9 – Blue Cubic Crystals


Earlier, when we were exploring Yellow Cubic Crystals, we introduced the concept of defragging.

And we mentioned that the Wikipedia definition of defragmentation is:

In the maintenance of file systems, defragramentation is a process that reduces the amount of fragmentation. It does this by physically organizing the contents of the mass storage device used to store files into the smallest number of contiguous regions (fragments).

So that in terms of a computer… defragmentation is needed because:

A file or document is not stored in one central area on a computer hard disk… but is broken up into separate data chunks, and stored in many different areas on the memory storage… and the computer makes a note of what is stored where… so the document can be re-combined when needed.

So when you are reading your Word document… having just opened it from the hard disk… the computer will have brought it back from several different locations… and put the document back together again.

Such this process helps to maximize data storage… maximizes the use of the hard-drive… because it is using up all available memory space. That’s the benefit… that’s why software engineers build computers to work in that way.

But there is an interesting difference here… because there are two elements to consider…

The data being stored… and the memory storage device itself… which the data sits upon.

Or put another way… the informationand the space within which the information is held.

And the same thing is true with Humans

Because within us… there are thoughts… the contents of our Mind… and the Mental Space itself… within which those thoughts float about… bumping into each other… making mental connections

Bit like how fish swim about within the Ocean.

And if Yellow Cubic crystals are concerned with thinking, the actual thoughts themselves… the Blue Cubic crystals are concerned with the other side of the equation… with the Mental Space itself… within which our thoughts float and bump about.

But we Humans do so tend to overlook all this when we are considering our own Mind.

We tend to put more emphasis on thoughts… we identify more with our thoughts… then we do with the Inner Mental Space within which those thoughts swim and move.

That’s how our entire culture is geared… towards thinking and doing… towards thought and activity… so much so that Being and sitting silently, letting the grass grow by itself hardly gets a look in.

We so very often forget… we are both… we are both the thoughts and the Mental Space

Or we are neither… we are Consciousness itself… aware of, and yet beyond, both.

And both sides are true… from a certain perspective.

But in terms of being successful, down here… on the Earth plane… we need a Mental Space which is large enough to accommodate all the thoughts we want to think… when we want to think them… with enough inner space left over for us to breath within… have space to spare so that we don’t feel trapped by our thinking… that we can also feel free inside our own Heads.

Interestingly… it’s a bit like beekeeping.

Odd analogy, I know… but stay with me here.

A wild Queen Bee takes up residence inside a tree hollow… a natural hive-space… and starts to give birth to her worker sisters… and the colony starts to grow and expand…

Until a point is reached when there are too many members for the size of the hive-space… the hollow in the tree… at which point the colony vacates their old residence, in search of a new and bigger home… a new and larger tree-stump or hollow.

Now, imagine for a moment, that the inside of our Mental Space is like the inside of the tree hollow… and the bees… they are our thoughts

And everything is fine while there is room inside our Head for our thoughts to expand… without us feeling trapped and claustrophobic inside our own Head.

But if our thinking gets too much… out of hand… too much for the current size of our Mental Space.

If there isn’t enough space inside our Head for all the thoughts we are trying to think… which our Brain is trying to process.

What happens?

Well, our thoughts can’t leave… they can’t migrate to find a larger Head… like the bees can… they have to stay put… and keep buzzing around in a steadily shrinking space… getting more agitated and frustrated.

That’s what happens inside our Mind when too many thoughts are crowded in, and the Mental Space starts to fill up, starts to shrink… and can’t expand… we experience internal anxiety and frustration… but if we keep looking without for the thing which is making us anxious… then we will never be able to get to the root of the problem… because it lies within us.

And try to think your way to a solution doesn’t help… because it’s thinking that is causing the problem in the first place.

Or at least… the wrong kind of thinking.

So… there are only two options available.

Either we start the process of reducing our thoughts… or the influence of our thoughts… that’s Option 1.

And Option 2… is that we find a way to make the inside of our Mental Spacebiggerlargerexpand the virtual Mental Space within our Heads… so that our thoughts have more space to buzz around… and we can re-connect to a sense of inner freedom.

Now, there are several ways to do this… meditation is one…

But there is another way… learning to structure and organize our thoughts better, in a more organized way… (i.e. defragging our mental hard-drive to increase the available space… and organize the data more efficiently).

Which brings us to the suitcase analogy.

When packing a suitcase, you can get more stuff in the suitcase when you organized with your packing… and less stuff in the suitcase if you are disorganized, and just try to impatiently cram stuff in… anyway way you can.

And… oddly… the same is true inside our Mental Space… where organized thinking takes up less inner space… leaving more space to experience the inner space and freedom… while disorganized thinking is chaotic… takes up far too much room… and leads to a sense of inner claustrophobia.

So if only we could find a crystal which will help us organize our thinking in relation to the Mental Space it occupies… so that it is tidy and takes up less room?

Wait a minute…


Blue Fluorite

There is such a crystal… it’s called Blue Fluorite… and it is Blue Cubic.

Question… When you look up at the sky… what do you see… what do you focus on?

The clouds… floating across the sky?

And are those clouds fluffy and white… or are they grey, dark, and ominous?

Or do you see the Blue Sky itself… the true and rich Blueness which exists behind and beyond all clouds… whatever their color and shape?

As a question… it’s a bit like one of those mental puzzle diagrams… like the one to the right.

What do you see?

Is this an image of an old woman… or a young woman?

Actually both.. your Brain can see both… but not at the same time.

So your Brain has to switch between both.. re-focus… if it wants to see the young woman… and then re-focus again… if it wants to see the old woman.

Same with our Mind really… and it’s relationship to the thoughts which float through our Blue Mental Sky… and to the Blue Sky itself.

We can focus on the thoughts… on the Blue Mental Skybut not at the same time… and this is an important point to realize.


We are so conditioned to focus on the fluffy thought clouds… or the dark and ominous thought clouds (if we are of a more pessimistic persuasion)… that we never give a second glance to the Blue Space beyond… the Blue Space within which our positive and negative thoughts float.

But the thing is… when Mystics and Meditators talk about having experienced the peace of the Mind… the peace which exists within and beyond the Mind

Where do you think this peace comes from?

From some peaceful thought… or some harmonious belief… which the Mystic sits, in a lotus position, gazing at for hours on end?


It comes from the Mental Space itself… from the Mental Blue Sky within…

This peaceful feeling and vibration arises from the actual Mind Space itself… and not from any specific thought… no matter how beautiful that thought may be… (although thoughts can be in resonance with the peace… they cannot create it… they are not the source of the peace).

That’s why one of the most famous Tantric mediations throughout the Ages… has been to gently gaze up and into a Blue and cloudless sky… because it helps you to resonate with the Blueness of your own inner skybeyond all thought and belief.

Your true Inner Nature.

As a Zen Master once said… ugly thoughts, beautiful thoughts… it’s all still thinking… and all thinking limits you to a certain low level of the Mind… and means you can’t go higher into your own Being… and experience the peace, the freedom, the Blueness.

And having to think all the time… that’s is what really tires you out…

And if you are addicted to only thinking negative and limiting thoughts

That’s one definition of a living Hell on Earth.

Which brings us, thankfully, to Blue Fluorite… because it is the Blue Cubic crystal which helps us to gently detach from our addiction to thought… to thinking… and helps to us to see… beyond… to the Blueness of the Mind Space itself.

What’s that color… peeking through… between all my thoughts… looks like some peaceful kind of Blue? Just looking at it… seems to calm me down… makes me feel freer… helps me to relax… helps me… to feel at peace.”

That’s what Blue Fluorite can do.

Well, all Blue crystals do that to some extent.

But Blue Fluorite, because of its cubic nature, is the best at organizing our energy, our mental processing, so that we can better experience the shift from thoughts and thinking… to looking at the peaceful Blueness itself.

Sitting back… relaxing… and letting the grass grow by itself… because you don’t need to think or do anything… everything is so peaceful and perfect as it is… so beautiful.

OK… not saying that all our problems just magically vanish… but not having to think about them constantly… that can often make all the difference… once you can detach… relax… that’s when your Mind can start the process of engaging with new thinkingnew thoughtsnew possibilities

Often, as many Meditators have found… moving to energy spaces beyond thinking can lead to the very answers we seek… allows our Mind to re-tune to new vibrations and frequenciesnew possibilities… and then our thoughts and thinking align to all that… and solutions can appear.

A paradox… but true nonetheless.

So now… a crystal layout…

The Crystal Layout for Mental Expansion & Tranquility… which uses:

  • 1 Lapis Lazullin on the Brow Chakra
  • 1 Blue Fluorite on the Throat Chakra
  • 6 Clear Quartz points, all around the physical body, in a Seal of Solomon formation, with the points all out

This layout is one of my favorites… especially when we need to switch off our thinking for a time… especially when our thinking is stuck on auto-repeatand the same old thoughts are continually looping around in our Head.

The Lapis Lazulli and Blue Fluorite… both Cubic crystals… help to cool and calm our Mind… and helps to shift our gestalt from our thoughts… to the Mental Space itself… which helps to relax us… letting go of any external stress.

This is one crystal layout I would seriously advise Crystal Hearts to have in their energy toolkit… because we all need to tame and calm our Mind at some point in our life.

And as the Mystic Osho once said… the trick isn’t to destroy our Mind… which what some people eventually end up doing if they go down the drug route (illegal or legal).

It is far too valuable, and while alive on the Earth plane, we need our Mind to help us best navigate and survive…

Right now, there are probably a billion plus Souls, all hovering over the planet, waiting for their chance to incarnate… all because they want to experience having a Mind… so it’s a valuable opportunity, not to be wasted.

No… the real and important trick is to learn how to move beyond the Mind… when it feels right to do so.

Our Mind isn’t the enemy… we need to just learn how to use it better and more efficiently… in a more organized way.

So according to Oshowe need to learn how to use the Mind to go beyond the Mind.

And when we can do that… it also helps us out with a lot of our Earth plane issues too.

Because learning to put some distance… some space… between us and our thoughts… it’s a truly magical thing.

(c) Brian Parsons, May 2018

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