In this post… the Crystal Antidote for Abandonment

Which is… a) an interesting one… and b) a BIG one for many people…

Interesting, because I initially thought that it would be for the Base Chakra… but having worked with it for a while now… it’s for the Base Chakra + Sacral Chakra

So it’s both the sense of physical abandonment + the feeling of being abandoned

And as kids we’re all touched by abandonment to some degree… Mum is 30 mins late picking us up from little school… but when you are 4, in your head you blow it up out of all proportion… and you assume that she is NEVER going to come to get you…

But the feeling of abandonment can grow to epic size when your primary caregiver isn’t coming back for some reason… or you start to assume that the Universe itself has abandoned you

And it can be very hard to start trusting again…

Because as Einstein once said… the most important question each person is faced with… Is the Universe a loving and caring place?

Well, if you have a big chunk of Abandonment lodged in your aura somewhere, even if you are largely Unconscious to it, then the answer tends to be No… and that No sends distorting ripples through different areas of your life…

It’s no accident that Abandonment is one of the foundations in Attachment Theory for Relationships…

If our Universe is all about Unconditional Love + connections… because we’re all connected on the higher levels… then Abandonment is really about having those connections ripped out… or cut off in someway… so we lose that natural connection…. to other people and the Universe beyond…

And remember, we get 99% of our nurturing + other needs through other people… so if other people can’t be trusted…

Yep, that hurtsbig hole of nothingemptinesshunger

And when you are little, it’s only natural to assume that it is your fault… which leads down the path to Guilt and ShameSelf-Blame… you did something which caused you to be abandoned… (Not true, but that’s the stories little kids often tell themselves as a way of surviving the bad times… especially when they can’t comprehend a complex situation) which are often tied in with Abandonment issues.

When you feel Abandoned, then another step is to assume that you are not worthy… and so you are not going to get the life you want or desire… the Universe just isn’t prepared to give it to you.

Or you go completely the other way, become very desperate, maybe even aggressive, for those things / people / situations which you believe will fill the black hole.

So Abandonment is one of those areas which is largely unconscious to us, especially to our social / cultural eye, but has a huge effect on the course of an individual life…

So the Crystal Antidote is… Dark Blue Tourmaline + Rose Quartz + Carnelian

Please pass on with anyone who you think may benefit.


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One thought on “Abandonment

  • February 25, 2018 at 2:55 pm

    If i do not have dark blue tourmaline. What can i use as a substitute? Will dark green tourmaline do?

  • February 25, 2018 at 3:19 pm

    No, sorry, has to be Dark Blue Tourmaline… this one is quite specific.

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