10 – Indigo Cubic Crystals


Indigo Cubic crystals express the Indigo Vibration in a structured, coherent, and practical way.

Same as Blue in many ways… but the Indigo energy goes deeper… so the information / communication which Indigo connects with is coming from deep within the Self… intuition, inner guidance, channeling… that kind of thing… and so it also relates to meditation… and is a very cooling energy.

Indigo Cubic crystals help us to find coherence and structure in all these Indigo areas.

Indigo crystals help to access the inner peace which our Unconscious Mind needs as fuel to function well and efficiently… and building on this, Indigo Cubic crystals help our Unconscious Mind to also access and process the information we need from Lower and Higher levels, and organize it in a way that our Conscious Mind can better understand… to ensure that any and all information is useful to us.



Lapis Lazulli is a cubic crystal. It has a hardness of 5.5 on the Moh scale.

The Lapis Lazulli from Afghanistan contains Pyrite, while the Lapis Lazulli from Chile contains no Pyrite, but has more While Calcite.

Which means the Lapis Lazulli from Afghanistan has a little more assertive muscle behind it (Pyrite is a Cubic Yellow crystal)… while the Chilean Lapis Lazulli is a bit more connected into the All That Is celestial information bank (White Calcite is a Trigonal White crystal).

But with both… Lapis Lazulli is an Indigo color, but it works in an Orange way.

But what does that mean in practical terms?

Well, the color Indigo is associated with meditationinsight, and deep communication within and between the Self.

When we have an Indigo cubic (i.e. orange) crystal, we can also add the words organizationstructure and trauma release to the vibrational mix.

Now, back in 2012, the United Kingdom put on a show for the rest of the world called the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games, which was packed full of references to British history and culture.

Unfortunately, many countries around the world didn’t get the varied historical and cultural references, and so didn’t understand what they were watching. There are even stories of some Asian commentators in the stadium begging their Western counterparts to explain to them what was going on, so they could inform their viewers.

The moral of this story… just because we can see something, right in front of us, doesn’t mean that we understand what we are watching… and this is very pertinent to all the Indigo crystals.

And the same is often true of what is going on inside our Heads.

In semiotics, the science of communication, 3 elements are essential to allow communication between 2 parties to successfully occur… that there is a recognized sign… which refers to an object / concept… and a shared meaning. The sign represents the object / concept being communicated… which the parties can translate in their Minds, and so understand… because they both understand the shared meaning.

Which is basically what any culture is… a mass of shared meanings between a group of people across time.

So… for example… in French, the word for dog is Chien… and in Spanish it is Perro… (according to Goggle Translate).

So you could have a French person, and a Spanish person, both talking about their love of dogs… but having no clue what either one of them is talking about… because they don’t realize that Chien = Perro in their respective languages.


When we go within… and touch upon the subject of internal / intuitive communication… we still have 2 parties trying to communicate… the Lower and Higher Mind say… but there is no guarantee that they are speaking the same language… or even referring to the same ideas and concepts.

And something which serious mediators have said… as they access higher and more refined states of Consciousness… that the ability to express them in language, so that other people can understand their experiences, becomes harder and harder… until finally:

The Tao which can be spoken is not the Eternal Tao.

… And from a certain level upwards, it becomes just impossible… communication breaks down… and only direct experience remains… where two people can say…

Oh… you understand… you have experienced it too!

Two enlightened masters meeting on the road… Farid and Kabirlaughing, smiling, crying… not saying a single word… because no word could adequately express their shared inner experience… but both knew that they had tasted the same experience within.

So the whole process of trying to express our inner world… not only to others, but often to ourselves… can get very complicated… and confusing.

For example… in the out-there world, a French person can point to a real dog, saying “Chien!“… and the Spanish person can go… “Ah… Perro!” … and a kind of understanding is achieved… and communication becomes possible… if a little awkward.

But in our inner world, the Higher Mind can’t really point to things to help express itself, when it is trying to get across a very important idea or concept to our Lower Mind.

So the Lower Mind simply goes… “Why am I continually having dreams about horses on trampolines… makes no sense?

(Actually, I stand corrected, perhaps dreaming is the Higher Minds answer to pointing at things to try and better communicate its message to the Lower Mind… “Horses on trampolines… isn’t it obvious?”)

The Higher Mind is doing the best it can to communicate.. but the Lower Mind doesn’t understand… because it cannot make the right connections.

That’s it really… it’s all about making the right connections.

And this is exactly when a crystal like Lapis Lazulli comes into its own…

Because, for 99.9% of people alive, the answers they need are actually already in their Mind… but they can’t access them… because all the information they need to reach the right conclusions isn’t connected up… and in the right way.

It’s like one of those old telephone exchanges, from the early days of telecommunications, where the telephone operator had to literally put the right cable into the right socket to connect two people.

And that’s what an Indigo Cubic crystal… like Lapis Lazulli… can help us achieve… make organized connections between the different pieces of information we need to conjure up sense and understanding.

And of all the Indigo Cubic crystalsLapis Lazulli is probably the best at doing this important inner work.

The Indigo vibration can go deep within the Mind, into the subconscious, even touching the Higher Self, bringing back information, and organizing it so hopefully the Conscious Self will understand the information when it is received.

It’s like one of those weird dreams, very vivid, we somehow know it is important… but we can’t figure out what it all actually means. And if we don’t understand what something means, how can we take action?

This is why a lot of people ignore their intuition when it tries to speak to them. We are so used to living in the rational mind, that we have forgotten how to understand symbolic language and inner feelings from our Deeper Levels of Being.

We lack a good translator.

This is one of the reasons why Lapis Lazulli has been so valued down the millennia by many different cultures.

Because it is cubic / orange, the Lapis Lazulli vibration can help effectively translate our inner messages, so that they make more sense to our Conscious Mind.

Lapis Lazulli is very much a vibration of practical wisdom and translation.

It is also able to better help us accept and integrate any painful memories which have been locked deep within the subconscious mind, bringing them to the surface in such a way that they can be more easily accepted and processed and released… while also causing us the minimum of recurring pain.

And so… along with Amethyst… it is, in my opinion, one of the better nightmare crystals… although you have to be careful when using it… because if you just want to close the door on the nightmares, if you just want them to stop, Lapis Lazulli won’t do that. However, if you want to get to the bottom of them, understand them, then Lapis Lazulli is probably the best crystal to work with… if you want to bring a degree of light to the darkness.

For this reason, I wouldn’t personally give Lapis Lazulli to children, anyone below teenage years say, because their Minds are not yet mature enough to be able to successfully integrate what they are inner seeing.

They won’t have been able to yet develop a strong and stable enough personality self to integrate what needs to be processed… or process what needs to be integrated (… same thing, really).

With Lapis Lazulli, it’s a bit like tuning into the Psychic Internet… and with young people, just because they can work the keyboard, doesn’t mean they should be viewing what the Search Engine returns… no 6 year old is mature enough to integrate much of the content on the Internet.

Although, with a hardness of 5.5 Moh, Lapis Lazulli won’t force the information on you… unlike Indigo Sapphire say (Moh 9)… it presents the information to you with a take it or leave it attitude. It is possible to walk away from what Lapis Lazulli shows you.

Also… is it any accident that Pharaohs and Ancient Kings used to wear a lot of Lapis Lazulli?

Not really… because it is a crystal which allows you to connect with our Deeper Mind… which these days we call our Unconscious Mind or Higher Self… and also make sense of the intuitive guidance we receive… which can be very useful when you are the one in charge, and everyone is looking to you for what to do next… which is day-to-day life for a Pharaoh or Ancient King really… Being King isn’t all glamour and milk-shakes… you gotta be seen to be able to run the Kingdom…. plus invade a few others if required.

Life-Wisdom 101… Sometimes the most successful person in the room isn’t the one with all the power and money…

It’s the one who has a strong connection with their intuition and inner guidance… and who can successfully act on it… so they are in the right place, at the right time… which can lead to power and money… or to walking away from it… whatever feels right for their own life-path.

I know of people who have turned down the fame and money game… because it didn’t fit with their life-path… so it can happen. And one of those people has Lapis Lazulli as one of her all-time favorite crystals.

You see, true empowerment really comes from inner strength and inner communication, and Lapis Lazulli supports this, which is why Ancient RulersPharaoh or Kings, valued it so highly.

Because true empowerment arises when you know you are plugged into the Universal Internet, are getting the right answers to your questions, and generally being in the right place at the right time.

True empowerment isn’t really about power over others… but power over your own life and circumstances… which can also include the contents of your Mind, higher and lower.

Most importantly… as an Indigo Cubic crystalLapis Lazulli helps us make sense of the intuitive guidance we receive.

Because there is nothing worse then receiving a dream… which we somehow know is important… but can’t figure out what it all means… what our Soul is trying to tell us…

Lapis Lazulli helps with this process of deciphering our inner messages.



First, interesting fact about Sodalite… it shares a chemical formula which is very close to Tugtupite… honest, see:

Sodalite = Na 8 Al 6 Si 6 O 24 Cl 2

Tugtupite = Na 4 Al Be Si 4 O 12 Cl

Now, I am not going to impress you with my Chemistry skills, because I don’t really have any, it was one of my least favorite subjects at school… but even I can see that roughly the same elements are in both Sodalite and Tugtupite… although in different amounts… with Sodium (Na), Aluminium (Al), Silicon (Si),  Oxygen (O), and Clorine (Cl)… OK, Tutupite also has Beryllium (Be), and Sodalite doesn’t… but there is still a lot of the same elements in Sodalite as in Tugtupite.

And yet, Sodalite manifests as an Indigo Cubic crystal, and Tugtupite as a Pink Tetragonal crystal.

And Sodalite is common and relatively cheap… and Tugtupite is much rarer, and relatively expensive.

But then… that’s the mineral kingdom for you… uniqueness of form abounds, from common building blocks.

But what I think this closeness to Tugtupite tells us… there is more to Sodalite then meets the eye.

You see, Sodalite is often referred to as the poor man’s Lapis Lazulli… which implies that it is somehow second rate… what you use when you can’t get any Lapis Lazulli.

No… no crystal is second rate… or second best… really… that’s our Human Mind at work… and also how some desperate Crystal Sellers shift a load of rocks… by trying to get people thinking one is better then another.

But it’s not the Universal truth…. Because each crystal has a slightly different magic… and it’s the Humans who need to wake up and realize this.

And Sodalite can do stuff that Lapis Lazulli just can’t… and vice versa.

Or a better way of putting it… Sodalite is the reverse of Lapis Lazulli… and Lapis Lazulli is the reverse of Sodalite.

Because they are both about… direction.

OK, better explain what I mean by that.

Imagine, that you are on a boat… at sea… above the Marianas Trench… which is the deepest part of the World’s Oceans… which is almost 11 km deep.

And you drop a stone over the side… a Sodalite tumblie say… and soon the Sodalite vanishes beyond sight… as it starts to sink down… into the depths… sinking 11 km down… to the Ocean floor…

But then… suddenly… you notice that stones are coming up to the surface… pieces of Lapis Lazulli… coming up from the depths of the Ocean… floating on the surface of the water…

So that Sodalite is going down… into the Ocean… while Lapis Lazulli is coming up… from the Ocean depths.

What is going on?

Well… in our Subtle Anatomy… there are 2 Nadis… energy lines or currents… which are considered to be super-important.

The Pingala Nadi… and the Ida Nadi… also known as the Solar and Lunar forces.

But these two Nadis are also associated with the flow and direction of our Consciousness.

The Pingala Nadi… or the Solar Channel… is the flow of Consciousness outwards… from deep within us… upwards and out… into our external world…

While the Ida Nadi… or the Lunar Channel… is the flow of Consciousness inwards… from our external world back in… back down… through and beyond our Mind… deep down to the very source of our Being.

As day turns to night… night turns to day… our Consciousness rides upon these two Nadis, just as someone ascends and descends in a lift… or on an elevator…

Rising up… and sinking down…

And from what I have seen… Sodalite and Lapis Lazulli are the Indigo crystals… the 2 Indigo Cubic crystals… best attuned to those 2 Nadis… the Pingala and Ida

Sodalite is in resonance with the Ida Nadi… the flow of Consciousness which takes us down… deeper and deeper into our inner world…

While Lapis Lazulli is in resonance with the Pinagal NadiConsciousness returning from the depths… bringing with it new ideas, thoughts, and insights…

From deep within our Inner Ocean.

Now… all Indigo crystals have the quality / ability to go deep sea diving… to travel deep within our Mind.

And all Indigo Cubic crystals have the ability to make the process of inner diving easier… and less stressful… and more organized.

But from my experiencing… Lapis Lazulli is much better and bringing what has been found… the ideas, insights, and information… back up to the surface… so the Conscious Mind can understand what it is presented with… and integrate and make use of the information.

Whereas Sodalite is much more above to calming down the mental waters… so the descent into the depths is much easier to achieve… and then diving deep, deep… deeper… within.

So Sodalite is probably the better meditation crystal of the two.

Sodalite and Lapis Lazulli can do some of what the other does… but they are best working in a certain direction…

But because most Humans are thinking machines… we tend to attach more importance to activities and crystals which involve thought… such as Lapis Lazulli

Then we do to crystals which allow us to access our deeper levels of Beingthat calms down our thinking… like Sodalite does.

Going down… or bringing psychic material back up…

Sodalite and Lapis Lazulli… just different directions in the Ocean of our Inner World.

And no crystal is ever a poor man’s anything.


Diving Your Inner Ocean… The Lapis Lazulli & Sodalite Crystal Layout

This Crystal Layout… which builds on the theoretical explanation given above… uses:

  • 4 Lapis Lazulli tumblies
  • 4 Sodalite tumblies

But not all at the same time!

Let me explain.

  • 1 Lapis Lazulli tumblie goes above the head
  • 2 Lapis Lazulli tumblies go on either side of the Solar Plexus Chakra, off the body
  • 1 Sodalite tumblie below the Base Chakra, off the body
  • 1 Sodalite tumblie between the knees
  • 1 Sodalite tumblie between the feet

And then:

  • 1 tumblie goes on the Solar Plexus Chakra


If this is a 4th Sodalite tumblie… then the layout has the overall effect of calming the Mind, allowing your Consciousness to sink down to deeper and deeper levels of your Self…


If this is a 4th Lapis Lazulli tumblie… then the layout has the overall effect of allowing insights and ideas to surface from deep within the Self..

However, it must be noted… this isn’t like accessing information via an Internet Search Engine… you can’t just magic up the winning numbers to next week’s Lottery… you will only be able to access the information which your Deeper Mind considers relevant and important… which isn’t always the same as what your Conscious Mind wants to know.

And also… the retrieval isn’t always in real-time… or while you are inside this layout…

The ideas / insights you are looking for may just pop into your Mind an hour later… few days later… quite naturally… when you least expect it.

Our Deeper Mind is less influenced by our normal cause and effect time sequence… so it is often impossible to predict timings… and answer the question of When?

The best way I can describe it…

It’s like waiting for an important message… which has been tied to a feather… and is dropped down to you from a tall building.

Now, if it was tied to a heavy brick… no problem… straight down, all the way… and you could easily judge where it will land… (just as long as you are not standing underneath it).

But the descent of a feather… is a different process entirely.

It will float and descend slowly… from level to level… floating down gently… perhaps being blown off course for a while… and you can’t predict when it will touch the ground… and where exactly.

Same with psychic material coming up from within our Being.

Best advice… set the correct energy environment in your Head and Heart, which will allow insights to best arise from within… and then just relax… and wait for them to turn up, to surface, when they will.

But when you know how… Indigo Cubic… as expressed through Lapis Lazulli and Sodalite… can help you better navigate this process.

(c) Brian Parsons, May 2018

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