Your Life-Purpose… Just a Heart-Beat Away?


When I realized that I was writing a series of posts about connecting with your life-purpose, one of the things which I did was try to remember all the great writers who have helped me in this area… and doing so I remembered the book Unconditional Success: Loving the Work We Were Born To Do by Nick Williams, who is someone whose own life-path has been very much about helping people to live a path of inspiration… so that the career and work they choose is truly aligned with who they are, is an expression of their uniqueness.

And there is a quote from his book which can help illuminate another practical aspect of finding your life-purpose.

This quote is:

“The power of creation is within us now, a power that can transform our lives and those around us. Our success relies less on skills, qualifications and experience than on our ability to access the spiritual power that lies inside of us and to infuse our work and life with this power.”

Once again, finding your life-purpose is about connecting to something inside ourselves, some ever-living spark within… and then finding an external form which is in resonance with who we are within.

And this shines a light on one of the big problems in the Western world, because when people think about life-purpose it tends to get tied in with the need to find a career… and to get a job which earns money.

And as soon as their Heart says, “I want to spend my life helping people to heal themselves“… their Head (and their parents, and their career advisor at college…) automatically responds with “How are you going to earn money doing that? You’re being foolish. Why not get a safe job as… an accountant say. That’s a nice safe job.”

But one of the things which I have observed over my 50 plus years on this planet is that “safe” jobs and careers have a tendency to get demolished over-night, especially when a new piece of technology comes along.

Once in the 1980s going into banking was considered a safe job for life, and now I watch the news and there are a stories about 10,000 or 30,000 jobs being lost in the banking sector… thousands of people who have been thrown a curve-ball by life, and are having to start again, along a new career path.

In the early 1990s, going into I.T. was also considered to be a safe job… but then large companies got into the habit of “off-shoring” to Eastern Europe, and then to India… and even those jobs aren’t now “safe” because the same companies will transfer those jobs out of India and into China… or wherever… if they think they can cut costs and make more money.

So the truth is the same people who ignore their life-purpose, the true calling of their Heart, often find that later on down the road they are themselves “screwed” when life and society takes an unexpected, direction.

Irony, those same people are the ones who tell people following their dreams that they aren’t facing reality, but they also tend to be the ones who scream the loudest when “reality” turns against them… the dream which they have bought into turns out to be false (or very time-limited). We are all following a dream… the question is is it a dream which requires you to first sell your soul?

I once read an article saying that in the 21st Century, the average worker will have a minimum of 5 different jobs over the course of their lifetime… and so will need to be ultra-flexible and open to change. The age of the safe-job for life is dead and gone.

One piece of advice which I was given as a teenager… “One of the secrets to life… find out what you love doing, and then find a way to get paid for doing it.”

Back in the 1980s only hippies went around saying such things (although to be fair, the man who told me that was a quantity surveyor and wore a suit to work…), and so wasn’t mainstream thinking.

But as my friend Laing Stokes would say, that was old paradigm thinking… the world we live in now is completely different… and you have to think (and feel) in a different way, if you are going to survive and prosper in the 21st Century.

So if you are going to be constantly changing and shifting, you might as well work out what your life-purpose is, what your Heart-calling is, and find ways to express that (and get paid for it)… because if your external forms are constantly changing, at least that Heart connection within will remain the same, and in general you will be doing stuff that makes you happy.

Makes total common sense to me!

Which brings us to today’s practical way of identifying your life-purpose.

Often, we can discover our life-purpose, not through what we are attracted to, but through what we are “resisting”.

Oh, you won’t be able to make money doing that! … No one will be interested in what you have to offer! … That’s not a safe career-path, you’re not being sensible!

And they allow these external voices (which have become internalised)… the voices of parents, and teachers, and careers advisors… to tell them what they should do with their one and only precious life.

Because that is the harsh reality of the human condition… you only get one chance to be you… and so why ever choose to live any life but your own?

But the problem is that the Heart is the source of inspiration and joy, and so when you stop listening to the Heart, when you stop expressing the Heart, you also disconnect from your inner source of inspiration and meaning… and life can become… grey and gloomy. OK, you have your safe job… but after a while… what is the point of it all?

So if you are looking for your life-purpose, and are having problems finding it… one of the practical pieces of advice… look in the places where you dare not look… all the dreams you once had, but shut up in the wardrobe as being unrealistic. Return to your childhood, and like an archaeologist, unearth all those dreams and visions that once made your Heart sing.

The seed of your life-purpose lies buried there. And for it to come alive, all you need to be is unearth it, replant in more nourishing soil, and then water until fully grown.

More on this tomorrow.

(c) Brian Parsons, October 2016

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