11 – Violet / Purple Cubic Crystals


Purple Cubic crystals express the Purple Vibration in a very organised, structured and practical way.

The Violet / Purple color is the balance of Hot and Cold, Red and Blue, the ability to find balance between the two polarities… as well as spirituality, imagination, inner vision, the ability to travel within and experience our Inner World

Cubic crystals help us to find coherence and structure in all these Violet / Purple areas.

And the first thing we need to say… when it comes to our Inner World… it’s Big… Very, Very Big… infinite and eternal

Because a point comes… as we venture within… where our individuality fades… and we merge into the infinity and eternity around us…

As above, so below… as without, so within.

And the diagram to the right, which I got from Sue & Simon Lilly, helps explain this inner expansion out to infinity… because as we venture within… each level of our Being is higher and larger then the one before / below… and when we hit the Spiritual level… there are no boundaries… and so it is all Onein all directions.

So, although there is a part of our Inner World that we can say belongs to us… alone… and is separate and unique

The deeper we go within ourselves… the more that individuality and separateness fades… and we realize we are connected with everything… and vice versa.

An experience of Oneness.

Which can be amazing… and uplifting… from one perspective…

While also confusing… and a virtual earthquake to our Ego foundations… from a totally different perspective… (and you certainly don’t want to go saying any of this out loud in polite society… or in a room full of religious fundamentalists).


And here comes the Big Statement…

There is such a vastness within us… that as we explore within… we will eventually start to move beyond all that we think we are

Just need to stop for a moment… let us take that thought in…

Everything you are now… everything you think you are now

As you go deeper and deeper within… a point will come when you discover…

Actually, I am more then that… I am bigger then that…

So the spiritual journey is one of continually re-evaluating our Sense of Self

So… I am a ManI am a Woman… true, from the perspective of your Physical Body… but when you move up to your Consciousness… you start to move beyond gender… so it’s no longer true…

OK… I am my thoughts and the beliefs in my Mind… true, from the perspective of your Mental Body… but when you move up to your Consciousness… you start to move beyond thinking itself… so it’s no longer true…

Wyrd to say it… but it’s true…

A lot of our certainties are only true and valid in relation to a certain level of reality… and as Duane Packer would say, they are level specific… and when we venture beyond that level… truth can literally turn cartwheels into something quite different.

So we need a certain flexibility in our thinking… even some of our most precious truths can vanish suddenly… when we shift up a level.

Also… What we think we are… is actually just the tip of the iceberg… a small part of our true reality.

Spirit and Soul walking around in a Human Body… the infinite and eternal playing at being limited and finite.

And I think that might possibly be one of the meanings behind The Bible saying which stresses the need to put away childish things… because the thoughts and beliefs which were important to you when you were 6 years old… no longer seem relevant when you are 46 years… as you get older you outgrow many ideas and beliefs… they just fall away…


And I think the same applies when we shift up a level into the Spiritual Realmwe have to put away lower truths and beliefs.

But here is the problem… because if you are addicted to your beliefs… if you are overly attached to thinking… and if you believe that any and all experiences must be processed via thought in some way…

Then you will probably hold on to thoughts and beliefs… long past the point when you should have let them go…

But as you start to ascend the ladder of Consciousness… higher and higher… and beyond the Mind… while desperately trying to hold to thoughts and beliefs which you consider to be sacred and precious

You discover you can’t do both… you can’t think… and also rise up to the level above, the level above thought… anymore then you can travel into space and still continue to breath (unless you are wearing a level appropriate space suit).

Your normal, every-day Mind is not designed to function in the higher realms… anymore then your lungs are designed to work in Outer Space… or underwater for that matter.

This is something which Humans often overlook… our Mind is very, very level appropriate.

So… what do you do, when you have ventured deep within, and start to encounter levels of your Inner World which exist beyond thought… which cannot ever be described in terms of language or words

Or as Lao Tsu would say… The Tao which can be spoken is not the Eternal Tao.

Thinking is so super-important with helping us navigate the external world… that we forget that… it’s not the Go To method of communication on all levels of the Universe… especially the Higher / Spiritual Realms.

Question… Do Angels talk… think… or even text?

Maybe it’s only Humans who have the need to think… and large parts of Creation do seem to get along perfectly well without it… and as we climb the Ladder of Consciousness… we soon encounter levels of Being where thinking… especially our kind of thinking… is less and less important…

In fact, the more we venture withindeeper and deeper within… a point soon comes where thinking starts to get in the way.

And if you do want to keeping on going on your spiritual journey… you have to engage with… and accept that limitation… and so move beyond it…

A while back… Susan Lilly was teaching me about color… and said that Purple is a trans-personal color… and so sits beyond our individual, personal self…

And I had a hard-time understanding what she meant by this… and it took me a while to figure it out…

Until, finally… I found the answer I was seeking in this simple airplane metaphor:

Imagine you are living in a part of the world where it has been overcast for the past couple of months. Just grey clouds overhead, not a single glimpse of sunlight or blue sky for day after day after day… It has been miserable and depressing, and you need to do something to lift your spirits. So you decide to book a holiday abroad, somewhere far away, somewhere with bright sunshine and endless blue skies.

Finally, the day arrives for the start of your holiday, and you travel to the airport to catch your flight. You park your car in the long-stay car park, check in and then wait patiently in the departures lounge, until finally they call for your flight to board. You enter the plane, take up your window seat, and stare through the small, thick glass pane, as the plane starts to taxi along the long runway, and then turns for take-off.

As you look through the small glass window, you see that, even now, it is still raining hard outside, as the plane comes to a complete stop at the start of the runway.

… And then the plane starts to accelerate down the runway, with the engines on full throttle… faster, faster, faster… and then there is that strange feeling when the wheels suddenly leave the runway and the wings are lifting the entire weight of the plane… and the plane starts to climb upwards at an angle…

Going up… soaring up… up into the clouds.

For a moment, as you look out of the small window, all you can see is grey, depressing clouds pressed up against the pane of glass.

And then suddenly the plane breaks through the cloud layer… and brilliant, golden sunlight pours through all the small windows along the length of the plane, and the cabin is completely ablaze with light.

You see the blue sky and the sun above… and your spirits are instantly lifted.

It’s amazing. In a matter of seconds, the world and how you feel has been completely transformed.

Now, building on this metaphor…. Let us suppose that we, the personality self, existing in our physical body, are living out our lives below the cloud level, a blanket of unbroken grey cloud. We have a vague sense that above the clouds there is an infinite blue sky of unconditional love, peace and joy… but it is up there, somewhere, although we cannot see it, let alone feel it.

Because there is this layer of unbreakable clouds continually above us, preventing us from seeing and experiencing the inspiring and uplifting blue sky we have been told about… and so for us, living below the clouds, life is a gloomy, grey and depressing affair.

We may have heard about the blue sky from others, read accounts of other people who have claimed to have seen it, but we ourselves have never experienced sunlight, seen it or felt the warmth of its rays upon our skin. And for some people, they doubt that it even exists.

If I were to ask you not to think about a pink elephant, what happens… immediately the thought of a pink elephant pops into your mind… In fact, a whole heard of trumpeting pink elephants may even now be rampaging across your mental panorama… yes? If I ask you your opinion on a current political debate, and you say, ‘I don’t know, I have never really thought about it.’ …even then, thinking about something you have never thought about, sets off a new chain of thoughts.So, in this metaphor, what do the clouds represent? Well… The clouds represent our mind… or at least our constant and continual barrage of thoughts and thinking. As an ancient Zen master once said ‘Good thoughts, bad thoughts, it really doesn’t matter what you are thinking about, the problem is thought itself.’

The reality for the majority of Human beings, during their waking hours, is that we are constantly thinking about something. The things we like, the things we dislike, what we want to achieve, or more often what we definitely want to avoid. It’s like a mental soap opera continually running in our heads, where we are both hero and villain. Basically, your average human being is pretty useless at not thinking, or at least surviving the odd minute or two without the need for thought.

Just imagine for a moment that you are sitting perfectly still, and for one moment in your life, you have everything you want and need, and have absolutely no worries or concerns at all… so, under these circumstances, where everything is just perfect… what would you need to think about? Nothing really… In that moment you would have it all, you would be perfectly content and fulfilled.

So, for that brief moment in your life, without any desire or need, wouldn’t it be alright to just switch off your mind, even if only for a moment or two…. give it a rest perhaps?

But do you even know how to switch off your mind? And even if you could, would you want to? Or would you be afraid that you can’t survive without your mind being on constant alert, to help you with some unknown circumstance which might suddenly require the need for thought?

Your average human being is convinced that thinking is as essential as breathing, it is part of what a human being does… and as a result we have lost the ability to switch off our minds, even if only for a few seconds. We can’t even imagine a life without thinking. Our education systems focus on helping us to retain information, and to think better and smarter. Not once are we ever shown where the mental off switch is located inside our heads. For the majority of human beings, their Consciousness is simply drowning in an ocean of thought from childhood to old age.

So on our perfect day, we’d probably sit there, thinking about how perfect our life is… or maybe wondering if it could get any more perfect… or maybe worrying about when this moment of perfection will all end. Yes, there is a beautiful blue sky of unconditional love, joy and peace up there… but it doesn’t live above us, but within us… and our constant thinking creates the barrier which disconnects us from experiencing this infinite sky within. The truth is thinking is our internal cloud layer.

A Zen Master once said… good thoughts, bad thoughts… it’s all the same… it’s all thinking… and thinking is the problem.

It is very hard to escape the trap of thinking… unless you learn to switch off the mind entirely. And that is what the aim of meditation is. I never understood what the ancient Zen master meant until I realized that mind and thinking is the mechanism which generates our inner mental clouds, which separates us from the wonderful spaces which lie within us… just out of reach. It doesn’t matter what kind of thoughts we are thinking… good or bad… beautiful or ugly… they are all still thoughts, and it is only when thought ceases completely that the mental clouds clear, and we can experience our internal, clear blue sky. But the problem is that we are so used to being in our mind, that if we do happen to drift up above the mental clouds, and experience these states of love and bliss, even for a moment… we’ll instantly think ‘Wow, this is amazing!’, which is another thought, and this thought automatically pulls us out of the experience of ecstasy, and back down to the mental cloud level once again. You can either directly experience ecstasy with your mind switched off, or you can think about ecstasy but not experience it, those are the only two options available.

The first of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali states that:

Now the discipline of Yoga. Yoga is cessation of the mind. Then the witness is established in itself.

When the mind chatter stops, then Consciousness can rise up and appreciate the view above and beyond the Mind. However, the vast majority of people are foreign tourists in this world of ours, too busy taking pictures of an ancient monument that they don’t ever bother to take the time to actually look at and appreciate the amazing reality which is right in front of them. They are using their cameras to experience the world around them, and not their own eyes, and only really savor the experience when they are back home, looking at their photographs.

Basically, the Mind can only function at the Mental Level, and does not function at all above that level, and was never designed to. This is why the Mind cannot comprehend states such as bliss, ecstasy and unconditional love, which all exist on a higher vibrational level then the mind. All the Mind can do is think about them, create mental concepts which are meant to represent these states of being… and yet, mental concepts are not the experience, and only exist at the same level as the mind, and so describe the experience second-hand.

Mind can write nice poetry about the Higher Spaces… but that’s as close as it can get… poetic words… and they are not the same as the direct experience.

This is why in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) they say that the map is not the territory. Language is not the experience… just words which describe and crudely communicate the experience to others after it has happened.

But we’re so identified with the Mind that we believe our Consciousness can only go where our Mind goes. This is not the case… because our Consciousness and our Mind are not the same. So, as the mystic Osho once said, ‘The trick is to use the mind to go beyond the mind’.

Meditation is the ability to silence the Mind, for a time, so that our Consciousness can rise upward / inward into these expanded inner spaces, and not be continually dragged back down by our thoughts.

And then… just like a raindrop falling into the Ocean… there is a moment when you suddenly realize… “Wow… I am so much bigger within then I ever realized!”

You don’t want to destroy the Mind, because when you come back down to earth, your Mind is still very useful, it helps you to navigate life, to get your needs met – i.e. shopping, driving, filling out your tax return, stuff like that. Instead, you need to develop the ability to switch off the Mind for a time, and then switch it on again when it is needed.

And the Purple Cubic Crystals are all about that…


Purple Fluorite

I know this will sound like a contradiction… Purple Fluorite is probably the best crystal to help the Mind go beyond the Mindto experience all that which exists above and beyond the Mental Level.

Because it is Purple Cubic crystal which helps us to quieten the Mind… so that our Consciousness can see, and therefore move beyond our normal day-to-day Mind.

And this quietening of the Mind comes through… yes. you guessed it… organization.

But most importantly… what stops people from going beyond their Mind?

Easy… the Mental confusion… or at least their Mental confusion… the disorganization of their Mental Space.

OK… one of the best bits of advice I have ever been in relation to Spiritual Development.

The Mind can’t go where you are going, when you go off inner exploring… but you have to find a way of keeping it happy while your Consciousness goes off inner exploring.

Or another useful metaphor… your Mind is like a 3 year old child… which you can’t take shopping with you… and so must leave it at Home… but if you are leaving it at Home, you need to find someone to look after it, and give it a toy or two to play with, to occupy it’s time, while you are gone… and you also tell it you won’t be long.

And that’s often how Spiritual Masters suggest we should approach our Minds when in Meditation.

Give your Mind something to do, to occupy it, while you are off inner exploring.

But the other curious thing… Meditation Masters, in the East, when they first encountered Students from the West… found that they were hard to teach in the arts of Meditation… because their Western Minds were so wounded… and so they found it very hard to lay down their Egos on the Spiritual journey.

Because only someone with a healthy Ego can set it aside… someone with a wounded Ego finds that their Consciousness is always being drawn back into their wound… into their painful self-absorption.

So the Meditation Masters often had to fix and heal their Students before they could teach them about Meditation proper.

They had to show them how to heal their Egos before they were able to surrender their Egos and experience something greater then themselves.

Which, from a Cubic perspective, kind of makes a whole lot of sense.

Because as we have already said…

To rise higher, and experience and express a higher and finer vibration, we first much make our own energy as organized and coherent as possible.

But if our energy is discordant and chaotic, this will continually undermine any attempt to raise our vibration… and keep us chained to the lower vibrational levels.

It’s not until we can organize our Mind to a certain degree, that we can put it to one side, and so allow our Consciousness to travel within… and without continual Mental distractions.

Because while our Mind is in pain… mental and emotional pain… it’s going to be continually showing that to our Consciousness… which won’t be able to rise inwards… just won’t be able to meditate… or focus on anything else.

Bit like a child who has hurt their finger can’t talk or experience anything else… the pain becomes their whole world.

And that’s where Purple Fluorite comes in… because it is crystal which allows us to organize the energy interface between our individual Mind and the higher and expanded levels of our Being… so that we can more easily travel within… and experience a deeper Sense of Self.

It’s a bit like a child being told… if you tidy your room, then you can go out to play

Here… it’s only when your Mind is organized, that your Consciousness is able to up and play…

Purple Fluorite is also an excellent crystal to use when we are trying to make sense of our spiritual experiences, upon our return, especially if we believe them to be messages from beyond / above.

A simple crystal layout you may want to try…

  • 1 Clear Quartz point above the head, pointing upwards
  • 1 Purple Fluorite on the Brow Chakra
  • 1 Yellow Fluorite on the Solar Plexus Chakra
  • 1 Smoky Quartz point between the feet, pointing down

This layout is useful before Meditation, or Inner Journey work, to help us quieten and organize our Mind so it is easier for it to let-go… and also after, so that we can make better sense of any guidance and information we have received.


Purple Spinel

Less well known then Purple Fluorite… and maybe harder to source perhaps… but I would say that Purple Spinel is up there as an excellent crystal for those people taking their first steps out into the world beyond the Mind… opening up to Spirit and spirituality

Maybe even more useful then Amethyst… although Amethyst is far easier to acquire, true… and if you can’t find any Purple Cubic… Fluorite or Spinel say… then Amethyst (Purple Hexagonal) is your next Go To crystal in this area.

Purple Spinel is also an excellent crystal for anyone who has been successfully engaging with their own spiritual path for some time, and have hit a bump in the road… or are starting to falter and are not sure why… and so need some extra support… some extra clarification… around their moving on to the next stage.

They need some extra support… to help them take their next step… out into the next unknown.

You see, the problem with stepping beyond the Mind… especially in the very beginning… is the Inner Voice that says:

How do we know what is up / out there?

How do we know that there is anything up / out  there?

How do we know there is anything more to life then this (and we are going to feel such a fool if we are mistaken)?

How do we know that there is indeed a next step that we can take?

We are so in our Heads… that unless we can first mentally conceptualize what is beyond the Mind… many of us just won’t take that first step… to go beyond the Mindand see what is there for ourselves.

And this Inner Voiceultra-cautious… can re-appear at any stage on our spiritual journey… even after years on the spiritual / personal development path… with the apparent intention of keeping us safe.

But… how can we discover what is beyond our Mind… unless we take the first step and… Go there and find out!

Catch-22 situation indeed.

And a further problem… Religious texts and scriptures… I don’t need to go there, because BuddhaJesusKrishnaLao Tsu… has already done it for me… and written it all down… so I have no needI can believe… because they are telling me what to believeand so I don’t need to experience it directly.

But it’s our Inner Consciousnessnot theirsour lifenot theirs

So you can use their words as wise advicemaps perhaps… but you can’t use their words as an excuse not to make the journey

The Universe is expecting us all to make this journey… each one of us… 8 billion Souls… at some point… in some lifetime.

And not say… BuddhaJesusKrishnaLao Tsu… has already traveled that road for me… so I don’t have to.

Life isn’t about taking rain-checks… it’s about living the life you came here to live… no matter the difficulties or struggles that may create for you.

If all it took was for BuddhaJesusKrishnaLao Tsu… to travel the path once… why did the Universe bother to create you?

What would be the point?

The Universe created BuddhaJesusKrishnaLao Tsuto travel their path and help others to travel theirs…

But that shouldn’t ever be used as an excuse not to make the journey… your journey.

Everyone alive now… or who has ever lived, or will ever live… is unique… and their life-path is unique… and so exists the potential to discover something which no one else has ever experienced… not even Buddha and those Enlightened Guys.

And that is exactly what Purple Spinel can help us with… finding the courage… finding the inspiration… to take the first step… the next step… into the unknown… and the further unknown… and the unknown beyond that… and the next unknown…

Because Comfort Zones aren’t just about the physical plane… we can get trapped inside Spiritual Comfort Zones just as easily… and so we need to find a way to break out and keep going.

A simple crystal layout you may want to try…

  • 1 Clear Quartz point above the head, pointing upwards
  • 1 Purple Spinel on the Brow Chakra
  • 1 Yellow Fluorite on the Solar Plexus Chakra
  • 1 Smoky Quartz point between the feet, pointing down

This crystal layout is useful for when we are taking our first steps beyond on Mind’s Comfort Zone… but we are a little unsure about the process… and what we might find… the Purple Spinel & Yellow Fluorite help to

As well as being a very good Beginner’s crystal layout… it is also got for anyone who is more experienced… but who are finding themselves stuck in a rut… are not sure what to do next… or are lacking the courage or impetus to take that next, and bigger and bolder step, into the unknown.

(c) Brian Parsons, May 2018

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