof  vests to wear while you are on duty… To be honest, we don’t know if it will stop a bullet, we have never put it to the test… So if you are ever shot, and survive… could you email us, and let us know, so we can update our marketing material?

Fortunately… now… thanks to direct personal experience, I can support that Aegrine is a very good at the psychic protection stuff.

But in a way different to what you might think…

… and it can do a lot else besides (… so limiting it just to psychic protection is actually restricting the ways it can help people).

In fact, I would say that Aegrine is the ultimate anti-victim crystal.

To quote Marianne Williamson, I feel Aegrine helps people to remember that they are powerful beyond measure.

Once again… I will explain.

Aegrine is a monoclinic black crystal, with a hardness of 6 on the Moh scale.

So we have a black monoclinic vibe (mystery, protection, mastery, grounding)… but expressed in a purple way (imagination, inspiration, meditation, deeper states of consciousness).

Aegirine is a black purple crystal… which is quite unusual… and brings a whole different set of possibilities to the table… because it changes how you perceive yourself and a situation… and sometimes reclaiming your power is really to do with changing how you see a situation.

Here are a number of stories… a teaching story, one from a novel, and one from real-life…


An ancient Indian story… a man is walking a path at night, and sees a snake ahead… and turns and runs in fear.

The next morning, walking along the same path, he realizes the snake was really just a coiled piece of rope, which someone had dropped on the path… and at night he hadn’t seen the rope clearly, and so had mistook it for a snake… and reacted accordingly.

Sometimes, fear and being trapped is about our seeing what is not… and you don’t really need psychic protection from something which was all in your mind (or do you?)


At the end of his novel Weaveworld, the fantasy author Clive Baker writes about a God-like creature that has been trapped on Earth for millions of years, and has long lost its mind and forgotten its divine nature, and so is rampaging across the planet… destroying…

Until it meets a man with a magical coat…

And looking into the velvet inner lining of this magic coat, allows anyone to see their true desire / nature.

So when the Divine Being looks into the lining of the coat it suddenly remembers who it is, its true divine nature… and so departs the Earth for the Universe beyond… and the planet is saved.

Sometimes, healing is about seeing what is… and who you are… sometimes healing is all about simply remembering…


The spiritual master David R Hawkins, after his enlightenment had settled in, acquired quite a reputation for healing people with mental illness. He was also a trained psychiatrist, which helps… but he had the reputation of curing people who other psychiatrists said were incurable, and given up on.

But the way he described what occurred… he was just helping them cure themselves… through an act of inner remembering.

They would come in… he would look at them… he would see them as they really were… divine beings who had come to earth to play at being limited, with a mental condition… and from that act of true seeing, of being seen, they would suddenly remember who they were… let go of the mental limitation… and decide to play a different game.

Sometimes, transformation is also about remembering who we really are…

In fact, from this, he came up with an affirmation to help people step out of their limitations:

“I cancel any belief in <limiting situation>. I’m subject only to that which I hold in mind. I am an infinite being, and in truth I am not subject to that. And that is a fact.”

So putting all that altogether…

The reason why I think that Aegrine is such a great psychic protection crystal is that being a black monoclinic crystal it helps us to see and remember who we are… and in so doing, we let go of the victimhood… the self-limitation… and we regain our ability to help ourselves, and protect ourselves on an energy-level.

But, like I said, Aegrine can do more then just psychic protection.

Two decades ago, I used to know a lady who had had a severe allergic reaction to her new carpet (a certain chemical in the wool)… and it seriously impacted her health for 3 years… after which she slowly started to get better after seeing a good complementary therapist…

… And one day, after she was well on her path back to health… I met her, and was about to politely ask “How are you feeling… how is the allergy?” … only I suddenly stopped myself… realizing that by asking that question I was only keeping her stuck in the role of victim.

So I asked instead… “I suppose you must get tired of people seeing you as a victim, and just asking about the illness… after all, it’s been almost 5 years… and your energy levels are so much improved.”

And she replied… “You have no idea… people just see me in terms of the illness… and I would like to put the whole thing behind me… but people keep bringing it up, so that I keep thinking of it, returning to it in my mind. I just want to forget it and move on.”

Sometimes, we are stuck not just by how we see ourselves… but how other people see us… and so need to have a strong inner vision to resist other people’s projections (i.e. their visions of how they see us)…

… and Aegrine can help us achieve that.

It’s a great crystal for all those “Mum, I am not a child anymore…” or… “The boss doesn’t think I am capable… but I know I can.

Where other people’s inner vision of us can cause us to question ourselves, and frustrates our ability to move on and transform.

It can help us strengthen our inner vision, so we remain true to who we are… and so we can go on to prove ourselves, to become someone new.

It can gently take us to a place within where we are true to ourselves, and other people’s limiting visions of us do not touch our mental space… we are no longer trapped by them.

So what I would say is that Aegrine teaches people that they don’t have to be a victim, to remember that they are powerful beyond measure… and that they don’t have to put up with other people’s games or shit…

(c) Brian Parsons, February 2017

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