3 – Cubic Metaphors – Understanding the Crystal Cubic System


Often, when trying to get our Head around how crystals work, it is useful to explain things using a metaphor or two… to help explain how the energy works, how the energy expresses itself.

When we start to explore the realm of crystal structures, trying to understand how a particular crystal structure works, metaphors are even more useful… and below are 4 metaphors which I have found to be beneficial when explaining how all crystals in the Cubic Family work and express their energy.

The problem is often that people can see a crystal’s color… it’s visible… it’s on the surface… but more often, they can’t see a crystal’s structure because it is hidden… or if it is visible, as with a crystal like Pyrite, with its cube like formation, they don’t know what that shape means.

It’s interesting that our Human Brain, our Unconscious Mind, is programmed with an easy instinctual / intuitive understanding of color… but the same doesn’t seem to be the case for shape and structure… … and so most people find it harder to read the energy relating to structure… although there is most definitely an energy at work behind all structures, an organizing and defining energy.

The way I describe it… color is the fuel that runs the engine… the specific gas, petrol or diesel needed to make the engine work… or electricity if you prefer… which is a different kind of fuel, but fuel nonetheless.

Whereas structure is more like a motor mechanic, who stands over the engine, with their tools and diagnostic equipment… adjusting, correcting, fine-tuning… to ensure that the engine is working to its optimum.

(There… another helpful metaphor… in fact, metaphors are very Cubic… they help to organize our understanding of a subject.)

This is why… sometimes… it is better to approach healing from a what is the most needed structure perspective,  rather then a what is the most needed color perspective… because I have found that when you work the structure angle you are almost pulling an energetic intelligence that goes… “Oh, I see what the problem is… I see what needs to be done… let’s work the energy in this way to fix things.”

And when you can do both… work the color and energetic structural intelligence together… then you have the best of both worlds.

And this energetic intelligence is particularly strong in the Cubic Crystal Family.

The organizing force runs strong with the Cubics.

So within the Cubic Crystal System… the color is the fuel being delivered… and the structure is the way / method it is delivered…

And if you want to go all esoteric… then we could say that a crystal’s color indicates the type of chi or prana which is manifest… and its structure is the way in which that chi or prana is delivered, along with the how too.

So with all Cubic Crystals, the chi or prana… or lung if you are Tibetan… is delivered in a very organized way… and the effect of that chi or prana is to further organize any energy it connects with.

As you can hopefully see in each of our 4 Cubic metaphors below…



Cubic crystals… are like a cleaner who goes into a very untidy and disorganized house… and puts everything back in order… re-arranges… puts everything in its proper place… so the owner can easily find things again.

Because Tidy = Flow

When things are tidy… everything has a place… and it’s quick and easy to find what we want… when we want it… and the same is true within our energy field…

But when things are untidy… even chaotic… then it becomes increasingly hard to find things… things get lost… filed in the wrong location… we waste time searching for what we need… and this takes us out of the Flow… and we get increasingly frustrated… our life just doesn’t seem to work as it should.



Cubic crystals… are like when a teacher spends time with a small child… helping them to learn… and patiently explains the subject… over again… trying to find new ways for the child to understand.

Because Organized = Understanding

When things are organized, then it is possible to analyse them… understand the situation… the connections and relationships… and figure out what we need to do… and the same is true within our energy field…

But when things are disorganized and chaotic… then it becomes harder to figure out what is going on and what we can do to fix things… or how we should react for the best.



Cubic crystals… are when an engineer works at the local telephone exchange to ensure that every cable is in the correct socket… so that everyone is connected up.

Because Connections = Communication

When things are connected, then it is possible to communicate, pass on our understanding and information to others… and the same is true within our energy field…

But when things are disorganized and chaotic… connections are easily lost, and it becomes impossible to communicate what is going on… to others… and also to ourselves… and we lose our understanding of what we are dealing with.



Cubic crystals… are when a small child is running around playing… or when we are feeling super-attractive and sexy… when our energy is so feel-good that we become irresistible to others… but more importantly… we are irresistible to ourselves… life becomes so much fun!

Because Flow = Fun

When things are flowing, then it stimulates our sense of fun, we’re charged up, and so we start to feel sexy and attractive… not just on a physical level, but also energetically…

But when things are disorganized and chaotic… we’re taken out of this natural flow, things start to become stuck and stagnant… and we start to lose that fun and sexy feeling.

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