4 – The 3 Cubic Crystal Families – Fluorite, Garnet & Spinel

Whenever you explore a different crystal structure, it is not uncommon to come across a specific type of crystal which manifests in a whole variety of different colors… in fact, on rare occasions… such as Tourmaline or Quartz… they manifest in all the colors of the Rainbow.

Where this occurs… they can be said to be a whole crystal family… in this case a Cubic Crystal Family… and they therefore share a common energy expression… which also helps people to identify their use and application… because all crystals within that family will share the same energy of their structure, modified by the energy of their specific color… and so they will all work in a similar way… and their molecular structure will be close to identical too.

Below are 3 such Cubic Crystal families, the main players in the Cubic Crystal crowd, and we will be meeting their individual members time and again throughout our exploration… and so it is appropriate to first stand back, and identify the common energy signature and expression they all share.


The Garnet Cubic Family

Colors: Red, Orange, Green, Black

Energy Theme: Courage, Focus and Directness

The common definition of Courage is the ability to do something that frightens one; bravery.

Now, crystals don’t have emotions like we Humans do… and so we have to be careful when using words like courage and bravery… because although this is what the crystal vibration may manifest in us… it is not necessarily the movement of the energy of the crystal itself.

When exploring crystal energies, it is therefore much better to talk about the direction and flow.

Building on this, we can perhaps suggest an overall definition for Garnet… which is more fitting from an energy perspective… the ability to keep going and not be deflected or stopped.

From an acquaintance with the crystal literature, traditional and modern, one theme which can be identified, which all Garnets share, is that their shared energy expression is persistent, direct, focused, and it is not easily deflected.

Building on this to the next level, gives us:

The Garnet Crystal Family is a Cubic organizing and structuring energy which is persistent, direct, focused, and not easily deflected.

So whatever the color of the Garnet… it will share in this common energy expression and use… of being organizing and persistent.

And the specific color of the Garnet will show the arena in which the organisation and persistent focus is applied.

So Garnets are very reminiscent of a Marathon runner… a sport which requires both stamina and disciplinestrength and focus, persistence and strategy.

And whenever we look at the various colored Garnets in later sections, we will also see that same union of organisation and persistent focus expressed through that color.

Garnet is 6.5 to 7.5 on the Moh Scale, which means it hardness also supports the directness and focus of its energy expression.


The Fluorite Cubic Family

Colors: Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Turquoise, Indigo, Violet / Purple, White / Clear, Pink

Energy Theme: Mental activity, mental organization

Some thing that crops up again and again in the crystal literature… that Fluorite is a Mind crystal… that it works on the level of our Mind.

And also that Fluorite is a crystal which relates to discipline, order, structure, and energetic harmony.

Guess what… not going to disagree with any of that.

I totally agree…

Fluorite is a Crystal Family which brings order and structure into our Mind, and its specific color tells us the level of Mind, the area and arena, where a specific crystal’s vibration is focused on.

Not much more to say, really.

Except that…

If most of our problems sit in some corner of our Mind, in some idea or belief which means we are out of harmony with the World around us… with the Big What Is

Then the full range of Fluorites…. Yellow, Green, Blue, Turquoise, Violet / Purple, White / Clear… give us excellent energy tools to work on the blocks and barriers within our Mind.

I also find it interesting that, to the best of my knowledge, Fluorite doesn’t manifest in a Red… which kind of reinforces its image as a Mental Crystal… the fact that it doesn’t come down into a Red… but stops at Yellow / Orange on the Chakra Tree… with the Orange being the rarer.

Note: Fluorite also does manifest as an Indigo Crystal… which is a relatively new find. However, I haven’t worked with it directly yet, and so have decided not to include it in this work. But if I did… I would say something about how it is an excellent crystal for bringing peace and harmony to the Unconscious Mind… how it helps the Unconscious Mind to release internal frustration and inner blocksat a deep level.

There is also a rare Orange Fluorite… and the same applies, I haven’t worked with it yet, and so have decided not to include it in this work But if I did… I would say something about how it can organize our thoughts and feelings to be in harmony, and help us achieve greater energetic flow between our Mind and emotions.


The Spinel Cubic Crystal Family

Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Indigo, Purple, Black

Energy Theme: Practical Active Grounding

After years of reading the literature, and working with different kinds of Spinel… I have come to the conclusion that the quality they all share is… practical active grounding.

But what does that mean?

OK… Let me explain.

The writer and teacher Margo Anand has said that you can repeat all the affirmations you want, engage in a month long series of creative visualizations… but a point will eventually come when you have to get upgo outand do something towards achieving your desires and goals.

But you could argue that affirmations and visualizations are also doing?

And yes, they are… but they don’t really relate to the physical plane.

They are more doings relating to the mental and emotional levels.

But they are not the same as… if you are looking for a new job… searching the Internetsending out your C.V.going to the job interview… and finally… saying Yes.

People who remain stuck forever doing visualizations and affirmations are often scared of what might happen if they were to ever start taking action…

I mean, if you put yourself out there… people could ignore you… reject you… laugh at you… say No… or even say Yes, and then you would be put on the spot and need to deliver.

Sounds scary… What to do?

Simple… just keep doing visualizations and affirmations… just convince yourself you need to do a little more… and a little more… and only then you will be able to take action… the kind which guarantees 100% success, every time.

That way you can stay in your Head… and never have to face this awkward thing called reality.

But of course, you never do do… just move on to the next delay… and the next… because you keep pushing the starting line further and further back.

And do you want to know the biggest irony of all?

Often… it’s only when you start taking action that you really discover what inner blocks need still to be cleared.

Example… I once took a Stand at the Mind Body & Spirit Show in London… one of the biggest such events in the World… to put myself out there… and on Day 1, I was totally petrified, and wanted to hide at the back of my Stall, so people couldn’t find me.

Fortunately, I didn’t do that, I decided that I would face my fears… got colleagues to work on my energy… and after 3 days… I could stand on that stage… totally comfortable with being visible… with being seen.

That was also the point where I started to engage with Facebook and Social Media… which is a different kind of being seen on the World stage.

But the point is… I only discovered these blocks by putting myself out there, by taking action.

So sometimes, by not taking action, because you feel you need to keep working on yourself until you are ready… means you will never be ready… because some of the issues you need to clear will only ever come to the surface after you have started to take action!

I know… one of the weird things in life… but it’s true… seen it in my own life, and the life of others so many times.

And the Spinel Crystal Family is one of the best crystal companions I have found to take your hand, and say… “Hey, I know it’s a bit scary… taking action, going after our dreams… but it’s OK, let’s do it together…

So the Spinels are definitely a crystal to engage with if you are about to step outside of your Comfort Zone… and go forth on a fresh, new adventure… which happens to all of us at some point in our life.


So of this Cubic TriumverateFluorite is probably the crystal to best use when you are preparing to take actionGarnet is probably the crystal to best use when you have have already taken action, and wish to maintain your momentum… and Spinel is probably the best crystal to use when you are about to take action, and want to successfully kick start things on the physical plane.

Although, having said that, they are all Cubic Crystals, and the crystal’s color will also have a lot to say in regards to the energy which is being expressed.

For example, a Red Garnet will perform as well as Spinel for initiating a project… and Green Fluorite may be just as able to maintain the momentum / expansion of your efforts.

So always remember, nothing is every completely set in stone when it comes to crystal energies… because what is expressed is a combination of structure and color, with a sprinkle of different degrees of hardness.

However, in this section, I wanted to stand back, and allow us to really see some of the common qualities which some of the main Cubic crystal players all share… the 3 main Cubic Crystal Families.

(c) Brian Parsons, May 2018

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