15 – The MAIN Cubic Crystal Layout


Now, throughout this post series, I have been offering a number of crystal layouts which primarily use the Cubic Structure… because this is the particular crystal structure which helps to structure and organize our own energy field… and each of these crystal layouts included so far help to do this on a different level of our Subtle Anatomy.

Now… for the BIG ONE…

In my Book, Really Useful Crystals Volume – Crystal Structures for Transformation, I listed a number of crystal layouts where the color of the crystals were all the same… but the crystal structure of each one was appropriate to each chakra

So that you have:

  • Between Feet = Trigonal
  • Base Chakra = Trigonal
  • Sacral Chakra = Cubic
  • Solar Plexus = Hexagonal
  • Heart Chakra = Tetragonal
  • Throat Chakra = Orthorhombic
  • Brow Chakra = Monoclinic
  • Crown Chakra = Triclinic

And when you do this, you can really tune into a specific Color Vibration in a really deep way… because all the crystals used are helping to integrate the same color into their chakra, using the crystal structure best suited for that chakra.

The great thing is, you can also do this for colors, such as Pink and Black, which are not part of the Rainbow Color System, because they do have crystals which span the different crystal structures.

And like I say, I have listed all those particular chakra layouts in Really Useful Crystals Volume – Crystal Structures for Transformation.

But the thing is… for many of the Crystal Structures

You can also flip this color / structure thing

For some of the Crystal Structure Families, it is indeed possible to reverse the color / structure relationship

So that all the crystals used in a layout are the appropriate color for the chakra, as in the Rainbow Color Sequance, but all the crystals used throughout are all the same crystal structure

So that each chakra in the Rainbow sequence gets its preferred color fuel… but in a very organized and structured way…

And the analogy I use to describe this is… a mechanic, who is fine tuning an engine, and also putting the right fuel into that engine

That’s the thing about these type of crystal chakra layouts… where the crystal structure is the same throughout…  you are tuning into the energetic principle of that particular Crystal Structure System at a very deep level… in this case of Cubic Crystals, the principle of organization and structure.

So for the Cubic Crystal Family you have:

  • Between Feet = Black Garnet
  • Base Chakra = Red Garnet
  • Sacral Chakra = Orange Garnet (Spessartite or Hessonite)
  • Solar Plexus = Yellow Fluorite
  • Heart Chakra = Green Fluorite
  • Throat Chakra = Blue Fluorite
  • Brow Chakra = Lapis Lazulli or Sodalite
  • Crown Chakra = Purple Fluorite

Now, you can replace them with any other crystal that fits that correct color / structure combination in the sequence… and it will have the same effect… but above I have focused on using those crystals which are either relatively easy to acquire, relatively inexpensive, or both.


  • Each crystal is the appropriate colour for that chakra
  • All the crystals are Cubic, so really plugging into the Orange vibration and its organizing principle

This crystal layout it very useful for people who are feeling stuck, feel seriously out of the Flow, discouraged, frustrated… and probably don’t even know why.

Continued use of this layout can lift your spirits, kick start your Inner Flow, and open you up to new and different possibilities.

If you can’t see an energy therapist… then I often say this layout is the next best thing… (although I really don’t want to be seen putting energy therapists out of business… they are still the best option).

Because when we are feeling stuck, feel seriously out of the Flow, flat, discouraged, frustrated… then this is a strong indication that our energy system is badly wiredover-complicated… or to use our Mechanic analogy, mis-firing.

Now, this crystal layout may not be able to completely fix the issue… but using this Orange vibration in an organized and structured way does provide our Unconscious Mind with the opportunity to re-wire… so that our energy is flowing in better way… or a more organized and easier way… which helps to lessen our feelings of stuckness and frustration

And so helps to get us back into the Flow.

Or if you prefer… helps to provide us with a feeling of inner relief… because our energy is able to Flow again.

It’s no surprise that this is my Go To crystal layout for when I am feeling stuckfeeling taken out of my Flow

If you remember back to our section on the Orange Vibration… the Orange Color… and you consider all the cool and vibrant qualities which Orange can bring… then this crystal layout helps us to integrate those qualities into our energy field… thus making them a practical reality… making them qualities which we can both access and express.

Now, if the issue / inner block which is continually knocking us out of the Flow is deep rooted, then over time, our energy may start to slow down… and once again… come to a halt… knocking us out of the Flow

In which case… if you can’t get to the root of the problem yet… just use this crystal layout again… to kick-start your Flow.

It can be as simple as that.

You see, we need to practical here… which is also a very Orange quality… not everyone can go to see a credible energy therapist… one they can afford to visit… or who has the full skills to identify and correct the underlying issue…

In which case… it’s not about fixing the issue… more about managing the condition (until such time when it can be resolved and fixed).

And there is nothing wrong with that option… sometimes our issues cannot be fixed there and then… and they must be managed.

Often, in life, we need to be practical and realistic.

So we need to provide people with workable solutions… and once you have acquired all the crystals for this layout… this is a very workable solution indeed.

In the World of I.T…. if they can’t implement a permanent solution, then they look for what are called workarounds.

So this crystal layout, using Cubic Crystals + Rainbow Colour Sequence is a very good workaround for people who can’t currently get themselves fixed.

Oh… and this crystal layout also feels really, really good… once your energy is Flowing again… and, for many people, that is good enough in itself.

So… overall… a crystal layout for inclusion in your crystal healing kit (highly recommended).

(c) Brian Parsons, May 2018

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