RUC Book Series – General Introduction


Below is the General Introduction for my Really Useful Crystals Book Series


There is an old Native American story… about the Conference of the Animals, Plants and Insects.

The story goes that, because of Mankind’s continual abuse of the Natural World, the AnimalsPlants and Insects convened an Emergency Conference to decide what could be done… about Man.

The Animals and Insects were so angry about the way Mankind had treated them, that they vowed to create a whole multitude of sickness and illnesses to infect Men, as their punishment for Humanities’ past crimes.

But the Plants refused to do the same… and vowed that they would always protect Men… and for every illness that the Animals and Insects could create… the Plants would always provide a cure… as long as Men were wise enough to search for it.

But what I always find interesting about this story… the Mineral Kingdom wasn’t invited to the Conference.

If the Mineral Kingdom had been… I believe it would have sided with the Plants, and been a friend and ally of Mankind.

Because that is how Crystals and Minerals have always been seen down through the Ages of Man… from the most Ancient of Times

Not just valued for their shinelook and color… but also for their vibrational song… and their healing potential.

In fact, this is one of the common threads and themes, flowing through all the Native Cultures from all around the world… they all valued and worked with the stones and crystals located in their part of the planet… and also looked deeper within to see their vibrational song… and their healing potential.

It’s only recently that the Western World… with its reliance on science, and the Periodic Table… with its need to define the Mineral Kingdom by its industrial and scientific use alone… has lost its ability to look deeper… lost its Earth connection.

But what has been lost can also be re-discovered… especially by those who are eagerly searching.

This is exactly why I am writing this Really Useful Crystal Book Series… not only to help reacquaint people with the wisdom and healing potential of Crystals and the Mineral Kingdom

But also to introduce people to vibrational / crystal healing techniques which really, really do work.

And much of this information has never been put out into the public domain before… so is very cutting-edge stuff.

Crystals have always been one of Mankind’s closest companions on this planet… along with the Animal & Plant Kingdoms… from the very Dawn of Human Time itself.

And this hasn’t changed.

What has changed is Man himself… especially in the last 200 to 300 years… as we have fallen out of harmony with the Natural World.

So to re-connect to the healing power of the Mineral Kingdom, people need to re-tune their inner eyesdiscover how to look deeperdiscover how to feel and listen in a new way

And once you can do that… then a whole New World of possibilities immediately opens up for you.

A World of pure vibration and frequency… a World where Crystals are naturally at home… and so can be our true and most constant companions and guides.

Humans… we’re vibrationally fluid… we can change our vibration quickly… which is both our strength… and our issue and weakness

Because we can get vibrationally lost… or trapped into low and unhealthy parts of the vibrational spectrum.

In contrast, Crystals are vibrationally fixed

They always know who they are… their connection to Source is always true.

And so Crystals are the perfect friends to help us re-tune ourselves… help us to climb back up the vibrational spectrum to the higher levels.

To come back to Our True Inner Home.

We sincerely hope that you will find the information contained in the Really Useful Crystals Book Series not only illuminating, but also useful and practical… and we hope that you will choose to purchase all the Books in this Series… each one focusing on a different aspect of crystal therapy and healing.

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2 thoughts on “RUC Book Series – General Introduction

  • April 8, 2018 at 3:23 pm

    Do you sell these books on amazon

  • April 8, 2018 at 3:59 pm

    They will be coming to Amazon next week 🙂

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