5 – Red Cubic Crystals


Red Cubic crystals express the Red Vibration in a structured, coherent, and practical way.

If the color Red is about raw energy… about our core sexuality… about our survival drives and instincts… about our ability to get our needs met… and manipulate the physical world around us… practical manifestation… as well as the ability to stand up for ourselves… and also assert and defend ourselves when required…

Cubic crystals help us to find coherence and structure in all these Red areas.

So Red Cubic crystals are all about…

Practical survival

Practical sexuality

Practical manifestation

Practical assertiveness

Now, if we look over all these keywords, we can see that Red is a complex color… because it is both essential to us as a fuel… and essential to us as an anchor

Red is the vibration which we need to be safe and comfortable in our physical bodies… the vibrational anchor which keeps us anchored down here… safe and protected

Practical survival

Practical assertiveness

Because who knows… if you were down on the Earth planejust as energy… without the protection of your physical body… who knows what harm might befall you…

But Red is also the vibrational fuel which we need to motivate and power ourselves… especially when it comes to going after our Earth plane dreams and desires

Practical sexuality

Practical manifestation

And especially when those dreams and desires are linked to that thing called our life-purpose

And I don’t believe that it is any accident that in the old and new Chakra color systems… both the ancient and modernRed is associated with two chakras…

The Base Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra

Our Chakra for Being

And our Chakra for Doing

So a good and constant supply of the Red vibration is essential for us to be fully present in our physical bodies

And also…

It is essential for our ability to go out and do thingsachieve stuff… go for what we want… go after our dreams and goals… manifest them… and succeed in life…

Or at least try to… strive… go for what we want… battle on… despite what we may face…

Because if you don’t try… then failure is inevitable…

When you try… at least you are in with a chance at winning… at succeeding…

And Red is the color vibration that helps us to get up, go out and try

And all the Red Cubic crystals… well, they are about organizing and structuring this Red energy.

Because to be effective… our Red energy needs to be focuseddirected.

Without focus and direction, it is all too easy for our energy to become scattered and wasted.

Because without focus… you can be trying… but not getting anywhere… you need to have energy, true… but you need to use that energy intelligently.

For example…

Imagine that you are given the task of watering a flowerbed, in High Summer, with row upon row of thirsty plants.

And the water-tap is 100 feet away.

What might you do?

Well… you could… carry bucket after bucket of water from the tap to the flower bed… 100 feet there and back.

And then pour the water over the flowers…

Or maybe… save some time… just fling the water up into the air above them… hoping some of it will fall down in the right place?

You could do that…

But doing that would be a very inefficient thing to do.

Firstly, you would expend a lot of energy carrying bucket after bucket from tap to the bed…

And then… just throwing the water up in the air…

That’s inefficient too… because a lot of the water would be wasted… and would never go anywhere near the thirsty plants.

No… a much better plan… and much more efficient… get a long water hose… say 100 feet long or more… attach it to the water tap… and that will allow you to direct and focus the water on to each individual plant in turn…

So… the water ends up going exactly to where it is needed.

And that is kind of what Red Cubic crystals are all about.

The Red Cubic crystals are all about focusing our energy… our Red energy… so that we are using it in the most efficient, structured, and organised way possible.

But also…

The 3 Red Cubic crystals, which we are going to explore below, kind of remind me of the 3 Qualities in Astrology

Namely… Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable

Which can also be seen as 3 different ways in which we express our energy… or 3 different energy gears…

Cardinal is all about getting started

Fixed is all about staying focused and continuing

Mutable is all about changing and adjusting when we need to…

And if life really is like a 1500 metre race… then everyone needs to change their strategy as they run the race… or change gears… whenever their situation or circumstances change… because the conditions of the race change as we run it…

At the start of a race, we need to kick start our system, raise our energy, go from zero to moving fast, get off to a flying start… and that is Red Spinel

During the middle of a race, we need to keep ourselves motivated and moving, we need to stay focusedbut also pace ourselvesso we don’t burn out… and that is Red Garnet

But at the end of a race… after we have won / crossed the finish line… we need to be able to power down, and change speed and direction… and that is Cuprite

OK, each of the above Red Cubic crystals can all help us to organize our energy… but they each have a slightly different areas of expertise…

Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable

So if you need to keep going with some situation… consider Red Garnet

If you need to bring a project / situation to an end and let-goand get ready for the next challenge… consider Cuprite

And if you need to just get yourself started… up and out of those racing-blocks, off to a flying start… consider Red Spinel

Although… if you can’t get all three of the above… and Red Garnet is the most easy to obtain… the one you can get… because it is Red Cubic, it will still contain an element of the other two… it’s just a matter of degrees… so no one should freak out because they can’t get a particular crystal on this list.

Finally… some people have a real problem with the Red vibration… because it is expressed via 2 Chakras in their energy system… the Base Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra… which introduces a whole extra level of complexity

Which helps to explain why some people find it hard to be on the Earth plane… and also manifest the kind of life they really want…

It’s another of those Universal design flaws that someone really should sort out

You know that exercise where someone asks you to rub your stomach with one hand, while patting the top of your head with the other?

Not impossible… but means that you really have to get co-ordinated… and organized in your head… to be able to do it… and for most people, when they first attempt it… it’s very hard to achieve…

Well, being able to use the Red Vibration on the Earth plane has that kind of extra level of difficulty… because it needs to be expressed through both our Chakra for Being (the Base Chakra)… and our Chakra for Doing (the Solar Plexus Chakra)…

And for some people, that can be a hard balancing act to achieve initially… and means they can’t get their life working the way they would like… or need.

Fortunately, the Red Cubic crystals help us to balance this expression via the 2 different Chakras… so that we can learn how to do it well… through their focus on organization and structure.

Note: Yellow is the other color vibration which has this dual expression… which we will explore when we come on to Hexagonal crystals.


Red Garnet (aka Almandine Garnet)

Red Garnet was the stone traditionally placed in the hilt of Medieval swords, because it was believed to bestow courage on the Knight who carried that sword.

Even today, Red Garnet is a crystal most often associated with courage… and stamina… with the will and fortitude to persevere… despite what life throws at you…

Now, the Dictionary definition of courage is usually something like:

The ability to do something that frightens one

So Courage is the ability to stay on missionto not be deflectedto maintain your focus and direction…despite challenging external circumstances and inner fears…

So when faced with those kinds of situations… Red Garnet is an excellent stone to help keep your Red energies focused on your intended direction…

But Red Garnet is also an excellent go-to crystal whenever someone needs an energetic pick-me-upa boost of energy

It’s Cubic nature means that the Red vibration won’t quickly dissipate… so it is definitely a crystal to carry if you need energy and support (maybe a little courage too) throughout your day.

A simple crystal layout you may want to try…

  • 1 Clear Quartz point above the head, pointing upwards
  • 1 Lapis Lazulli on the Brow Chakra
  • 1 Red Garnet on the Navel Chakra
  • 1 Smoky Quartz point between the feet, pointing down

This crystal layout helps to give you the energetic stamina, courage, and motivation to continue with your endevours… to stay the course… continue dealing with your challenges… especially when you are engaged with a long-standing project… or enterprise… or problematic situation… and still have some way to go before completion… especially when the end is not yet in sight.

Now… important… this is most definitely not a layout that you will want to use / lay in for hours and hours.

In fact, plugging in for a few minutes… say 4 minutes tops… is quite sufficient.

With this layout, the Lapis Lazulli on the Brow Chakra quietens and organizes our Mind… while the Red Garnet charges up and organizes our core energy… the subtle batteries for which can be accessed via the Navel chakra.

So instead of doing one long session… if you need to… it would be much more preferable to re-charge several times a day, each for a few minutes… as and when you need.

Doing so, each time, helps to recharge our core energy, and so helps to provide us with the additional Red energy we need to maintain our progress, focus and direction.

It is also a very useful layout to call upon if we feel under pressure from other people, and need to boost our ability to stand-up for ourselves

Doing this layout for a few minutes maximum… can provide a boost, a kick-start, to your bodies own energetic defense systems, so that we find it easier to resist emotional or mental manipulation from other people.

Not saying it is the only protection strategy going… or even the best one for some / all situations… but the ability to stand-up to other people… and do your own thing, when others are pushing you to go in a different direction… is definitely on the list of Life must-haves.



With a hardness of 3.5 to 4 on the Moh scale, it has a softer and more gentle energy then other Red stones… which is why some people feel it is a more feminine Red crystal.

And because Cuprite has a high Copper content, it’s very good for getting trapped Red energies to start flowing again as well as helping to re-structure those blocked energies.

So Cuprite is an excellent crystal for people who do need to get moving in some area of their life… but who are also currently fragile

Cuprite helps them to plug back into the Red energies… but in a way which doesn’t overpower or threaten.

So it is good for:

People who are finding their feet againwho are slowly re-gaining their confidence after a trying timewho have perhaps lost their belief in their own ability to manifest a successful life for themselves.

Or people who have become scared or wary of overly aggressive masculine energy for some reason

Cuprite slowly re-builds confidence in your Self, and your ability to be successful in the world… that you can have what you want in life…

OK, won’t happen overnight… but if you are determined to re-build your life… then Cuprite can be a most excellent friend and ally to help you.

It is therefore an excellent crystal for people who have had their Base Chakra stressed or traumatized for some reason… or who have had their Red energy aggressively trampled over by others

It teaches that, although you may have suffered aggression from others, it is still perfectly acceptable for you to assert your own power to help gain and live the life of your dreams.

Assertiveness and aggression are not the same… and so it is OK for people who have suffered from aggression to learn to fully and successfully assert themselves.

Occasionally, you will find Cuprite twinned with Blue Chrysocolla… in fact, the two are often found together… and this crystal combination is sometimes better to work with when healing issues relating to personal power and assertiveness… in a very steady and gentle way.

The thing is… because Cuprite is very gentle and flowing… it is also the ideal Cubic crystal for helping us to:

  • Let-go and change direction when it comes to one of our goals and dreams… whether we have achieved it and now need to let-go and think about and focus on our next quest…
  • Or have decided that it really isn’t what we want… and so need to let-go… so we can focus on what we do want to pursue… this last one is particularly true if we have been following someone else’s life-agenda and script.

Cuprite helps with both… helps us to re-focus our Red energy… so we can focus on it what we do want to create and manifest with and in our life.

A simple crystal layout you may want to try…

  • 1 Clear Quartz point above the head, pointing upwards
  • 1 Lapis Lazulli on the Brow Chakra
  • 1 Cuprite on the Sacral Chakra
  • 1 Smoky Quartz point between the feet, pointing down

With this crystal layout… we’re providing a boost of energy to our Sacral Chakra… and our ability to release and let-go.

It is said that a super-tanker takes 17 miles to come to a total and complete halt… which means 17 miles before it can change direction.

And a similar thing is true with Humans.

True, we can change our thoughts and thinking with the blink of an eye… but this becomes far more difficult when a thought has become entangled up with an emotionand even worse when entangled with an emotion which we regard as important, vital, or dominant within our personality.

So to release the thought… you need first to dis-entangle it from the associated emotion.

So along with Lapis Lazulli on the Brow Chakra to help calm and organize our thoughts… Cuprite on the Sacral Chakra helps to organize our emotions… while also providing a burst of Red energy so we can start to release what is no longer required emotionally… thus helping us to change direction mentally.

Note: If you can’t access any Cuprite… then using Natural Copper will help to bring a degree of flow into your energy… although it will lack the organizing flow of Cuprite… but it will still be very beneficial.


Red Spinel

Traditionally, Red Spinel was more highly regarded in ages past then it is today… unfortunately… and it did once have the reputation of being a replacement for Ruby.

It has a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Moh Scale, and so in terms of the directness of its energy, it’s up there with Red Garnet… and close to Ruby in the forcefulness of its approach.

In terms of its energy expression… it is the same crystal structure and hardness as Red Garnet

But if there is a difference between the two… as expressed through its more earthy Red color… it would be that Red Spinel is a more grounded Red Cubic crystal… so it is excellent if you need to ground in the Red vibration… especially if Red is a color you have difficulty working with or accepting

Now… if you are working on a practical project, trying to bring it towards completion…

Or starting a new business, and need a crystal to help you stay the course…

Then my suggestion is normally Red Garnet… because it seems to be more about the sustained expression of the Red Vibration on the Earth plane.

But… if you are having a hard time getting started in life…

You don’t seem to be able to get your project off the ground…

Or you are having a hard time engaging with your new business…

Then my suggestion is Red Spinel… because it seems to be more about the practical expression of the Red Vibration on the Earth planeespecially in the initial stages of any enterprise.

It’s a Red Cubic crystal which is best suited for getting you up and out of the chair… for kick-starting your projects and enterprises… better still… for kick-starting YOU… so you can go out and do all the things in life you really want to do…

Which is kind of important for anyone who wants to make something of themselves… to achieve something with their precious life.

A simple crystal layout you may want to try…

  • 1 Clear Quartz point above the head, pointing upwards
  • 1 Lapis Lazulli on the Brow Chakra
  • 1 Red Spinel on the Solar Plexus Chakra
  • 1 Smoky Quartz point between the feet, pointing down

This crystal layout is very good for times when we are finding it hard to motivate ourselveswhen we need to kick start our energy.

When we need to run the race, but can’t seem to find the energy to walk over to the starting line… let alone, run when the firing gun is sounded…

Lapis Lazulli will help us to organize our thoughts… while Red Spinel will help us to focus and organize our Red energies… which is the fuel we need to ground and move our life forward.

However, there is one word of caution to be sounded here… this layout won’t work well if you are seriously conflicted… if you are being pulled in two different directions within…

If this is the case… it would be far better for you to explore what you do want… and what has priority for you right now… instead of allowing your energy to be continually torn between two different and competing directions… which never serves anyone well.

If that is the case, that you do want both, a useful strategy is to say… “I am going to focus on A now… but I am not giving up on B… but I am making a conscious choice to delay B… for a while… so I can focus all my energy on A… and then come back later, and fully focus on B when I am able“.

(c) Brian Parsons, May 2018

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