3 – Understanding the Orange Vibration


Honestly… initially Orange appears to be such an oddball color… which doesn’t seem to make coherent sense.

… It is worn by Monks and Sanyassins in Asia… people who are super-spiritual and mature.

But also… is a color associated with small children… little ones just starting out on their life-path.

It is a color associated with holiday clothes… what you wear when you are out to have fun and party!

Although how many Orange robed Sanyassins have actually got down to K.C. & The Sunshine Band’s Get Down Tonight… who knows.

Unless they a little bit Tantric… plus a little bit Rock-&-Roll… or should that be Disco Funk?

Orange is also associated with sexuality… not the procreation, sacred duty, survival of the species kind… but the shouldn’t we be enjoying this as well kind.

And wyrdly, it is probably the best color to associate with Tantra… for many, many reasons… especially the wild and juicy version.

Orange also has a summer vibe about it… speaks of freshness and vitality.

And it definitely is not the color of a shirt or tie that you would ever expect to see on the trading floor of the London or New York Stock Exchangesnot unless the individual really was trying to draw attention to themselves.

And yet, in many US Prisons, it is the color which inmates are given to wear… probably a color many of them wouldn’t choose to wear… and haven’t worn since they were small children.

It is also a color which many people say is their least favorite.

Why is that?

And what is really going on with Orange?

Well… as with any color we may discuss… what is going on often has less to do with the energetic nature of the color itself… and more… much more to do with our cultural response to the color… which, obviously, varies from culture to culture, around the World.

And these mixed messages around Orange have a lot to do with our generally mixed and confusing cultures… it says more about Humans then it does about Orange.

Now, if there was one thing, one word, which goes to the heart of Orange… it would be…


The experience of Flow.

Flow literally flows through all of the above… (sorry, couldn’t resist that one).

Orange is usually the color associated with Flow… the state of being in the Flow… where and when life just seems magical and super-interesting.

Two definitions of Flow… the first from Summer McStravickCreative Flowdreaming: Manifesting Dreams in the Life You’re Already Got:

Flow is a name for a powerful energy that not only permeates all things but is all things; it refers to the deeper essence of everything around us. In a sense, the Flow, Source energy, and God are interchangeable. The Flow is a way of pinpointing or naming the unbound creative potential of that energy… (page 13)

Now… this is not to say that Orange = Source energy, but it is to say that Orange is the best color (along with Blue) to help us experience… tune us into… this state of Flow.

Bit like saying that gasoline = movement… at first glance, incorrect… but if you put gasoline in the tank of your car, the fuel can be used to help to move you forwards… so it is an incorrect statement from one perspective… totally accurate from another.

But the other thing we can take from this… and perhaps why an intuitive counselor like Mary Hykel Hunt calls Orange a paradox color… it is both high-spiritual and fun / childlike… at the same time.

As Jesus said… suffer the little children to come unto me

Which points us to another quality of Orange… it allows us to see the World as would a little child… with a freshness and vitality, which is reborn from moment to moment…

Have you ever watched a small child who is looking at something… I mean, really looking… open eyed… they are totally present to the moment, to the experience… and this is mainly because they are still plugged into their Orange core.

In contrast… you can always tell the consciousness of an adult through their ability or inability to looksmall children look full on, because they don’t yet have anything to defend or hide… but adults, we are far more sneaky when we look… we glance quickly, we turn away… very few of us are comfortable with looking someone straight in the eye for more then a few moments.

No wonder Jesus would rather have hang out with the little children then the educated Pharisees… and a few of his own Disciples probably, if truth be told.


With vibrant Orange… all juicy and sexy… and flowing there is nothing stale and boring… everything becomes new in the moment.

For example…

What happens when you bite into an Orangethe fruit… bite through the skin, bite into the peel… well… the juice squirts out… gets everywhere… but what fun!

Messy and juicy fun.

And probably your Inner Adult says… “What are you doing… get a knife… get a plate… you’re making your clothes all messy… !

But your Inner Child shouts back… “No way… I am having too much fun!

And an interesting question then arises… of these two Inner Voiceswho wins outwho wins the day?

The answer to that question will tell you which tribe you belong to… at this stage of your life… the messy Flow Tribe… or the clean and perfect No-Flow Tribe… the men and women in dark suits… who can never let any color touch them… in case they start to remember what they have lost… what they gave up and surrendered in their pursuit of power and social position.

And that’s also why some people don’t like Orangethe color… because it too can be messy and juicy… and can ruin their nice, clean clothes… get in the way of their nice, clean, boring life… and remind them of what they have lost… what they once gave up in their life…

Like an innocent child, a person who is gassed up on vibrant Orange may start asking the questions the Grey Suit Crowd would rather went unasked… live in a way which the Grey Suit Crowd would rather not be lived… especially if they had to crush their own dreams, and live their life amidst the stale, flat and grey.

Someone who is alive with Orange tends to unsettle people who have empty gas tanks… and who used up the last of their Orange decades ago… and these Grey Ones prefer those people to be moved to the side… preferably out of direct line of sight… like behind a 10 ft wall.

The second quote comes from Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi and his book Flow: The Psychology of Happiness:

The opposite state from the condition of psychic entropy is optimal experience. When the information that keeps coming into awareness is congruent with goals, psychic energy flows effortlessly. There is no need to worry, no reason to question one’s adequacy. But whenever one does stop to think about oneself, the evidence is encouraging: “You are doing alright”. The positive feedback strengthens the self, and more attention is freed to deal with the outer and inner environment. (page 39)

A different way of describing the Flow state… but true nonetheless.

Imagine that you are working on the engine of a car… with a friend… and every time you want a new tool… they hand it to you… before you have even asked for it… like magic.

That’s like being in the Flow.

Where all the ideas and feelings you need… to help best navigate the situations you encounter in life… turn up, as if by magic, exactly when you need them… and then fall away as you move on to your next exciting and interesting challenge… so you are never having to carry stuff you don’t need… the Universe always gives you what you need, moment-to-moment.

And then… that translates out to people and situations turning up at just the right time… and with your being in the right place at the right time… your life just seems to Flow… ever better and better…

That’s when Orange starts to become truly Golden.

But the other interesting idea from Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi, when he says… There is no need to worry, no reason to question one’s adequacy… because when you are in the Flow, it feeds your sense of Self-Worth… automatically and naturally.

Which is another aspect of the Orange energy… that it is probably the best color to positively feed our sense of Self-Worth… which is the fuel we need to go out into the World and Do.

So… when we look at it this way… it is possible to go back and re-arrange our initial list into Flow and non-Flow… those people who are able to tune into their natural inner Flow… and those people who simply… or unfortunately… can’t.

The Flow Crowd include:

  • Indian Monks and Sanyassins
  • Small children
  • People on holiday, or who are intent on having fun

The No-Flow Crowd include:

  • Business men in dark suits
  • Adults who have lost their inner sense of vitality
  • People who have suffered heavy emotional trauma, and who are seriously stuck

Ah… but what about the Prison Inmateswhich Group do they fit into?

Well, that’s an interesting one, because they are not wearing Orange through choice… they are wearing a color which is being forced on them by the Prison authorities.

Now, we could argue that the State has been able to get Orange prison suits at a reduced cost… but I don’t totally buy that, because those sort of things are decided for a reason… even if the authorities, the powers that be, would deny it.

So there must have been some psychological research project… which concluded that Orange leads to a more subservient prison population… which is why Orange become the color of choice.

And, once again, I think it has something to do with… Flow.

Because if you are forced to wear a color which supports Flow… but you cannot follow the energy, because you are in prison… it

OK… OK… and in a prison environment, were the walls are all pale grey… people wearing Orange do tend to stand out more.. easy to spot if there is a riot… much easier to tell friend from foe… there is that practical side to it as well.

But I also feel there is some weight to my Orange = Flow argument… there has been a lot of academic work done around colors and emotions over the last few decades… and I know that some of this work has indeed been used inside Prisons… so I wouldn’t be surprised if Orange prison clothes was also part of that.







Why this connection?

Well… Two Reasons…

1) Orange helps to remove blocks which prevent Flow from happening in our energy-field.

2) Once removed, Orange helps to enhance and expand our Flow… so we can re-connect with the natural vitality of our Inner Child.







The colour Orange is a more sustained and focused energy then Red, one which can sustain an individual over the longer terms…

It is linked with fun, playfulness, practical creativity expressed on the earth plane in some way… with sexuality as a fun and enjoyable act… and also with a warming and life-enhancing energy…

However, Orange is not a color which…

The color Orange

Cubic crystals help us to find coherence and structure in all these Orange areas.

Cubic crystals express an Orange energy… and Orange energy:

It organizes

It re-vitalizes

It re-connects

It makes sense of the chaotic

It makes things practical…

Because… Cubic = Practical

And the Dictionary definition of practical is usually something like: Of or concerned with the actual doing or use of something rather than with theory and ideas.

So Cubic Crystals are concerned with turning theory into reality… or removing any blocks to the manifestation of that reality.

But primarily… the color of Orange is usually associated with Flow… the state of being in the Flow… where and when life just seems magical and super-interesting…

Why this connection?

Well… Two Reasons…

1) Orange helps to remove blocks which prevent Flow from happening in our energy-field.

2) Once removed, Orange helps to enhance and expand our Flow… so we can re-connect with the natural vitality of our Inner Child.

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