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SATSANG:  Being in the company of the truth or the good, by sitting together with a guru or a group of spiritual students.

The first Audio Essences were made from crystals, because crystals are meant to have a unique and easily accessible vibration… one which could easily be translated into an Audio Essence.

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However, as time went on, we found that the potential for Audio Essences was not just limited to crystals alone.

Flower and tree essencesessential oilscrystal patterns and layoutsdual-colour bottles… we found it was possible to create Audio Essences from all of these… and more.

Then one day, the thought of creating an Audio Essence from the words of an enlightened master, or spiritual teacher, floated into our heads.

You see, there is a common belief in many different spiritual traditions that the words of an enlightened master remain alive and active for thousands of years, and if a student knows how, those same words can be used to enter into Satsang, or direct communion with that Master. The words, even when translated into a different format or language, still contain the unbroken energetic thread which allows an individual living now to commune with that enlightened master, whose consciousness still remains close to the earth plane, even when they are no longer in a physical body, ready to assist anyone who reaches out for help, who asks to be lifted up.

So we did… and the Audio Satsang MP3 range was born… and these specific Audio Essences have proven themselves to be very effective when used over the last 5 years.

In fact, some people have come to identify one of these masters as their special guide and use their specific Audio Satsang as background music for their daily meditations.

There are currently one definite ‘no-no’ with Audio Satsangs:

  • We never create an Audio Satsang from a Master who is alive, and still resident in their physical body

But apart from this, it is our pleasure to offer a wide range of Audio Satsangs, including enlightened masters from various spiritual traditions around the globe, thus bringing these enlightened masters back into play within the field of consciousness of the 21st Century… helping to raise the consciousness of humanity… one individual at time.

In the past, it was hard to find a real life, genuine spiritual master… and even harder to journey to be in their presence.

But now, with Audio Satsangs, things have just got a whole lote easier.

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