8 – Green Cubic Crystals


Green Cubic crystals express the Green Vibration in a structured, coherent, and practical way.

The color Green relates to balance in different areas (left / right, up / down, inner / outer, male / female), and so we need Green to help us effectively walk the tightrope of life… with grace and ease… it is also associated with prosperity, abundance, but above all… expansion… as well as the strength to be different, the strength to follow our individual path… even if that means being an outsider, free-thinker, odd-ball, black sheep, or maverick.

Cubic crystals help us to find coherence and structure in all these Green areas.

But if we had to find and use one single keyword for Green it would have to be… Expansion.

Because, fundamentally, our Universe is all about Expansion.

It’s what the Universe has been doing ever since the Big Bang… every second, for the last 15 billion years… it’s been all about…


And if you want to fit in with the Universe… if you want to be moving in the same direction… basically… you need to expand in your life.

You need to live a life of expansion.

Expanding our energy… expanding our emotions… expanding our Mind… expanding our Vision.

And that helps to fulfill our individual life-purpose… our Dharma for this lifetime… because there we also need to be following a path of Expansion.

Because we can’t live an authentic life through following the path of contraction.

The only place in the Universe where things are contractinga Black Hole… and you know how you feel when you stand next to one of those at a social gathering?

And how many people wake up one day and discover that they married… a Black Hole!

So it all fits together… expansion and life-purpose… that is the weave of a successful life.

Because according to Astrophysicists we live in a Universe which is constantly expanding… and according to the Spiritual Teachers, this expansion is also to be felt on all levels of our Being.

And according to the spiritual writer Alan Searle, there is only Expansion / Love, or Contraction / Fear… we are either expanding or contracting… one or the other.

And according (last according for now) to David R Hawkins, and his book Power ve. Force, emotional states below the Level of 200 on his Map of Consciousness (ShameGuiltApathyGriefFearFake DesireAnger, and Fake Pride) all lead to a contraction of energy… while all states above Level 200 (CourageNeutralityWillingnessAcceptanceReasonLoveUnconditional LoveJoyPeace etc) create an expansion of core energy.

But here is the important thing.

If we experience a low vibration emotion like Anxiety or Fear, this will automatically pull us down into Contraction Mode

… but if this is the case… then the opposite most also be true

… If we can switch our energy field into Expansion Mode, this will automatically pull us up and out of all those low vibes, and into… yes, you have guessed it… into the higher emotional states.

In the higher levels of our Being.

Where the Sun doth shine… and beauty and unconditional love exists.

So all the Green Cubic crystals are important… because they are a combination of expansion and organization

Or expansion and structure

You could say that they are either…

They help us to expand in an organized and structure way…


They help to remove blocks and disorganized energy which would prevent our energy from expanding…



Plus… if you consider the Second key quality of GreenBalance… then they go together… best kind of Expansion needs Balance… and vice versa.

And once again, to find the most common and available Green Cubic crystals, we are re-visiting two of our Crystal Cubic Families



Green Fluorite

If Fluorite is a Crystal Family which is associated with the Mind and Mental Body

And Green is the color for Expansion

Then Green Fluorite is all about expanding our Mind in some way.

But what does that mean exactly?

Well, to understand what it means… we need to differentiate between our thoughts… and the Mental Space in which thoughts reside.

But the odd thing about Humans… we are so focused on our thoughts… that we give little or no attention to the Inner Space which they flit around in.

A bit like looking totally at the furniture in a room… and giving no attention to the size of the room itself.

In fact… we are so focused on our thoughts… that it is thinking which defines whether our Mind is big or smallroomy or claustrophobic.

But the other thing that is important here is… resonance.

Whether our inner thoughts are a best fit for the world we live in… are in resonance with our external life…

Or whether they are out-dated… and totally wrong… and so need to be updated.

Basically, that is what Mental Expansion is all about.

Not expanding the thought itself… but changing the thought, if needed, to allow us to expand our Mind… or the Mental Space of our Mind.

And when our Mind expands… so does the rest of our life.

Because our Mental Space cannot expand until we change / raise the vibration of our thoughts which it holds… the two sides are linked… strange but true.

So… as our life expands… as we expand beyond our Mental Comfort Zone… we also need to expand our thoughts and beliefs… sorry… change them… so that we can continue to expand.

Not all of them… but as we go through life… we definitely need to upgrade a sizable amount of our thoughts and beliefs…. so that we are in best-fit with our external life.

Like I have said before, you don’t make it to 50 years old, and having lived a successful life, through clinging on to exactly the same thoughts and beliefs as filled your 4 year old Brain…

Would a belief in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy really help someone when they were a teenager… in their twenties… or older?

No… as we age and mature… some thoughts and beliefs need to fall away and be replaced with ones which are a better fit.

And we need to expand our Mindboth the space within… and it’s contents

And Green Fluorite is one of the best crystals to support this… to create this expansive mental shift.

Green Fluorite generates a vibration which expands our Mind Space… and through continual use… those thoughts which can’t match this expansion… which are contractive thoughts… start to fall away… and are replaced by thoughts which are more positive, empowering, and a much better fit for the expansive energy.

A simple crystal layout you may want to try…

  • 1 Clear Quartz point above the head, pointing upwards
  • 1 Lapis Lazulli on the Brow Chakra
  • 1 Green Fluorite on the Solar Plexus Chakra
  • 1 Smoky Quartz point between the feet, pointing down

The Green Fluorite on the Solar Plexus Chakra… which can be either an actual crystal or a tumble stone… helps our Mind to expandgently… and steadily… and the Lapis Lazulli on the Brow Chakra helps the rest of our Mind be OK with that expansion.

And after a session with this crystal layout, be open to any new thoughts or ideas which appear… which surface in your Mental Space… be open to any new ways of thinking about your life and situation… because some of these new ideas… which are coming out of the new expansive energy you are tuning into… may be worthwhile pursuing.

Now… that doesn’t mean you should action any and all new ideas which pop into your Mind… you do need to evaluate them… see if they make sense… if they are practical… if they are feasible

But after doing all that… one or two of those new ideas which made it through the evaluation process… may indeed be practical, feasible… may even make sense

And may lead you on to the next, exciting and more expanded stage of your life…

And all because you were open to a more expanded energy within.

Note: Word of caution here… the more emotionally charged the thought… the more a thought is linked to emotions like Fear and Anxiety… the harder it is Green Fluorite itself to shift the limiting thought on its own…  which is why including a Orange Garnet (Spessartite / Hessonite) on the Sacral Chakra can be a very supportive thing to do, and helps to speed up the release process… on the Emotional level as well as the Mental.


Green Garnet (aka Green Grossular Garnet)

Note: There are several types of Green Garnet… this section focuses on the most readily available… but the information can be applied to all the other forms and types.

If Red Garnet is connected with courage… as it is expressed in the external world…

Then Green Grossular Garnet is a crystal which gives us the inner courage to be ourselvesto be differentto be uniqueto stand out from the crowdeven within our own family… if that is what is required to really be ourselves… to live our life true to our own Heart.

OK… so you are already different… different on the outside… we all are… but more importantly, this is about being different on the inside

So… for those who are different on the inside… from those around them… and who feel it…

You think differently… you are attracted to different things… different music perhaps… or different clothes… different stuffdifferent beliefs and ideas… then the people around you… many of whom you are probably blood-related too…

But the problem is… you are also a Human Being… and over the last 3 million years… our Brains have been conditioned by Human Evolution to accept the following:

You have to fit in with your tribe to survive.

Yep, that’s what is programmed into our DNA… that we need to be part of a Group to survive… because the Group will protect us… and going it alone is… dangerous.

Which is 100% true, when you are a Proto-Human, struggling out on the plains of the Serengeti, 3 million years ago…

Your best and only chance of survival did come through living within a Group… a protective Tribe… with other Proto-Humansyour family… your close relatives… your pack

So, because of Evolution, there is a strong voice within each of us, saying… you need to stay within your Group… and it is dangerous to leaveeven more dangerous if the Group kicks you out… so don’t upset themdon’t go it alone.

You won’t survive on your own.

But then…

From a totally different perspective… when we look at Human Civilization… especially over the last couple of thousand years… the breakthroughs come when an individualgoes out on a limb and thinks… and says

Why don’t we try holding the meat over the fire… see if it tastes any better?

OR: Do you think all those lights in the sky are maybe other Suns, with other planets around them?

OR: Maybe that mold at the bottom of the petrie dish might help to fight bacteria related diseases?

Our civilization would not exist… if it were not for individuals going out on a limb, and thinking outside of the tribal box… thinking in a way no family member has ever thought before…

And when those moments happen… there is also a clash… an inner struggle…

Between the need to be an individual… and the need to fit in with the tribe.

Because the individual knows, inside, that there will be members of their tribe who are not going to like this new way of thinking / seeing… and who may be actively hostile.

And unfortunately, many people get crushed inside when that happens… because so much power resides with the tribe… their family… with the powers that be…

That it is often hard for the individual to continue… to fight against the social force from outside… which is also eating them alive within

Pressing down… oppressing them… telling them that they can’t… or they shouldn’t

Or most important of all…

Telling them that they should not follow their own path… and expand

They should instead follow someone else’s pre-arranged path… and accept a life of contraction

That’s when you need a counter-force… to help you to stand up and out for yourself…

And that’s what Green Garnet provides… the inner courage to keep expanding

The courage to be yourself… the courage to become who you want and need to be…

Green Garnet does indeed provide us with courage… but it is less about doing something… which is Red Garnet’s area of focus…

It is much more about the courage to be ourselves… which then leads into the going out and doing stuff

So Green Garnet is about the courage to accept ourselves… the courage to be ourselves… the courage to express ourselves

Which is really core to everything you do in life… the courage to be and accept who you really are within.

A simple crystal layout you may want to try…

  • 1 Clear Quartz point above the head, pointing upwards
  • 1 Lapis Lazulli on the Brow Chakra
  • 1 Green Garnet on the Solar Plexus Chakra
  • 1 Smoky Quartz point between the feet, pointing down

This layout is very useful when you need to…

  • Expand… but still stay focused
  • Expand… but still stay motivated
  • Expand… but still stay on track
  • Expand… but still stay determined

One of the problems, when dealing with people who are trying to knock us off track… is how to deal with them, without also falling down to their level.

And 99.9% of the time… their level is one of contraction and stagnation… which is why they don’t like encountering people who are different and expansive… and worst still… happy.

The other problem… falling down to their level through just giving ingiving up on our dreams and hopesstagnating along with those around us… accepting that our life will be small and meaningless.

So the trick is… to find a way to stay on track… keep expanding… but not give in… stay focused and determined

And that’s what Green Garnet provides… and that’s what this layout is able to do for us.

It supports our Solar Plexus Chakra to stay with expansion, so we continue to feel good about ourselves, and what we want to achieve… while also toughening up… so we can deal more effectively with those around us… especially the negative people… the people who don’t want us to succeed, for whatever reason… who don’t want to see us go down the road less traveled.

Variation: If you are also an Empath… who has a hard time dealing with other people and their energies… and living your own life… in addition to the above layout… also place a Green Apophyllite on the Heart Chakra. This will have the effect of helping your Heart Chakra to keep expanding… stabilizing and solidifying your inner expansion… no matter what your external situation / conditions are like.

And… to boost the stability even further… you may want to experiment with placing an Orange Garnet (Spessartite or Hessonaite) on the Sacral Chakra too… to deepen and solidify your inner experience…

Note: The great thing about this simple layout… you can use any Green Garnet for it to work… it doesn’t have to be Green Grossular Garnet.

(c) Brian Parsons, May 2018.

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