Blue Domdorite… is… is…

Well, to be completely honest, we don’t know. At the time of writing, we can’t find any information about it, in books or on the internet. It’s a complete mystery (although it might be out there under another name).

We bought it from Elaine at a Rock & Gem Show in Newton Abbot, UK, and all she knew was its name… Domdorite.

It looks similar to Angelite in colour and patterning, but obviously much harder. It kind of looks / feels like Dumortierite, but a much lighter shade of blue.

The joke was maybe it was named after the character Dumbledore from the Harry Potter books, and be ‘magic’.

But actually it has turned out to have magical qualities.

Because from working with its energies / vibration, we have found that Domdorite grounds the Brow chakra.

So, obviously, it is very good for people who are too much in their head, as it helps to ground excess mental energies.

But why should having a grounded mind be a good thing? Wouldn’t we want as much energy in our heads as possible?

Well… we see another analogy coming over the horizon…

Imagine a wooden beehive, sat solidly on the ground, standing on red bricks. There are holes in the sides for the bees to come and go, there is big space inside for them to store nectar and build their honeycombs, and generally mix and interact socially. So grounded bees = happy and contented bees.

Now… suppose we take that beehive, and suspend it from ropes, so that it is swinging above the ground… and imagine that a strong wind is blowing, causing the hive to sway from side to side, violently.

What would happen?

Well… the bees would find it hard to enter and leave the hive, as the holes would be constantly moving. They would also find it hard to build their honeycomb structures, because the hive would be unstable, and the bees would keep bumping into each other. So ungrounded bees = miserable and unhappy bees.

Now, in a strange sort of way, this is an apt description for the ungrounded mind.

When the mind is grounded, there is order and stability, and thoughts can come and go easily (of course, this assumes that thoughts are independent of the brain). The grounded mind is also able to generate stable mental structures, which then helps us to navigate our external world.

But when the mind is ungrounded, then it is a bit like a suspended beehive… chaos reigns. Thoughts are a jumble, and the mind cannot create or sustain stable mental structures, or update them when required.

So it is a strange analogy, but it does hold.

In addition, when our mind is grounded, it is able to detect much more subtle and refined thoughts… thoughts which are quieter then the norm, and these quiet thoughts are often the ones which are ‘new’ to humanity. The common thoughts of mass consciousness are loud and noisy. But the new thoughts, the ones which open up new possibilities are quiet, because they haven’t become established yet. So it requires a quiet mind to hear them.

This is often why some people come across as odd to your average person… because they can hear the ideas which most of society are deaf to.

Because Blue Domdorite grounds our Brow chakra, it can effectively ground our mind, and thoughts. It can ground excess energy from our mind, and so make us more aware and sensitive to our / new thought patterns, because it gently quietens the mind.

… and it also can help you identify which thoughts can manifest into form… which thoughts can manifest on to the Earth plane.

(c) Brian Parsons, March 2017

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