2017… May we live in interesting times!


First… Happy New Year to all our Vibrational Tribe… we are very grateful that you have chosen to join us… and we are looking forward to continuing to provide you with lots of interesting information, support and offers during 2017.

However, earlier today my friend and fellow astrologer Sue Lilly asked me if I had checked out the chart for 2017 yet.

So I had a look… and for those of you who don’t know how you check out the energy for a year, you basically do the chart for Midnight GMT on 1st January of the year in question. Although different time zones will vary slightly, GMT is the one in the middle, and is usually taken as the main vision for the global year ahead.

And it is a very interesting chart… and although I don’t normally make predictions, having looked at the chart for 2017, I am going to say 2 things:

One… because the Sun is on the IC Angle, in Capricorn along with Pluto (ouch)… in the year ahead…

At some point humanity / the collective will need to look at something we don’t want to look at, what we have kept hidden / in our collective wardrobe… it’ll be tough… but we’ll have no choice… and there will be a lot of resistance / fear around this.

OK, what that actually means, still unclear… I suppose we’ll find out as the year progresses… (although it may have something to do with multi-national corporations, governments, or international bodies… and there will be a lot of suppressed rage locked in this area).

However, second, something a bit more concrete… this year the Moon is in Aquarius.

Now in Traditional Astrology, the Moon represents the collective, the masses, the 8 billion people on the planet who aren’t in charge, and so during this period we are all influenced by the emotional energy  of the zodiac sign the Moon happens to be in on Midnight 1st January of that year.

Now, back in 2001, at the start of the year, the Moon was in Pisces (Joy / Sadness & Grief)… and that is the year when the optimism for a golden future for humanity vanished when 2 planes crashed into the Twin Towers in New York.

Back in 2002, at the start of that year, the Moon was in Leo (Love / Anger)… and that’s when the anger left over from 2001 started to hit home, or find external targets it could hit… and the War on Terror started… and there was a lot of anger flowing within the collective.

Last year, 2016, the Moon was in Virgo (Self-Worth / Guilt)… and it was a year when the collective had a lot of doubt, and feelings of low self-worth, and around the world there was a lot self-questioning… which was encapsulated by a certain US campaign slogan… but exactly how do we make ourselves feel great again?

And next year, 2017… the Moon is in Aquarius… which is going to be a very interesting time for humanity…

And maybe a tough time for many…

Because Aquarius is the sign associated with Tolerance (positive) and Intolerance (negative)…

Now, when you think about what happened in 2016, with Brexit in the UK, the election of Donald Trump which has split the US, and the ongoing horror in Syria / Iraq / Yemen… huge social / cultural tensions in Europe… many kinds of terrorism / fundamentalism across the planet… etc… etc…

… Where different groups and tribes are being pitted against each other, believing their beliefs and views are 100% right, all their subsequent actions to defend those beliefs are justified, everyone else is wrong, and so must be crushed underfoot.

In places, which are currently on the edge, it won’t take much of an increase in background Intolerance to push people into acting out their worse natures. That’s the danger of 2017… and that’s why we need to ramp up the Tolerance wherever we can.

Tolerance breeds tolerance, and is the bedrock for a modern, stable society… and Intolerance… paves the road to Hell… and if you want to see what Hell on Earth looks like… check out Aleppo in Syria… or Mosul in Iraq

I can remember listening to a radio interview with one of the former Russian Ambassadors to the UK, back in the 1990s, who basically said that for any society to remain stable, you had to let sleeping dogs lie, you had to be tolerant, and overlook some things… because if you didn’t… then it would only lead to blood feuds that could last centuries… and this kind of thing has been going on in the Middle East for even longer then that.

I have a feeling already that, as part of our Earth Awakening online offering, we may need to create / offer something to help alleviate Intolerance… both for us as individuals and for the collective… because that looks like the dominant negative emotion for 2017.

But… having recognized that this is a possibility within 2017, I myself have made a New Year’s resolution to try and be more tolerant in 2017… because that’s the only way to dissipate any negative wave… and I invite you now to consider doing the same.

But for the moment, wherever you are… that’s for the future… and so love those you are with, who are around you, love yourself whatever, and we hope for you a most happy, prosperous and safe year.

Love & Blessings from the Vibrational Doorways team

(c) Brian Parsons, December 2017.

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