14 – Pink Cubic Crystals


The color Pink is associated with Self-Love, Self-Worth, Self-Knowledge, Self-Appreciation… all the words with Self in front of them… all the way up to Unconditional Love… which is the largest and most inclusive sense of Self.

Pink Cubic crystals express the Pink Vibration in a structured, coherent, and practical way.

Now, in The Bible Jesus said that God is Love.

Later on, about 2000 years later, Osho said that Love is God.

And both are right… it’s just a matter of perspective.

But numerous enlightened masters down through all the Ages of Mankind have all said… the foundation of this Universethe base note of existence… is Love.

Infinite, eternal, universal and unconditionalLove.

And they have also said that this Universe of ours loves each and every individual… who lives, has ever lived, or will ever live… totally and unconditionally.

God is love… and… Love is God.

And if God is indeed Love, and vice versa… no way would He / She go around nailing people to trees… or acting in any way which would tarnish His / Her love for his creation, His / Her children.

Because something else in the spiritual literature… a common theme… God is also infinitely forgiving… because the whole love and forgiveness thing kind of goes together.

Which… if true… begs the question…

Why do Humans have such a hard time believing it?

Better yet…

Why do Humans have such a hard time accepting it?


Why do Humans have such a hard time feeling it?

I mean… if love is our birth-right… if there is nothing we need to do or become to earn God’s infinite love and forgivenessthen why don’t we feel that love and acceptance every moment of our life?

Well… it is there…

But like so many things… we have become too distractedtoo preoccupied with other thingswith other external concerns… that we have either forgotten… or pushed it to the far corner of our Unconscious Mind… or both.

Or we have become so blocked and conflicted inside… that we believe we are not worthy of this Universal Love

Believing ourselves to be unworthy… repeating the mantra “I am not worthy of being loved… we have dammed off our Heart to it… so it can no longer flow freely within.

Or we have listened to priests… or other so-called spiritual authorities… who say to be worthy of God’s love you must follow their rule book to the letter.

We Humans are so odd.

We are the only creature on Earth who can set-up a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I am totally unworthy of being loved… see no one is knocking on that door asking me out on a date… that very same door I have locked and bolted… and taken the battery out of the door-bell.

Have you ever come across a Penguin or Llama who trapped themselves with self-fulfilling prophesies?

Part of this arises from our own Human condition… or design-flaw perhaps… where after birth, we immediately associate our Mother, and then later Father, with our Source of Unconditional Love.

Which is OK if the parental relationship goes well… because as we mature… we grow up and out of it… and discover that our parents are fallible like us… worthy of our love… people who we can walk besides, respect and honor… but most definitely not the source of an infinite and eternal Love.

We learn we must look elsewhere for that… (and there is no reason why we can’t also have some fun while searching for it).

Hopefully, as we mature, we learn to take back that Love Archetype, which as a child we projected on to our parents… and anchor and ground it within our own Heart.

So we can start to feel the Love which the Universe has for us… and so become whole and complete within.

Life-mission accomplished (mostly… although there may still be the goal of learning the cello… and visiting Iceland to see the Northern Lights… but you will have definitely ticked off one of the major items from your Soul’s bucket list).

Well… that’s what we are meant to be doing… that’s what we are all striving to achieve… that is the preferred life-script.

Unfortunately… things don’t always work out that way.

If things don’t go well… if our parental relationship is complexconflictedproblematic

Or just downright insane

Then, as small children, we get mixed up and confused about this whole love thing

We don’t know who to love

We don’t know who it is safe to love

We don’t know who really loves us

We don’t know who it is safe to allow to love us

And worst scenario of all…

We may even start to see ourselves as unlovable.

Which is a far cry from the feeling of being totally loved and accepted by the UniverseGodthe Tao.

But if this is true… if our Universe is one of Unconditional Love… and no one is ever cast out or abandoned…

Then we can block the feeling… we can ban the vibration… we can run a million miles from it in the opposite direction…

But we can never delete love from our Heart.

It’s always down there somewhere… waiting to us to re-connect with it.

And if you stand-back and explore many of the love-substitutes which some people chase after… you’ll soon discover that everyone is looking for this re-connection to love in someway… although for many, they are looking in the wrong places, they are hoping that the wrong things… or the wrong people… will love them back

And so make them feel complete.

If only they can come to some kind of arrangement… usually some kind of social or financial transaction… in return for being loved.

You love me… and I will love you.

And with that… many, many people make do for the rest of their life… and they leave their Soul’s bucket list there… calling an end to any further spiritual development…

I mean… I have found someone to love me… major achievement accomplished… didn’t think I would… especially when I got off to such a rocky start in life with my dysfunctional parents… what more could I want… what more could there be?

And if they are happy… then that’s cool.

But… it’s not the same as learning to love yourself.

No. 1 on the Soul’s bucket list.

For any Human Beingwho is alive, who has ever lived, or will ever live

Learning to be the love… learning to express the love.

Which brings us to Pink Cubic crystals… what do Pink Cubic crystals bring to the big Universal party mix?

Well… initially… we may find that Pink Cubic crystals to be a little… odd… because they mix two things which our culture doesn’t normally associate.

Love… and… organisation.

Our culture doesn’t normally associate love with organization… you don’t tend to see the two words together on Valentine’s cards.

I love you because you always keep our kitchen cupboards well-stocked and organized… tidy up after yourself… and always remember important dates on the calendar… and when to pay the bills on time.”

Doesn’t tend to crop up in any romantic sonnet or love poem I am aware of.

So what has love got to do with being organized?


Many spiritual teachers and writers have stated… that in this Universe of ours… the more ordered and coherent something is on an energy level… the more and higher consciousness it can hold and express.

This is important… so just let’s read that again…

In this Universe of ours… the more ordered and coherent something is on an energy level… the more consciousness it can hold and express.

Which means…

The more coherent and organised we can make our own energy… the higher and more expansive energies and vibrations we can tune into and ground…

And if Love is one of the highest… sorry, it’s THE highest vibration in our Universe… can’t get bigger then Love… have to keep reminding myself of that… then to reach it… to access it… even in part…

We must make our own energy as coherent and as structured and as organised as possible.

The more organized our energy becomes… the more and more we can resonate with Love… higher and higher expressions of Love.

There… simply put… one of the Big Secrets of our Universe of Love… and a bit of a paradox too.

Love is your birth-right… there is nothing you need to do to become worthy of Universal Love… BUT… if you have allowed a degree of disorganization to take over your energy field… your Mind… then you will have to work on yourself… do something… to re-organize your energy… your thoughts… your emotions… so you can change your vibration… shift your resonance upwards… and fall back up into alignment with your Love birth-right.

That’s why and how Love can both be your birth-right… and also something you need to strive towards.

And… building on that…

Sometimes I do wonder… if the reason why some people don’t shift… if the reason why some people don’t try… is because they have become confused over this whole Love birth-right thing.

If on some level of their Unconscious Mind, they remember… they somehow knowthat they don’t need to do anything to be worthy of Universal Love

So if you don’t need to do anything… no need to even try… easy…

Which is 100% correct.

There is nothing you need to do


When you have fallen out of resonance… fallen out of alignment with the Universal Love vibration.

Bit like… the door is always open… but if you have gotten yourself lost… you need to find your way back home… and you have to walk through the ever open door… to discover that you have lost nothing… it was there for you all along.

Which is a bit like Jesus and the Parable of the Prodigal Son… once the son has made it back to his father’s door… after losing everything… he finds that all has been forgiven… but he needed to make it back, after his long journey in the wilderness, to discover that fact… (and I wonder if that’s what Jesus really meant with that parable? Maybe…)

But I have a feeling that, for some people, the distant Unconscious memory of being 100% worthy of Universal Love stops them from going on the journey… the journey back home to the Father… which is one of the major reasons why Souls come to the Earth plane in the first place…

To become lost and find your way back home… to forget and then remember… to feel unloved and then discover the Universal truth, that you were never, ever unlovable, never unloved… not even for a second…

Which is a bit of a pain for anyone who just wants to sit around all day, and wait for Universal Love to come knocking on their door.

Because… simple truth… if you can’t feel it in this moment…. the Love..  then there is probably something you still need to do… some block you still need to clear… something you still need to integrate… something you still need to learn

To re-claim your birth-rightuntil the feeling becomes as easy as breathingas close to you as the beat of your Heart

Which is OK… because that’s probably why we all came to the Earth plane anyway… to get lost and find our way back home again… to the embrace of our ever-loving Fatherwhen we step through the ever open door at the end of our journey…

Because remember… God is also infinitely forgiving… because the whole love and forgiveness thing kind of goes together… remember… He / She really doesn’t care if you got a little lost… makes for a better story around the celestial dinner table upon your return.

And for those of us still on the road to Home… Pink Cubic crystals can be some of the most amazing crystal companions out there… to help those of us still working on organizing our energy.

Because they are all about organizing our Heart energy… so we can experience and express more and more… Love.


Below is what I call the Pink Cubic TriumviratePink Fluorite, Pink Spinel, and Pink Garnet… and I know I am committing crystal heresy here… suggesting something other then Rose Quartz for healing our love-hurts

But the thing is… these 3 Pink Cubic crystals do work very well together… and are each effective on the different stages of our loving-healing… as you shall see…


Pink Fluorite

If the Fluorite Crystal family is related to different aspects of our Mind… then Pink Fluorite is the crystal guardian for promoting and enhancing positive loving thoughts and beliefs.

Working with Pink Fluorite, you can start to re-organize your Mind so that your thoughts and beliefs are more positivemore loving and supportive of who you are… and who you are becoming… and that can often make all the difference.

When we are struggling with negative or limiting thoughts… it is usually because a thought has found its way into our Head which doesn’t support us… is holding us back… undermining us… in some way.

Although, the strange thing is… it may be this same thought is one that once served us well… even protected us… once upon a younger time… but our life has changed, and the thought has moved from our positive to negative mental list… become a thought which is holding us back in some way.

For example…

If you were raised in a difficult family environment, one where you had to be constantly on your guard, then the thought about your needing to be ever constantly on your guard… being wary… not trusting anyone in case they hurt you… might be exactly what you needed then to survive… that thought protected you.

That thought was appropriate for your situation.

But now… when you are all grown-up… and your Heart is aching to love… but cannot… because the thought in your Head is still saying you can’t trust anyone… don’t open up because that you would leave yourself vulnerable to attack, and there is no telling what the other person might do

Then that thought probably is no longer serving you… and you need a mental upgrade.

It is time to change… it is time to upgrade your Head… and free your Heart.

Maybe to something like… I can protect myself and my Heart now, I am older, wiser and stronger… I only attract people into my life who want the best for me, who value and respect me...

Before… the only way to protect yourself was to go around with the closed Heart… but that isn’t the only way to be now… the only option on the table… and now, through changing your thoughts, you can start to explore other kinds of empowered interaction… and so start to live the life you want… and not the one you have been boxed into because of past, defensive conditioning.

And Pink Fluorite is one of the best crystals to help us to remove those limiting thoughts… so we can upgrade ourselves… and also upgrade our level… and experience… of love.

A simple crystal layout you may want to try…

  • 1 Clear Quartz point above the head, pointing upwards
  • 1 Lapis Lazulli tumblie on the Brow Chakra
  • 1 Pink Fluorite on the Solar Plexus Chakra
  • 1 Smoky Quartz point between the feet, pointing down

This crystal layout will help to gently upgrade the limiting thoughts which have accumulated within our Solar Plexus Chakra… the thoughts and beliefs which do not support our evolving sense of a fully empowered and loving Self…. and the Lapis Lazulli on the Brow chakra also helps the Pink Fluorite to achieve this.

Don’t be surprised if some negative thoughtsmemories… and even feelings… such as sadness, fear, anger, guilt, or shame… unexpectedly surface… while in this layout.

This is a sign that the Pink Fluorite is doing its job… it is helping to remove all the lover vibrations which continue to pull us down.

Basically, this is trapped energy being released from the deeper levels of your Mind.

Whatever surfaces… keep relaxed.. don’t engagekeep breathing… let the Pink Fluorite & Lapis Lazulli do their work… and let any such low vibe thoughts and memories flow on through you… and be released…

Just as clear water carries away any accumulated dust and dirt…

And… you will probably want, and need, to cleanse your crystals after use… because they have probably been doing some serious vibrational work on your behalf.

Question… Why are we placing the Pink Fluorite on the Solar Plexus Chakra and not the Heart Chakra?

Because the Solar Plexus Chakra is our Centre for Definition of Selfwe are this, and not that… and so we need to change our Sense of Self… from one which says… I can’t love, I am unlovable… to one which affirms… I can love, I am lovable… and there is no limit to the love which I can express to others… and also to myself.


Pink Spinel

Pink Spinel is an excellent crystal for when we need to express our love out into the external world… and it helps us to achieve this is in a very grounded and practical way…

It is a great stone to use when we are walking a new path in life… and we need some loving support in moving along this new and previously unexplored life-direction…

Now… let’s go back to our individual who is having a difficult time opening up their Heart Chakra… after a turbulent… maybe even traumatic childhood…

It’s easy for someone else to tell them…

Just love… what have you got to loose?

But… easier said then done… because each time they come to the edge of their Heart’s Comfort Zone…ready to step out, step beyond, towards a new direction… all the anxiety, the worry, the fear suddenly arises… pulling them back… pulling them back into their old defensive programming…

And they decide to play it safe… and retreat back to their painful known.

There is that saying… a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

But for some people… especially where the Heart Chakra is concerned… that first step is the hardest…

Just lifting their foot… and the effort of placing it down ahead of them… and so crossing the line of their Comfort Zone… can feel like climbing Everest… or swimming the Pacific

And it feels more terrifying… because we feel all alone…

But… are we really?

Fortunately, that is when Pink Spinel can come to our rescue… because it is the Go To crystal when we need to start loving again… in whatever direction… whether loving ourselves… or loving someone else… which in a strange kind of way… is all woven together…

And expressing that love out into the world…and starting to find people who are prepared to love us back…

All has to start somewhere…

And when the first step is the hardest… Pink Spinel is our first step crystal

Now… Love can come in multiple forms… partnersfamily… friendspets… so it is not always about finding the one and only true Soulmate.

And if Love is the base note of Creation… then Love is the potential hidden in every and any relationship.

In any relationship, in every relationship… it is possible to be lovingeven if it only means we smile a little more.

But one of the problems with the Human Brain, we tend to associate love in relation to another person… another Human Being.

So the easiest kind of love… the traditional kind… occurs when… we love someone who loves us back.

But to start loving without there being another person doing the loving us back thing… that’s much harder to achieve…

That almost feels Heart-suicidal

You mean, you want me to be more loving… when my Soulmate hasn’t even turned up yet… so my love will go out to… perfect strangers… what a waste!

See… transaction time… love given only as an equal exchange… I will give you love if you give me love… and you’d better go first… love me first, and then I will love you back!

In fact…

I won’t switch on the love until someone turns up to love me first… (because I am afraid that no one will… and I will be left with a broken Heart… and all my love will go to waste… just drain away).

But many enlightened masters have said… the Universal magic doesn’t start until you do start expressing a loving Hearti.e. you go first… every time!

Which means you have to jump into the Universal love pool… without even knowing whether you can swim or not…

A total leap of faith…

Starting to love… without any guarantee that the long-awaited Soulmate will turn up to love you back… without any guarantee that the world will change around you… loving… without any guarantee…

Now… for someone who has been badly hurt inside… that can be a tall order indeed…

When you are only ever known cold and unfeeling people, when you have been raised in a cold and unfeeling home… the thought of opening your own Heart… for the first time… without any guarantee that love will be returned…

Are you mad… totally mad… why would I ever do that!

But that is the very Soul-mission which many us have been sent on…

To open our Hearts again, even when there are no guarantees… to take that leap of Heart-faith… to rise instead of fall…

And the Universe itself is not unfeeling or unkind… or aware of our dilemma… because to those people who are struggling to open their Hearts again… it has given Pink Spinel.

A simple crystal layout you may want to try…

  • 1 Clear Quartz point above the head, pointing upwards
  • 1 Lapis Lazulli tumblie on the Brow Chakra
  • 1 Pink Spinel on the Solar Plexus Chakra
  • 1 Smoky Quartz point between the feet, pointing down

Use this crystal layout whenever you are stepping out of your Heart’s Comfort Zone… into some new arena of Love… and you are feeling the anxiety… and the fear perhaps… trying to undermine you… and continue until you feel those negative energies start to subside… and a new inner confidence start to arise…

Hey… I believe I can really do this!


Pink Garnet

Pink Garnet brings Heart courage into the realm of the Self… so that we have the courage to love ourselves, no matter what happens in life…

Keep on loving… keep on going…

It is a great stone to use when we are showing people a side to us they haven’t seen before… and we are worried how they may react… unfortunately, we may not be able to control how others react to us… but Pink Garnet gives us the courage and stamina to know that we are lovable and OK no matter what others say or do…

Keep on loving… keep on going…

But most of all, Pink Garnet helps us to love in a world that has mostly forgotten how to love.

There is an Ancient Egyptian blessing which says…

May God go with you through all the dark places you must walk…

Which is as true now as it was thousands of years ago.

So… let’s go back to our individual who is having a difficult time opening up their Heart Chakra… after a turbulent… maybe even traumatic childhood…

What’s one of the problems they will face… with being down here on the Earth plane… especially if they are starting to open their Heart Chakra again… after a longtime closed?

Well… simply put… the Earth plane isn’t always the nicest of places… or the most loving… just got to switch on the Television News to see that.

You soon realize that the world is full of a lot of total… <please insert your own swear word here> … who all seem to be out to take advantage of you… which isn’t what you were expecting…

And if you are an Empath… one of those generally open-hearted types… even worse.

Because you were expecting… as you opened your Heart Chakra… and started to express your love… what the Spiritual Masters have always said… that the Universe will return your love to you… 10 fold… guaranteed.

I am probably meant to be saying something about 10 fold bushels of wheat returned for every hand of seed you sow… that’s how they used to express it in The Bible.

And that’s what many of the Law of Attraction books say too.

Love and you will get love back.

Well… it will happen… if you keep at it… honest… but maybe not initially… not on Day 1 (although you might get lucky).

The loving people… they are out there too… and you will start to meet them, as your vibration starts to shift upwards… and stabilizes

But the thing is…

While you remain on the Earth plane, you will still… and will always… be surrounded by a lot of unloving, unforgiving, total arseholes… sorry, slipped out…

(Just noted that the spellchecker wanted to change that to armholes…)

While you are living your life with a more loving heart… those people who choose to remain in a low vibration… they’re not going to go away…

There still out there.

I mean, Jesus was probably the most loving dude you could ever hope to meet… but he still got crucified… on a technicality as well… so spiritual masters still often have a hard time dealing with the negativity oozing out of Humanity.

The world is full of negative people… unfortunately.

You are still going to have to deal with them as well… you don’t just instantly float off to the Unconditional Love Island… where the rest of Humanity are not allowed to visit… off-limits to everyone but Unconditional Lovers.

And from time to time, those negative people, they will try to pull you downdown to their negative level.

In fact, some of them get a real kick out of being able to do that… they take great pleasure out of it… the pulling you down.

Like they say, the Devil gets a bigger kick out of corrupting one saint then he does out of recruiting a 1000 sinners (… sinners are just too easy, no real challenge… requires no real skill).

One of the paradoxes of walking the more loving path… you may need to start protecting yourself more… why… because more people will want a piece of you… after all… your loving energy is now really juicy and nice.

So… one of the things you will need to do… protect your own energy-field, especially from the energy vampires… that’s important…

Because Energy vampires love a loving Heart to snack on.

But energy protection is a subject outside this current post… so we can’t cover it here…

You will also need to keep yourself motivated and empowered… because they will try to steal that from you as well… that’s energies they are tend to be low on… and need to take from other people.

And finally…

Even in the face of all this negativity…

You will need to keep your Heart open and loving.

And to do that requires… Heart-courage

The ability to keep loving and remain open… in spite of all the negativity around you.

The ability to love… for love’s own sake.

A kind of…

Father forgive them… because they have forgotten how to lovebut that’s not going to stop me!”

And fortunately, the Mineral Kingdom has come through for Mankind once again… in the shape of… Pink Garnet.

Pink Garnet doesn’t necessarily protect the Heart… but does show the Heart how to keep open and loving during difficult times.

Pink Garnet teaches us about love-stamina and Heart-courage.

How to persevere and keep going with the expression of our Love

Which has always been the crowning majesty of Jesus… that he forgave and continued to love….. even when being crucified… even in the face of death…

Which… for me… personally… points a clue to the whole raising from the dead thing.

Not as a reality… but as a metaphor.

Because it shows us what is possible… that Love has the power to overcome Death itself… and certainly the Fear of Death.

And if anything is going to survive Death… it’s the base note of our UniverseLove.

And the Cubic crystal which best helps us to tune into the courageous side of Love… and provides us with fortitude in the face of the black negativity…

Pink Garnet

Now… a simple crystal layout you may want to try…

  • 1 Clear Quartz point above the head, pointing upwards
  • 1 Lapis Lazulli tumblie on the Brow Chakra
  • 1 Pink Garnet on the Solar Plexus Chakra
  • 1 Smoky Quartz point between the feet, pointing down

With this crystal layout, the Pink Garnet on the Solar Plexus helps to instill us with courage… so that our Heart can continue to love.

Because when our Heart stops loving it is far easier to get trapped in the negativity around us… but if we can keep our love flowing, then this helps to distance us from the negativity and negative people.

Plus… our life generally feels and flows better when we can tune into the Love..

Love can be its own protection… but in the early stages, for people new to the path, it is also wise to engage in some kind of additional energy / psychic protection.

So an updated Ancient Egyptian blessing for the 21st Century would read:

May God go with you through all the dark places you must walk… and remember to take some Pink Garnet with you too!


A Final Crystal Layout To Try…

And now… a crystal layout… the Pink Cubic Expansive Sense of Self Layout:

  • 1 Lapis Lazulli tumblie on the Brow Chakra
  • 6 Pink Cubic crystals placed around the physical body, in a Seal of Solomon shape

Now… the important thing about this layout… is that it uses a minimum of 2 different kinds of Pink Cubic crystals… i.e. 3 of each type.

The obvious ones, and perhaps easiest to acquire, are Pink Fluorite, Pink Garnet, and / or Pink Spinel… although you can use other Pink Cubic crystals if you have them.

So the possible combinations include:

  • 3 Pink Garnet / 3 Pink Fluorite
  • 3 Pink Garnet / 3 Pink Spinel
  • 3 Pink Fluorite / 3 Pink Spinel

Placed around the physical body, in a Seal of Solomon shape.

You can also use more then 2 types if you have them… say 2 Pink Garnets + 2 Pink Fluorites + 2 Pink Spinels in the Seal of Solomon shape… but the minimum requirements is 2 crystals of each type.


Having two different, but complementary, Pink Cubic crystals creates a resonance field which helps to organize your energy… making it much easier to clear blocks, limitations or knots in your energy field… although, to begin with, you may experience them as tension that eases over time.

The use of two different types of Pink Cubic crystals means that any block is worked on from two different, but similar, vibrational directions… thus making it easier to clear… to help you align to a more flowing sense of Self.

The Lapis Lazulli on the Brow Chakra helps to calm the Mind, and align it to a new vision of yourself… although if you don’t have a Lapis Lazulli, a Sodalite tumblie can be used instead, which is also Indigo Cubic.

This layout is very useful whenever you are working to expand your sense of who you are… letting go of beliefs and thoughts which limit you… it helps to raise your vision of yourself to a higher level.

(c) Brian Parsons, May 2018

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