13 – Black Cubic Crystals


Black / Metallic Cubic crystals express the Black / Metallic Vibration in a structured, coherent, and practical way.

The color Black is associated with wisdom, mastery (i.e. Black Belt), but is also about hiding, not being seen… also the mysterious, the unknown… as well as grounding.

So there are lots of contradictions with Black… contradictions which arise from how different people use, express and play with its unique vibration.

Cubic crystals help to find coherence and structure in all these Black areas.

So… is Black a color?

Because technically… no light wavelength is being reflected by Black… everything is absorbed

Unlike White… where all the visible spectrum is reflected back and out to our eye.

With Black, the whole visible spectrum is withheld… drawn down into the molecular levels… so the actual color never reaches our eye… it is swallowed up by the unknown.

But then… that probably gives us a real indication of why there are these contradictions with Black… from hiding to mastery

It is a color which is both seen and unseen there and not there…it rides the line between manifest and un-manifest

And it also gives us a clue about the two keywords we can best associate with Black… which are:

Grounding and the Unknown

Now… there are two sides to the whole Unknown thing…

One, when we are faced with the Unknown… with something, some area, which is new and Unknown, and we are having to deal with it…

A total leap into the dark…

And the other is when we ourselves want to be Unknown… when we want to hidedisappear… which is why Black is associated with invisibility and personal protection

From my experience, I have found that the Black Cubic crystals resonate best with the first aspect of the Unknownour relationship with the part of the Universe we haven’t explored yet… and much less with the personal protection side of things…

And the Universe is big… really, really BIG… if we lived to be 1 million years old… we would only have scratched the surface of what is possible… or what could be known

But Black Cubic crystals are very, very much to do with with Grounding… as we shall see.

And when I talk about Grounding, I am referring to our ability to ground ourselves through our connection with the Earth’s electromagentic field.

As my inner guidance once pointed out to me:

You Humans are so weird… you tend to associate grounding with gravity… but it has nothing to do with gravity… and it has everything to do with electromagnetism.

Which I have since found to be 100% true… grounding occurs when we allow our own electromagnetic field to interact with the Earth’s own electromagnetic field

The two fields passing through each other… inter-acting… creates within us… grounding

Or put another way… grounding occurs naturally when our aura is in contact… well connected… with the Earth’s aura.

And we become ungrounded when we lose this connectionor we choose to remain dis-connected.

Which is something… when you think about it… we could never do with gravity… we can not shut ourselves off from gravity… if we could or did… we would simply fly off the planet… and end up drifting in space…

Gravity is a a given… no matter what we think or do.

But it is possible for us to strengthen, or lessen, or interaction with the Earth’s own electromagnetic field

Thus making us more… or lessgrounded.

Or maybe it is better to say that grounding is the feeling, which arises within us, when our own aura is well connected to the Earth’s own aura.

Black is one of the colors (along with Red and Brown), which helps us resonate well with grounding

And so Black Cubic crystals are the ones which help us to organize and re-organize our grounding ability… to remove and release any blocks to our ability to ground

And they are therefore especially useful if / when we find it hard to ground

Just as they are very useful if we find it hard to deal with the Unknown

Which when you come to think about it… every Human Being needs to face the Unknown at some point in their life…

From a small child, staring into the darkness beneath their bed… to the 80 year old contemplating their imminent demise… and their return to the undiscovered country…

The Unknownthe unexpectedthe mysteriousthe something around the corner that you just can’t predict

Many people try to develop mental strategies to deal with the Unknown

But maybe one of the best ones is just a readiness, and flexibility, in your own energy…

Which is also what staying grounded is all about too.

And that’s what Black Cubic crystals can help us with…



Galena is heavy… which points to its main energetic use…

Galena helps us to ground, but it’s Cubic nature also helps to release the blocks which we may have towards being grounded… so it is a crystal which is useful for people who find it hard to ground

OK… Galena is lead crystal, which is potentially poisonous, so always wash your hands after direct handling… but if handled with care, it can be a wonderful energy to work with.

Especially… if you are one of those people who find it hard to ground

And it’s almost as if there is a weird metaphor at work here.

For some people… being grounded is seen as 100% toxic and poisonous

The worst thing that could have happened to them.

Because being in a physical body, being present on the Earth plane, opens them up to all kinds of pain and suffering

Usually inflicted on them by other people… and lets face it, as a species, we don’t have a totally unblemished record when it comes to humanity and compassion…

Because of this… because they have suffered… they come to see being on the Earth plane… and being in a physical body… as dangerous and painful.

And they associate that pain with grounding.


If the Earth plane is seen as toxic… then perhaps it takes a potentially toxic crystal… born of the Earth itself… to set things right for us generally ungrounded Humans.


OK… Galena is not one of the first grounding crystals I would reach for on a daily basis… that would be Black Tourmaline or Shungite

But for those people who find it hard to ground… and have tried using Black Tourmaline or Shungite… without much effect…

Then my suggestion is always… “Have you tried Galena… and especially placing it between the feet?

And also, when working with Galena… also working with the thoughtthe belief… that you will be most safe when you are grounded… and better able to protect and care for yourself…

A crystal layout you may want to explore…

  • 1 Clear Quartz point above the head, pointing upwards
  • 1 Lapis Lazulli e on the Brow Chakra
  • 1 Orange Cubic Crystal on the Sacral Chakra
  • 1 Galena between the feet.
  • 1 Smoky Quartz point below the Galena, pointing down

This layout is very useful when someone has come to believe… and associate… grounding with danger… and so doesn’t want to be grounded… because they are afraid that something harmful will occur to them… if they are grounded.

Now, the truth is… bad things happen to even grounded people… but they didn’t occur because of the grounding.

I can confidently say… life is far more enjoyable when you are grounded… and bad things happen more to ungrounded people…

So… on balance… life flows better when you are grounded.

And I have worked with some every ungrounded people in a therapy context… they really don’t want to be in their physical bodies… because they have come to associate being physical with pain and hurt… especially in regards to what was once done to them.

But the paradox is… while you are walking around in a physical body… the best form of protection you have… is to be grounded.

It is certainly the best energy protection you can have.

And remaining ungrounded… just opens you up to more pain then is absolutely necessary.

And the above layout, if used over time, can help wary people re-establish their grounding… build back-up their confidence with being in their physical body… and so enjoying their physical life once again…

And also… this layout is beneficial for anyone who is working towards being independent, working towards standing on their own two feet.


Black Garnet

If Red Garnet is about courage… then Black Garnet is also about couragebut of a slightly different kind

Black Garnet helps with the courage we need to look within ourselves, and deal with difficult and challenging areas of our psyche… which may be in pain… and so causing us pain…

It is very useful when we’re trying to transform these long-standing and limiting psychological patterns, as it provides us with the stamina to persevere.

But above all… Black Garnet provides us with the strength and courage to deal with the Unknown… and so organize and focus our own energy…

What often happens when we are emotionally suffering… we are in pain… and we don’t know why… and we just want it to stop… and so our energy becomes even more disorganized!

Go to a Western Doctor, and they may give you a pill that will put the emotional pain on hold… so it does go away (soft of… for a few years maybe).

But other healing approaches require you to transform the energy behind the pain… which means you will have to live with it… accept it… for a while… in order to transform it.

And to do that… to stay with it… and not try to run away… or suppress it… requires… courage.

A Black Garnet kind of courage.

Which doesn’t mean you can’t reach for the painkillers if you need… I never said to be a masochist… but it does mean stepping into the space of owning the emotional pain… and dedicating yourself to getting to its root cause in time.

And Black Garnet is a crystal for emotional courage… the kind you need when looking into the Unknown.

Now… I think it was Eleanor Roosevelt who said… the only thing to fear is fear itself

Which can be put a different way… the worst kind of fear is the fear of the Unknown

Because our Mind is programmed to protect us… and anticipate problems… think about them… and come up with potential solutions… ways for us to survive and prosper… often before the situation actually arrives…

It’s one of the reasons why our Human Species has survived for 3 million years on this planet.

We can think about issues before they manifest… and so plan ahead.

But when our Mind encounters the Unknown… it has very little to go on… and so it goes into over-driveuber-thinking

Or maybe that should be over-kill

Trying to fill the Big Black Mental Gap… with all kinds of possible scenarios

Maybe this will happen… maybe this will happen… or maybe… this… or that…

But without any concrete information… which you don’t tend to get when you are dealing with the Unknown… all the Mind ends up doing is paralyze itselfthinking about all the worst and horrible things that might happen

And so loses all sense of proportion… and mental perspective…

And the individual gets dragged down with it.

So what would be useful here… if there was some kind of crystal vibration to helps us deal effectively with the Unknown

So we don’t lose our grounding… and we don’t tie our brains up with uber-thinking.

Yep… you guessed it… Black Cubic in the shape of Black Garnet is one of the best crystal vibrations to call upon when we are facing the Unknown… or even the partially known

Or when we are heading out into new situations… and we don’t want to give into all the fearful scenarios which our Mind is generating… and we need to give ourselves a boost of courage

To find within us a degree of Mental Courage.

A crystal layout you may want to explore…

  • 1 Clear Quartz point above the head, pointing upwards
  • 1 Lapis Lazulli e on the Brow Chakra
  • 1 Black Garnet on the Solar Plexus Chakra
  • 1 Smoky Quartz point between the feet, pointing down

This crystal layout helps when we are facing Unknown situations… or situations which are known, but unsettling for us to think about them… it helps us to re-connect with our inner power… and so the courage to deal with these external situations.



Magnetite is another heavy Black Cubic crystal… not as heavy as Galena… but still heavy

Which can be a useful thing… because it does a very similar thing to Galena… it helps people to ground.

And if anyone has a problem with Galena… because it is toxic… or a bit fragile, soft and potentially flaky…. or both

Well, Magnetite isn’t any of that… so it is safe to use…

So… if anyone has any concerns with Galena… go for Magnetite.

But… here’s the interesting thing…

There is a variety of Magnetite, called Lodestone, which is naturally magnetic… and so carries the resonance of the Earth’s natural electromagnetic field

Now, Lodestone carries the full electromagnetic effect… but I find that any Magnetite can help someone re-connect to the Earth’s E.M. field.

Helps people to ground.

And the other thing… Magnetite is more dense and solid then Lodestone

So when you use Magnetiteit is a more solid experience… which may be more of what your physical body needs…

And because Magnetite carries the Cubic shape more effectively then Lodestone… it is better at organizing your energy to be aligned to the Earth’s electromagnetic field.

A crystal layout you may want to explore…

  • 1 Clear Quartz point above the head, pointing upwards
  • 1 Lapis Lazulli e on the Brow Chakra
  • 1 Magnetite below Base Chakra
  • 1 Smoky Quartz point between the feet, pointing down

This crystal layout is very useful for when we need to put down new rootsre-establish our connection to the Earth beneath us… strong and organized roots.

But what does that actually mean?

OK, we don’t literally mean that you grow roots… but that your own aura opens up… and re-establishes a connection with the Earth’s own E.M. field… and grounding occurs… arises… from the interaction between these two fields… you and the planet.

But grounding cannot occur if your own energy-field doesn’t reach out… doesn’t re-establish the connection to the planet beneath you.

The planet is always reaching out to you… the real question is… are you going to respond.

As children, most of us are born with a natural Earth connection… not everyone, unfortunately… but most kids are.

But as we grow, for various reasons, we can lose that Earth connection… for various, different reasons… and so have to consciously re-establish it.

Which is what the above crystal layout helps us achieve.

For example, if we move to a different location… we may need to re-establish our Earth connection

Or if we suffer a serious trauma… which shakes us to our core / foundations… we may need to re-establish our Earth connection

And in this layout, Magnetite… a Black Cubic crystal, helps us to do exactly that… while the Lapis Lazulli helps us to calm and organize our thoughts.

It may require several sessions, over a period of days… depending on the nature / reason behind the energy disconnect… but each time you use this layout, you will find that your energetic base becomes more solid and stable… you are a little less anxious… and a little more centered within your own physical body and skin.


Black Spinel

Like the rest of the Spinel Crystal familyBlack Spinel is also about stepping out… taking the first step… or the next step… on our journey… whatever our individual life-journey may be.

But with Black Spinel, it is about giving us the courage to take our first step into the Unknown.

Throughout life, each Human… to live a fulfilling life… needs to step outside of their Comfort Zone

But when the Unknown is involved… it’s often a Comfort Zone where the beyond is an Unknown

Like moving to a foreign country… without knowing anyone there… or even being able to speak the language.

So as you contemplate stepping out of your Comfort Zone… you are not only having to deal with your anxiety to do with moving beyond your Comfort Zone… but there is a second level of anxiety… because you are also stepping into the Unknown.

In those situations… it’s a total leap of faith

So that’s what I call Black Spinel… it’s your Leap of Faith crystal… the one to call on when you think you know what to do, because your Heart is calling you… but your Head is saying… “Are you sure, we’re jumping into the Unknown, with no guarantees!”

It’s a crystal to call on when there are no guarantees… you want to jump… you are feeling the calling of your Heart to jump (and maybe even start to fly)… but you need a crystal vibration to hold your hand, vibrationally, as you make the jump… into the Unknown.

A crystal layout you may want to explore…

  • 1 Clear Quartz point above the head, pointing upwards
  • 1 Lapis Lazulli on the Brow Chakra
  • 1 Black Spinel on the Throat Chakra
  • 1 Pink Cubic crystal on the Solar Plexus Chakra
  • 1 Smoky Quartz point between the feet, pointing down

One big problem when dealing with the Unknown… is not only does our Mind start generating lots of ideas and what if scenarios… but many of these scenarios involve our own existing fears and phobias.

So… let’s imagine 3 people have to visit and stay in an old house for the whole night…

For person A… their upfront anxiety… “No… Ghosts!

For person B… their anxiety… “No… Spiders!

For person C… their anxiety… “No… being on my own in a dark room!

Each person is filling in the Unknown with fears based on their previous experience… and their phobias… which were probably programmed into them by childhood experience.

Just because it is an old house… doesn’t mean it will be filled with spiders… or there are any ghosts in residence… or that there won’t be any light in a dark room.

But the Unknown means our Mind to activate all of these old fears and phobiasbecause it is only doing its job.

Our Mind imagines the worst… because it is only doing its job.

Our Mind is meant to protect us… and if we fear spiders… ghosts… or the dark… then it wouldn’t be doing its job not to factor this in… keep us worrying about what we fear.

It will keep on doing this… until the individual says… “You know that old spider / ghost / dark fear program… you can delete it now… I am so over that now”… and their life starts to flow in a different direction…

What this crystal layout does… with the Black Spinel on the Throat Chakra… and the Pink Cubic crystal on the Solar Plexus Chakra… (either Pink Spinel, Pink Garnet, or Pink Fluorite)… it helps the Mind to let-go of the surface fears… while the Pink Cubic crystal helps to release any deeper worries and fears as they arise.

So when facing the Unknown… a useful crystal layout to use…

But one which also feels good to use day-to-day too.

(c) Brian Parsons, May

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