12 – White / Clear Cubic Crystals


I think it was Rumi… who described his first taste of spiritual enlightenment… as being like standing before the bright light of the Sun

And his second taste of enlightenment…

The first Sun fell away…

… And he was standing before the bright and burning light of a thousand Suns.

Or was it a million… better check my Rumi… but I do know it was a LOT.

Now, the first one is hard enough to imagine… standing before one Sun…

But standing before a thousand… a million?

But even though my Human Mind can’t imagine it… is severely limited… we do live in a Universe of such scale and vastness, where such things are indeed possible.

As the Upanishads say about our Universe:

Infinity comes out Infinity… and Infinity still remains.

In other words… our Universe is BIG… VERY, VERY BIG (and probably kind of eternal).

Even proper Astrophysicists probably have a stiff drink at night, before bed, to take their Mind off how infinitely big the Universe is.

It’s BIG… VERY, VERY BIG… have I said that already?

Another perspective…

In the Hitchhicker’s Guide to the GalaxyZaphood Beaverbrox is placed into the Total Perspective Vortex… where, for a brief moment, you are shown the entire infinite size of the Universe

And also given a little pointer saying… “You are here”.

For as the writer Douglas Adams states… to survive in a Universe of this infinite size, the one thing any creature cannot afford to have… a sense of realistic proportion.

Fortunately… Zaphod Beaverbrox survives… because his Ego is indeed as large as the Universe.

But then… that also points us to another kind of truth… that in order to survive, we all need an Ego which is larger then who we really are.

OK, our Ego often gets in the way… has an inflated opinion of itself… trips up over its own shoelaces at times… or tongue.

… But, in this strange, odd Universe of ours, our Ego also helps to pick us up off the floor, and keeps us going.

Just as long as we keep our eyes closed to how BIG the Universe really is… and no taking a sneak peak.

… We’ll be coming back to that point soon.

Now… White / Clear Cubic crystals express the White / Clear vibration in a structured, coherent, and practical way.

The color White / Clear is associated with the beginner (i.e. the White Belt in Martial Arts)… the clean slate, purity, wholeness… it is the light in which everything seen, for better or worse, because nothing can be hidden… and it is the full spectrum.

Cubic crystals help us to find coherence and structure in all these White / Clear areas.

So, our first understanding of White Cubic Crystals, it is those crystals which best help us understand the completeness, the wholeness, the total bigness of the Universal energy which surrounds us… in terms of the full spectrum of the energy… and in terms of organizing our experience so that we can comprehend that energy.

A White Cubic Crystal is saying… “The Universal energy is big… immense… and let me best show you how big it really is… and complex… and rich… and multi-layered… and multi-dimensional.”

Kind of like Adams’ Total Perspective Vortex… or one of those Night Sky PlanetariumsWhite Cubic Crystals are the ones best suited to showing us how BIG the Universal energy surrounding us really is… so we can get our Heads’s around it all.

But to understand at a second and deeper level of the White Cubic crystals… we need to jump into our time machines… and travel back to Sir Isaac Newton’s laboratory… where the famous scientist was playing around with prisms and with light.

If we were to jump into our time-machine… and travel back in time to Sir Isaac Newton’s laboratory in the 17th Century, then we would probably find him conducting light experiments with glass prisms (unless he was out in the garden, sitting under an apple tree… he did do some of that under apple tree sitting thing too).

In his laboratory, he spent weeks conducting experiments to discover the true nature of light, the most famous being the one where…

He set up a light source to create a beam of light… placed a glass prism directly in the path of that light-beam (i.e. a piece of triangular glass)… and as the light-beam passed through the glass prism, at an angle, it was split up into the 7 colors of the Rainbow.

Wow… the world’s 1st ever experience of technicolor !!!

Which is exactly the process which occurs in Nature to create a Rainbow… where light passes through the water droplets in clouds, the light is broken down into the 7 colors… and a Rainbow arcs its ways across the sky.

And this same experiment has been re-created in school science labs down through the centuries ever since… (and to be fair, there were scientists in the Middle East and China who may have discovered the same phenomenon, probably using Clear Beryl (also known as Goshenite), centuries before Newton. But Newton was in the right place at the right time… so he gets the discovery credits, and the write-up in the scientific history books).

But Newton had one more trick up his sleeve…

Because if you set-up a 2nd prism, in the path of the Rainbow light, where the Rainbow strikes it at an angle, the spectrum of colors is re-combined back into a single beam of White light.

Wow… squared.

So that is White light… broken into the Rainbow spectrum… and then re-combined into the White light again.

Which is kind of what the Universe does… or has been doing… in different ways, ever since the Big Bang. Or maybe starting with the Big Bang.

It splits itself apart… so the separated elements can play together, create new and more complex, beautiful and intriguing patterns… and those elements then come back together, merge again… only to split again later… giving birth to a new cycle of expansion and contraction, separation and merging.

According to the Ancient Taoists, the Tao is continually breaking itself apart… to create Yin / Yang… to create the 5 Elements… which in turn give birth to the 10,000 Things… to the whole manifest Universe… all vibrations and all possible forms.

That is the cycle of Creation.

But in reverse… the 10,000 Things are also continually merging together… merging back into a state of wholeness… back into the Tao over and over again.

That is the cycle of Destruction.

The eternal Dance of Shiva.

And once again, as the Upanishads put it… Infinity comes out of infinity… and infinity still remains.

The Tao is big enough to create an infinite Universe… and still have an infinity left over… so who is to say that the Tao hasn’t created an infinite number of infinite Universes… and then some.

So… the Spiritual White light is expressed through us… the Humans on Planet Earth.

Which… according to Meister Eckhart allows God to take a front-row seat on the whole manifest Universe show… experiencing what we experience… seeing what we see… feeling what we feel.

And what do we do… us Humans… what do we add to this Divine Game of Creation?

Well… in God’s laboratory… where God is playing the part of Sir Isaac Newton

Human beings are God’s prisms.

We help to step Spiritual White Light down… and separate it out into all the colors of the Spiritual Rainbow.

There is a Spiritual White Light which the Universe expresses through each Human being.

But as this White Light is expressed through us… Human Consciousness and our physical body acts like a prism… and we convert it into the full range of Spiritual Rainbow ColorsDivine RedDivine OrangeDivine YellowDivine GreenDivine BlueDivine IndigoDivine Violet… and all other combinations… which include… last but not least… Divine Pink.

But… now the $1 billion question.

Where exactly is this inner prism in all Humans… what is it that allows this to happen?

What splits the Spiritual White Light out into the 7 Spiritual Colors?

Simple… it’s our Human Ego.

Our ability to believe that our Consciousness is separate from the rest of creationthat we are individualsthat we can and do stand apart.

It’s our sense of Ego Separateness which breaks the Spiritual White Light out into the Spiritual Rainbow.

And according to Meister Eckhart:

The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God sees me; my eye and God’s eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing, one love.

Maybe God got tired of resting in a Universe of pure Spiritual White Light… maybe God created the fragile and distorting Human Ego for a very good reason… so he could experience 8 billion Spiritual Rainbows.

Maybe God has a lot more invested in the Human Ego then we might think… maybe what Gods sees is worth all the grief and strife of 8 billion Egos running around the planet… maybe the sight of 8 billion Spiritual Rainbows, all arcing across the sky, is a joy to behold.

But, for now, the important point we need to understand about White Cubic Crystals… just as the Human Ego breaks down the full spectrum of Spiritual White Light… that is also the role of the White Cubic Crystals within the mineral kingdom.

They are, in a sense, spiritual prisms… which allow us to tune into… and experience… the full spectrum of light and Consciousness… but broken down into the separate colors and vibrations.

Because in a Universe where there was only White Light… everything would be White… and nothing would have a separate color… and you wouldn’t be able to see anything… because everything would be… White.

It is only because White light can be broken down into the 7 Colors that we can see things as being separate and distinct… that we can see at all.

And the same applies to our Consciousness… and our ability to be conscious of stuff… we can only be conscious of things being separate because the energy is first broken down into distinct colors to allow stuff to be visible to us.

White Cubic crystals… are probably the best crystals for this unpacking the spectrum… just as Black Cubic crystals are the best for packing the spectrum up again.

Simply, because they are the most organized… and most often, we Humans need organized in order to understand something… our Brains don’t work that well with disorganized information.

We need that little pointer thing which says… “And you are here“… in order to make sense of the vastness which surrounds us.

White Cubic crystals are therefore the ones who you would trust to pack… and unpack… your Universal suitcase if you were going on holiday… and also draw up your travel itinerary… if you were to take a trip around our infinite and eternal Cosmos.

And they would do such a good job of it too.

And the same is also true of frequencies and vibrations… when it comes to this packing and unpacking.

And the most well-known, and most easy to acquire, of all the White Cubic crystals is…


White / Clear Fluorite

First… the story of what happened when I meditated with White Fluorite for the first time.

You see, when I first started out with crystals… my own energy field was quite stuck and congested… and I couldn’t feel the vibration of small crystals… that came later, after quite a bit of work on myself…

But I could feel the energy of BIG ROCKS…

So in my early days exploring crystal energies… I bought large spheres, and eggs, large specimens…

Bigger the better… while also remaining within budget.

And my first ever piece of White Fluorite was… large… so large you can just about hold it in your hand… and quite heavy.

So one night… I sat down… in my bedroom… to meditate with this piece of White Fluorite.

And the way I meditated with a crystal back then (and occasionally still do)… was to relax… and allow my energy field to resonate with the crystal.

And that’s exactly what I did with this particular White Fluorite


Got quiet…

Tuned into the White Fluorite

And then…

It literally…

Blew the top of my head off… and my Crown Chakra went super-expanded

And it hurt… and I just had too much energy in my head.

It wasn’t a pleasant experience… and to be honest, it was also quite scary… because I wasn’t sure what I had done wrong.

And, from memory, it took me around 2 days to get the excessive and stuck energy out of my Crown Chakra

Now, in light body teaching, there is a saying…

There is no such thing as negative energy… just energy that you cannot currently handle.

And this was definitely one of those times when I had plugged into something I couldn’t handle.


It did teach me a valuable lesson… just like you don’t want to go sticking your finger into live, electrical sockets… you don’t want to go around resonating with every crystal / mineral you meet… you need to be choosy… like going out on a date, you don’t go out with everyone you meet.

So looking back now… what do I think happened?

Well… a lot of what happened, I believe, tracks back to the vibrational nature of White / Clear Fluorite.

Now, I don’t want to put people off working with White / Clear Fluorote… I have never had this experience since when working with the smaller Octahedrons… and, only the once, when meditating with this large piece of White / Clear Fluorite… and at a time in my life when… remember… my energy was quite stuck and congested.

Now, unless you are proper, perfectly enlightened… your average Human Being will have problems with some colors, some energies, while being totally OK with others.

So one of the reasons why some people have an issue with White is because they sense that the colors that they don’t like is also woven into the White vibrational mix.

So if you don’t like Red… then Red is in there somewhere…

And if you don’t like BlueBlue is also in there somewhere.


The White vibration contains all the colors of the Rainbow within it… so it is the vibration connected to wholeness… to completeness… the Universal Bigness.

White / Clear Fluorite helps us to re-connect with… experience the wholenessthe completeness… of our Self… and much more… although this can be quite a wild trip to take if we are not ready to accept how BIG you really are.

So what was happening during my wild trip with White / Clear Fluorite… it was expanding my energies… especially my Crown Chakra… too quickly… faster then I could handle at that time…

And it was bringing to light energies and colors that I was not then comfortable with… or prepared to accept within myself.

Hence, as spiritual trips go… it was a bumpy ride… although I did make it back safely… and having learnt a valuable lesson.

Because that is what Clear / White Fluorite is all about really…

It is about expanding your energies… and your sense of Self… showing you that there is much more to you then you may think… more of you just beyond the edges of your Mind.

Because one of the problems with Humans… most Humans… we define ourselves by our thoughts and thinking… but there are Higher levels of our Being which don’t use thought or thinking at all!

And to reach them… we need to expand our energies… which can sometimes be an uncomfortable experience… scary even…

Bit like climbing on to that jet plane for your first flight abroad… bit scary… maybe exciting… because it’s all new and unknown.

However, the job of White / Clear Fluorite is to help us re-connect us to these other aspects of Self… to show us who we really are… our true nature… to help us expand into the vast and infinite unknown which is all around us.

Because remember… there are a thousand… a million Suns hiding inside you somewhere… and you don’t even realize it.

Although going slowly… safely… and at a pace you can best integrate… is also a very good thing.

(c) Brian Parsons, May 2018


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