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This weekend I was intending to post some stuff about “lurve…” crystals… but nope, my inner guidance decided to do something else… which is usually a sign that someone out there needs this info… so with that in mind, the “lurve” stuff can wait till another day… and posting out what I was told in the hope it reaches the person / people who need it.
So today… Grounding and why it is so hard to achieve in our modern day civilization… and which 2 crystals are simply invaluable.
Imagine that 24/7 you were to walk around, talking in a high pitched voice, what would happen?
Well, this would cause great stress to your vocal cords, and it wouldn’t be long before you were suffering from physical complaints… because the human voice isn’t designed to do “squeaky” for too long.
And the same is true for the human aura / electro-magnetic field.
All life grew up on this planet, over a billion years, surrounded by the planet’s natural EM field of 5 to 7 Hz (also known as Schumann Resonance)… and so health for all living organisms is aligned to that specific range of frequencies.
But when us humans started to build radios, televisions, electricity sub-stations, computers, fridges, laptops, motor cars, planes, etc… etc… and the amount of different EM fields on the planet started to increase… what happened?
a) We created electronic devices which resonate at 40 Hz, higher then our own body aura.
b) These devices are louder then the human aura… and so our aura starts to resonate with these devices surrounding us… rather then the Earth’s natural EM field… and when that happens the person can start to become seriously ungrounded.
OK, some people are more resistant to this electro-magnetic entrainment then others, but each of us is impacted to some extent.
So our aura is resonating at a frequency far higher then it was ever designed to do… and this actually puts us under a lot of stress… just as if we walking around trying to speak in a squeaky voice 24/7.
So the two invaluable crystals which remind the physical body to resonate with the Earth (5 to 7 Hz) and not all the stuff around it (40 Hz)?
(And reminding is probably the right word to use in this context.)
Natural Lodestone… and Shungite.
Although usually I find that people work best with one or the other, so you might like to get both, and find out the best one for you… in your pocket… or wearing as a pendant say… and cleanse on a regular basis.
Several times now I have given either of those to people who work in modern offices, and they report that the headaches, emotional stress etc reduces… and they are better able to cope with their work and office politics (because when you’re under EM stress, it is much harder to maintain your psychic defenses and boundaries).
And the EM stress in the modern world has increased in the last couple of years, especially as more and more people / organisations have gone cordless.
Now, there are 2 layouts which take de-stressing from EM radiation to another level.
The photo above is for the EM Reset Net… although my fellow ICGT tutor, Michelle Hawkes also calls it the Turnaround Net… because if people use it, afterwards it can seriously turn their life around in some area…
One example, a former ICGT student, a very powerful, accomplished and impressive woman, who for some reason had let a man into her home, who was seriously taking advantage of her generosity… and she couldn’t find the will to stand up for herself for some weird reason. So we put her in this Net… she immediately felt better… went home… and within 24 hours had re-found her power and kicked the man out of her life.
Now… I cannot guarantee results like that every time… but it does go to show you how being ungounded and disconnected from the Earth’s natural EM Field can seriously hinder our ability to be successful in our life… and maintain our personal / energy boundaries.
The Net is:
  • 1 Red Jasper above the head
  • 2 Red Jasper either side of the Solar Plexus chakra
  • 1 Natural Lodestone on the Solar Plexus chakra
  • 1 Sodalite between knees
  • 1 Sodalite between feet
  • 1 Sodalite below and between feet
You might experience 5 mins of aura discomfort… as it feels like an energy chiropractor is manipulating your energy… but then it settles down… and you can start to feel very good indeed… as your aura starts to resonate with the Earth again.
Now, there is the question of pacemakersNatural Lodestone should not interfere with a pacemaker (because it is too weak to influence such devices)… But I always suggest for someone with a pacemaker use Shungite instead of Lodestone
OR use this alternative layout instead:
  • 1 Black Tourmaline above head
  • 2 Lepidolite tumblies either side of the shouldders
  • 2 Black Tourmalines either side of the Base Chakra
  • 2 Lepidolite tumblies either side of the knees
  • 1 Pyrite between the knees
  • 1 Black Tourmaline between and below the feet
This layout takes advantage of the other crystal with a rep for helping with EM stress… Lepidolite.
All crystals off the body, and points down if the Black Tourmaline has points.
So… a few ideas / layouts in this post for you to try…
Trust me… your life flows much better when you are grounded… and once you have tasted one of these Nets, you will realize how much EM Stress from the modern world seriously ungrounds us… and how good it feels to ground back in once again.
More on Grounding coming soon.
(c) Brian Parsons, February 2017
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