7 – Yellow Cubic Crystals


Yellow Cubic crystals express the Yellow Vibration in a structuredcoherent, and practical way.

The color Yellow radiates a joyful and uplifting energy… supports mental activity… is the antidote to worry, anxiety and fear… it is an energy needed to keep our Mind alert and functioning… and to sustain our curiosity, optimism, and laser-like mental focus.

Yellow Cubic crystals help us to find coherence and structure in all these Yellow areas.

But to explain more about the How

Question… Have you ever defragged a computer hard-drive?

Do you even know why you should defrag your computer hard-drive from time to time?

Well… the Wikipedia definition of defragmentation is:

In the maintenance of file systems, defragramentation is a process that reduces the amount of fragmentation. It does this by physically organizing the contents of the mass storage device used to store files into the smallest number of contiguous regions (fragments).

You see… computers don’t always work in the way we think they do… or believe they should.

And memory storage is one such area… where it is designed to work in a way which doesn’t always follow our normal common sense.

Let me explain…

The way a computer memory would work… if it was designed by your every-day man in the street… i.e. me:

Like a library book shelf… where you stack up book after book… until there is no room left on the shelf… and you  then start stacking more books on a different shelf… book after book… until every shelf is full… and you also have arranged each book in some kind of ordering system, so in future you can easily find the one you want… maybe all the History books are stored together… and all the Science books are next to each other… and the Geography books… 

But that’s not how a computer memory works… no… it’s designed to work in a totally different way, more like:

OK, you stack up the books on the shelves… but if you come to a book which can’t fit in the remaining space… you tear out enough pages from the book so that these torn pages will fill that space… and the remaining pages you fit into a spare space on a different shelf… and any left over pages maybe on a third shelf… so the book is stored on 3 or more different shelves, in different locations… and you also make a note of which shelves contain which loose pages of the book.

Believe it or not… that’s how a computer memory actually works.

A file or document is not stored in one central area on the hard disk, as you might expect… but is broken up into separate data chunks, and stored in many different areas on the memory storage… and the computer makes a note of what is stored where… so the document can be re-combined when needed.

So when you are reading your Word document… having just opened it from the hard disk… the computer will have brought it back from several different locations… and put the document back together again.

Yep… initially, such a process makes little sense… until you realize that it does help to maximize data storage… maximizes the use of the hard-drive… because it is using up all available memory space.

The equivalent of stuffing separate pages into every available space on the book shelves.

That’s the benefit… that’s why software engineers build computers to work in that way.

But there is a also big drawback to this approach.

The more documents and files are broken up… and stored in multiple locations… all across the computer hard-drive… the longer it takes to re-combine them when needed… because the more processing time and energy is required… and the less efficient the computer becomes overall.

This is where defragging comes in… because it is the process of getting the computer to analyse its own data storage, and work out if the data fragments could be stored in a different way… in a more efficient way… thus speeding up the file processing.

So when you stand back and look at it… it’s all about organizationit’s all about organizing the data in a way that makes it easy to retrieve and re-assemble the needed information… so the User can understand.

And the funny thing is… our Brains work in a similar way too.

Because, as we go about our day-to-day life, we are constantly drawing upon different areas of our Brain, pulling in data stored in different locations.

Honest, think about it… and even as you do so… your Brain is pulling in information stored in multiple locations… to combine and connect up… and allow you to… think about it.

And now… think about it some more…

About going to the kitchen, and cooking yourself a meal.

When you think about doing it… seems a simple enough process… something you do all the time.

But so many different parts of your Brain are involved in performing this simple act…

Walking to the kitchen… opening the different cabinets… remembering where everything is stored… getting and arranging all the ingredients… remembering the recipe… reading any instructions… mixing the ingredients in the right way… calculating the time needed for cooking… keeping your eye on the time, so the meal doesn’t burn… and then finally, eating it.

Everything from motor skills, to memory all the way through to linguistic skills

Which means lots of neurons in different parts of the Brain all need to engage and fire correctly… to bring back the right information, at the right time… and all that activity has to connect up… for you to be able to cook your meal… and eat it.

And if someone is talking to you while you are doing all the above… even more Brain activitymulti-tasking!

And that’s only one small part of your day.

The same thing is going on all during your day… even while you sleep… different parts of the Brain activating and sharing the store of information… combiningre-combining… to allow you to navigate through your day and your life… as well as your night and your dreams.

OK… you know when you can’t remember something… that’s because your Brain can’t establish the right connections to all the necessary information… or… can’t re-assemble the information in a way that will make sense to the Conscious Self.

So when we say that Yellow Cubic is to do with the Mind, we need to broaden our understanding of what our Mind actually does.

It’s not just a case of thinkingbut realizing what thinking is all about.

It’s about connections and organization… about storing, accessing and combining… with ease and efficiency

And the one Cubic Yellow Crystal which screams all that is…


Yellow Fluorite

We often compare the Brain and the Mind to a computer

… But there is one area where the Human Mind is most definitely not like a computer… in the fact that we Humans are self-aware.

When the hard-drive of a computer starts to malfunction… it doesn’t get frustrated… it doesn’t panic… it doesn’t assume it is about to be scrapped for a newer model.

But Humans, who are self-aware, and are therefore also aware of theirr Minds when they are working well… and when they are not… can react emotionally and mentally to the state of their own Minds… something which a computer cannot currently do.

For the final years of my Father’s life, he struggled on as Parkinsons slowly took over his Brain… slowly robbing him of his mobility… his clarity of thought… his ability to speak… and finally his ability to eat, drink and swallow

But during this period, he was still in thereconscious of what was happening to him… right up to his last day on Earth… his Mind and Consciousness was intact… and so he was experiencing this steady descent… in a way that a computer cannot… because it is not conscious of its own situation.

And also… another big difference…

A computer doesn’t make any judgement about the code and software it is asked to run through its hardware.

But Humans… we are making judgments about the thoughts and beliefs in our Head all the time…

If only I didn’t have that negative and limiting thought in my Head… my life would be perfect… I am so frustrated… I am a total failure!

Humans can think… and think about thinking… and so also get frustrated about their thinking… or their inability to think… or their thinking in the wrong way and inability to change their thinking.

Their inability to remember where they put the car keys… or when they forget the name of someone they meet in the street from their school days… or when their Mind keeps sabotaging their life and dreams… for some unknown reason.

This can all trigger an emotional reaction… and a mental reaction… to specific kinds of thinking.

Literally, thinking about thinking.

That’s another of the huge differences between the Human Mind and Computers.

And one of the things which people get frustrated about the most is their Minds apparent inability to think, and make the mental connections needed to think… or think in the way that is most needed.

Which is exactly where Yellow Fluorite can help… comes into its own within the Mineral Kingdom.

As Yellow Cubic, it is probably the best crystal for helping us organize our thinking… to help us make better mental connections... and the Yellow also provides us with extra, much needed mental energy and stimulus.

Yellow is the Color Kingdoms equivalent of vitamins and natural steroids for our Mind.

So Yellow Fluorite is probably one of the best study crystals around… for learning and remembering… although as we have seen above, it can be used for far more.

Because it is very useful crystal vibration to use day-to-day, because everyone alive today is under a 24/7 information overload from the mass of information pouring towards us from the Internet and other forms of Mass Media.

We need a lot of Yellow vibration to process all this information.

Even working in an office isn’t the same as it was in the 1950s… the ability to work I.T. … and so be pressured by I.T. … is essential in the 21st Century… (although when the machines and robots start taking people’s jobs… that’s when the real stress and anxiety is going to bite).

So there is huge load of mental stress on both the Conscious and Unconscious levels of our Mind.

When you think about it… a lot of mental stress comes from being deluged with too much information… just like when a computer goes slow because it is running a task which is putting extreme stress on its computer chip… or has a disorganized hard-drive, with all the information stored all over the place.

Same for our Mind when dealing with the daily tsunami of information which is swamping us…

A mass of information which all needs to be processed and stored in some way… which even continues to happen while we are asleep… although while we sleep our Brains also have a chance to process much of the undigested information which we have picked up during our waking hours.

All of which requires a huge amount of Yellow vibration… and if we add the Cubic structure too… we soon fine that Yellow Fluorite is probably the best mental crystal for anyone alive in the 21st Century

Yellow Fluorite is definitely a crystal to reach for when we need to defragg our Brain and Mind… and get it working more efficiently.

Because it supports us with the better processing of this flood of information coming at us…

… with the storage of the information… with the analysis and correct cataloging…

… with the retrieval of the information from different areas of the Brain when needed…

… with the re-combining of the information in our Brain so that it makes sense…

… and with the decision to act on the information when needed… with how to react… or not…

That’s a lot of Yellow vibration needed to get us through the day… and if that vibration comes with extra organizing qualities… even better.

Well, that crystal is… Yellow Fluorite!

OK… on its own it won’t eject negative and limiting thoughts and beliefs… we need to add extra crystal friends if we want to achieve that…

But just getting all the idea and beliefs in our head to work together more efficiently… even if some of them are limiting… can also be a major achievement.

Because… when you have tidied up… got everything sorted, organised, and filed away… don’t you feel a lot better afterwards?

So now… a crystal layout…

The Crystal Layout for Mental Clarity & Relaxation… which uses:

  • 1 Clear Quartz point above the head, pointing upwards
  • 1 Yellow Fluorite on the Brow Chakra
  • 1 Blue Fluorite on the Throat Chakra
  • 1 Yellow Fluorite on the Solar Plexus Chakra
  • 1 Smoky Quartz point between the feet, pointing downwards

Now, if you don’t have actual crystals, then tumblies will do…

This layout is very useful when you have been thinking too much about something… and have become mentally tense and narrow minded… when thinking has worn you down inside your Mind… and you are tired and frustrated.

The Yellow Fluorite on the Solar Plexus and Brow Chakras helps to energize the Mind on different levels… so that the Mind can let go of its tension… and just relax.

And often, you will find, that once the Mind relaxes… the Physical Body can also relax… maybe slowly at first… but when the Mind relaxes, the Body can also start to unwind.

In fact, it’s almost as if the Physical Body can’t relax until the Mind gives it permission… and so we then suddenly realize how much of our Body tension is actually sourced from within our Mind.

And if you are relaxed in Body and Mind… then this opens up the opportunity… the possibilityfor new ideas to come in to your thinking… some of which may be interesting… and even show you different ways to work with any frustrating situations you may be dealing with.

But even if you don’t have frustrating situations in your life… this crystal layout is a good one to use on a regular basis to help give your Mind a spring clean… as well as an energetic shot of fresh, stimulating, and organizing Cubic Yellow.

(c) Brian Parsons, May 2018.

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