Our 1st Crystal eCourse – LiftOff !!!


We are so pleased to announce the 1st Paradigm Intuition eCourse, Really Useful Crystals Volume 2, now available on this URL:

Paradigm Intuition eCourses

And for a limited time, available at the super low price of $25 only.

In this eCourse you will have the opportunity to explore crystal vibrations in a completely different way… through the act of listening!

Because we use a new and exciting vibrational technology… Audio Essences… to explore 10 rare and unusual crystal vibrations… crystal vibrations which most crystal healers, therapists, and crystal fans don’t normally get the chance to work with… 10 crystal vibrations which can open up unexpected doors and experiences… in the way you express your unique energy… in the way you view your life… in the way you choose to be here and now.

With an Audio Essence MP3 file, the vibration of the crystal has been encoded into the music itself… so that as you listen… the vibration of that crystal is transmitted directly to you… just through the act of listening.

The first Audio Essences were created using crystals… and this new vibrational sound technology has opened up the potential of allowing people to experience the rarest and more expensive of crystals and minerals… and also to transmit them digitally across the Internet.

The 10 Crystal Audio Essences contained in this eCourse are:

  1. Ilvaite
  2. Brown Shiva Lingum
  3. Red Zircon
  4. Natural Gold Ore
  5. Yellow Sapphire
  6. Green Apophyllite
  7. Green Heulandite
  8. Blue Chalcanthite
  9. Light Blue Tourmaline
  10. Tugtupite

Each of these 10 crystal vibrations is prefaced with unique information, designed to help you understand the energy… and give clues on how you might with to apply it in your own life.

And woven into this eCourse are a number of extras and bonuses, designed to take you to new and unexpected levels.

Our next eCourse – Money Worries 9-1-1 – is 100% free and available in a couple of days time… and is designed for people who need to step out of their emotional struggles with money and finances… connect with a state of inner calm… and through doing so re-orientate themselves, and from there, navigate to a better and more stable life.


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